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blackmambauk chapter 2 . 1/5
posting review here for your latest chapter here. as I have already reviewed chapter 29 for the pervious one there, stupid fanfiction site won't let me review in the right place.

welcome back Bleach. So you merged some of the old chapters together, makes sense. and changed some of them like the Rai and Kallen farewell scene, yeah it's better now, though you seem to have forgotten to delete some lines in places, like where Haruna is chatting with Kallen and it just skips to her asking about Rai.

Have edited a scene where Kallen remembers that in one of the zero of the peace arc. along with some other stuff in my fic as well. cut down the length to reduce it looking bloated, added and removed scenes here and there. But sent all of it to be looked over by m new grammar beta, after the pervious one dropped out because of personal life getting in the way of her doing anything.

Your story doesn't lag on at all, remember a good story is one where events, plot, weapons etc. are built up. So don't feel that you are lagging, as your not, your story needs to move at a pace that is right for you and your story and characters. I noticed some of the blue moon stuff has been removed i.e. Rai and OZ going to china. My guess is you've changed your plans somewhat there or they will be put in rise of the blue moon fic , that's fine, just as long as it helps the plot and makes sure to build stuff up. Plus the blue moon order members can be explored more there as well, since most are pretty flat at the moment. Would like to see that changed.

Now for this chapter. Very good scene at the Britannia house of lords. Schniezel certainly was good in that scene. I do look forward to what you have planned there with him and Euphie. As Lelouch needs an enemy himself, surt is Rai's enemy, so whether it will be Schniezel, his father or v.v Lelouch is going up against. I look forward to.

Loved how you had a noble go on about japan and the manga etc. That was hilarious, Japan and Britannia are far more alike than they would ever admit. Something I am exploring in the current arc.

Now china scene. So Xingke has his condition here. Personally I never liked it, as it never amounted to anything and just seem to serve as an excuse for him struggling in battle at times, plus since he didn't die at any point, what was the point of it. I never did understand the 40% thing on his knightmare, it just seem like mumble jumble to me, what is it about that knightmare that makes it hard to use. Hope you plan to explain that.

Like how suspicious of zero and Rai he is, I wonder what he does and doesn't know. Looking forward to what your taking Xingke, as he was one of the very few new characters in r2 who I felt added anything to Code Geass. Hope your going into the Chinese as well. as they might as well not been in r2 for all they did. Plus unlike the eu, we can go into the Chinese federation as much as we want to. Since China has such a great history, culture at times. and out of all the superpowers, I feel its the worst place to live.

Rai and E.E talk was interesting, I wonder if there really is a rule there or if e.e. is just making it up to stop Rai from inquiring. That encounter Rai had was creepy. whoever that figure was, I suspect it was the eight immortal, or it was... not going to say.

did think Surt wasn't using the gram to it's potential. Nice shout out to Ragna from blazblue with the jacket, suits Rai well I think. Since I looked into that series I'm noticing elements in your story from it. That and Rachael seems to influences e.e's character a bit.

So the Kururugi's have the third piece. interesting. Hope to see some info done on them and Suzaku's childhood. since we didn't se much done there. AM being careful with Genbu in my fic, just exploring his rule of japan and his connection to SHIN.

So Rai is still losing to Leila eh, would like to see more scenes between the two, not shipping of course, but to show why they are friends, more intelligent conversation, show what Rai's mother taught them. and why Rai has such faith in her etc.

Nice scene with Lelouch meeting e.e. for the first time, went as exactly as I thought it would. Like how there is tension between Rai and Lelouch, same with Xingke as well. wonder If the three will be able to put their ego's and pride aside in china.

Hoping there will be some trouble ahead for the trio, since things are going a bit too much their way at the moment.

One of the things I would love to see in china is some focus on the Zero squadron, who the members are. How Kallen is adapting to being a leader, see some development of her going from ace of the black knights to being a leader. something I wish r2 had done. Plus seeing most of the zero squadron being young as well. see how they develop as the story goes on. How they adapt to being a team. fighters and their views on the world. well for the important and relevant ones.

Of course Suzaku needs focus in china as well, since he has been out of focus in this story since the earlier chapters. But of course I'm sure you have it all figured all, this is just my own opinion

All in all a great chapter. your story is about to head into a moment that I feel will define it, I'm looking forward to seeing if you an match my expectations and the potential you have set for it. I know you can do it.

Personauser93 chapter 1 . 12/11/2013
TriggerShotX chapter 33 . 10/3/2013
this is a great story can't wait to see what happens next. please write more
moshe30350redstar chapter 33 . 9/3/2013
Alright I can't wait for the china arc that was my favorite part of code geass that and the energy wings man I can't wait to get you a picture of it on and off and I'm also almost finish making the five finger proto gekka.
RadioactiveCatMeow chapter 33 . 8/28/2013
Great read so far. You have got me really interested in this story with your exceptional writing. I can't wait to read more of this awesome story.
newfoundedfantasy chapter 33 . 8/24/2013
I really love this story! Keep up the good work, updating regularly! :D
scottusa1 chapter 33 . 8/20/2013
Good stuff. Getting things ready for China, huh. This will be interesting. Keep it up. Laters.
wolf191000 chapter 33 . 8/19/2013
Well this chapter seemed to move to a lot of place's ether in Japan or China but still very insightful.
I like how the groups are so focused with meetings because you can't go to war without plans right!.

Rai seemed to meet a lot of people, new & old, and had many different conversations.

Well I'm looking for to the "Chinese Federation" Arc (Colorless Memories Style). So until the next Stage.
blackmambauk chapter 33 . 8/18/2013
great chapter, nice to get a scene between Kaguya and Rai, still the same as ever I see, will be careful in writing her in my Zero of the Peace arc, I'm nearly done on it so watch out for it.

Nice sot see Milly again, I'm covering her a bit as well in the arc, probably Shirley at some point as well because of the last chapter.

well E.E and Kallen come face to face, at least Rai had the smarts to mention her to Kallen, that definitely shows he trusts her on some leave. Yeah Rai is a bit of a grump at times, but he's still mostly nice for the most part, like the stuff that happen between him and Naoto, he really knows how to talk to Rai doesn't he.

Really like the background on the Chinese empress and Anya, great to see more on them, as Anya in the anime was basically a Rei Aniyami clone, look forward to where her development is going, wonder if Marianne will take over her soon.

Nice to meet more members of the Zero squadron, Senba has a son, I'll keep that in mind, bit of a jerk, but he probably has his reasons. Nice to see you made a character out of the one who was with Haruna in chapter 20. I like these call-backs you do even if Rai forgets them.

Wonder what Schienevial has planned for China, he really was the main villain of Code Geass, hard to pin down , as some of his niceness is genuine I feel, but he definitely is a manipulative barstred that one, bet he will be Lelouch's opponent for this series like the anime.
moshe30350redstar chapter 32 . 8/9/2013
Another great chapter can't wait for the next.
CaioOP1985 chapter 32 . 7/18/2013
Greta reference to "Darker than Black".
scottusa1 chapter 32 . 7/17/2013
Aww.. Kallen is getting jealous of Leila. How cute. Keep it up. Laters.
wolf191000 chapter 32 . 7/16/2013
Quite the interesting chapter.

So things have developed quite well for Japan under Zero's rule and I was really surprised about Shirley. Talk about unexpected. I had a suspicion she'd regain her memories someday but I didn't suspect what you had her do afterwards.

That Surt guy seems to have his own ideas outside his orders and I don't like what this Harald guy does He seems suspicious.

Also I'm glad you put in a Rai & Kallan date theme near the end. (I really like that couple)

Well the meeting's underway and I look forward to future developments. Until the next Stage.
blackmambauk chapter 32 . 7/16/2013
nice chapter, ok first off Mrs Kozuki poor woman you have to wonder what it was about Kallen and Naoto's father that she saw anything decent in if he got her on refrain, I really hope she get's better.

Nice chat between Lelouch and Rai, glad to see Shirley's doing well and that she knows about Lelouch being Zero and helps him out good use of her, keeps her role small but important in a way better than what canon did with her.

Nice wink to darker than black as amber was an Expy of C.C liked that show. I bet Lelouch isn't going to be impressed that Rai had that information on the Black Knights have to wonder what E.E's wish is and what Rai is really trying to do.

I get the feeling Rai's Geass is going out of control soon he is as stubborn and proud as Lelouch is at times.

Nice chat between Kallen and Rai they do care for each other but seem to want the other to do something first, plus Rai has his own issues what with E.E and his Geass as well, I have said before I am a shipper of these two but if it doesn't happen or Rai ends up with someone else that's fine just as long as any romances are done well, don't overtake the plot and are built up well and are believable and not done just for the sake of it.

Also just my view but be careful in using the moment killer trope as R2 way overused it with Kallen and Lelouch and it killed any interest one may have in that shipping (Code Geass is infamous for the shipping stuff despite the fact I thought most of it was pointless the only one I liked was probably Orange and Sayoko why I don't know but that just seemed right to me despite the crack paring of the two. and a waste of time In R2 along with Rolo and the pacing being way off and everything rushed as a whole).

I did think Haruna had been the one who had interrupted the two that time in chapter twenty, was planning to put that in my next arc in the side stories but you saved me the trouble along with the Shirley thing as well, also nice to see that girl at the wall is cured now, nice to see Lelouch has developed more which I will show in the arc as well what with the trouble of SHIN and his followers.

I really like the green joker, quite the character he is does make me think what his role will be in the story, plus nice to get a little more background on Pluton and Surt, he came through those ranks makes sense, also that it explains his relationship somewhat with Oiaguro whom I have to wonder if he as Wizard had dealings with Rai and was responsible for him and OZ meeting and working together, I suspect we will see flashbacks to Oiaguro in future chapters explaining more about him and his actions considering that Oldrin and OZ have a role to paly in this fic.

So Kallen and Leila have met eh, that's going to get Kallen to wonder what the relationship between Rai and Leila is like, though I suspect Leila will just give her the they are just friends speech and some advice on how to deal with Rai etc.

What is going on with E.E somehow I get the feeling she's going to walk in on the meeting for her own reason's she's definitely up to something.

Again nice chapter, story's moving along nicely can't wait for what comes next.

I will aim to get the first chapter of the Interquel between chapters 25 and 26 in the next two to three weeks, maybe next week in time for my birthday if I get my head down on it.

moshe30350redstar chapter 31 . 6/24/2013
I can wait for the trip to China get know more about Naoto relationship with his restence cell especially Naomi Inoue. Rai and Kallen and also how can we forget Micheal realtion ship with Oldrin Zevon. Is like a blue and red valentimes Rai, Micheal, and Naomi Inoue being blue and Kallen, Oldrin, and Naoto being red. You see the paring.
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