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imnotokaywiththerunning chapter 6 . 12/1/2017
This is such a good, well-written story. You've captured all the characters perfectly. And I really like your OCs. I'm going to be thinking about this for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work!
bono-212 chapter 6 . 11/2/2013
I just can't get over how well you write these characters. Your stories are marvels. Well done.
Adel chapter 6 . 3/9/2013
It is so difficult to find really good fanfiction. I was very impressed by this particular fic. Thank you for taking the trouble to post it for our entertainment. Most of the time I could actually hear the characters saying the dialogue out loud. I don't particularly like Lorelei, nor do I think Alan just hands out cheques like sweets (even though I am aware that he has contributed in the past), but this fic is truly the most faithful to spirit of its fandom that I have come accross in a long time and for that I commend you.
Nidhoegg chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Another wonderful story. I'm a dog lover, so I simply have to adore Sir Lancelot and Guinevere. Alan's state of mind is expertly portrayed, as is his friendship with Denny. I relished in reading every single conversation between the two. But it was the ending that got me hook, line and sinker. So sweet! And a scene that fit them perfectly.

Now, Lorelei. I usually avoid stories with OCs, especially if they pose a potential love interest for one of the characters. But I have to say, you created a well-written character in her, one that didn't annoy me (even though, I'm not exactly fond of her, sorry) and I especially liked that nothing really happened in regards of typical romance (sappy) stuff. You kept it real, believable and yet you managed to also keep the tension up.

Overall this is a very well-written story. I love it. And I really hope to read from you again soon (as in any moment now, pretty please?) :)
ASuDC chapter 6 . 9/22/2012
I got goosebumps when I read the balcony scene…honestly!

Alan finally confiding to Denny what happens to his dog was horrible…no wonder he decided never to get near or close to a dog again in his whole live. :( I really can imagine Alan’s father killing the poor creature – I always got the impression his father was a cruel man who has loved to abuse his son in ANY possible ways. :-( I’m with Denny here, it’s a miracle how well-adapted and good Alan had turned out…
You perfectly particularize the entire scenario - Alan’s and Denny’s feelings through the tale are running high – very emotional written, really. Phew!
Denny telling Alan “If I'd been your father…I'd have loved you.” is very moving and cute. ;-)))
Still I’m happy to learn that Denny doesn’t see Alan as a son, but rather prefers him as his best friend – that’s what they are. ;-)))

The "A Denny Crane-sized heart!" and "Because I… make the scary things… not so scary!" sentences put a huge smile on my face. :) Sweet! These remarks are so typically Denny Crane…LOVE it!

Denny trying to persuade Alan to have a dog yet, is a nice touch…even though he declined the idea of course…
I’m very fond of your solution that Denny has a property at Amherst, (along with dogs LOL) so he and Alan can enjoy their weekends there, from time to time. ;-)

That you even broke the “fourth wall” in this chapter, with this particular phrase, is outstanding:
"I didn't ask for a sleepover!" Alan protested. "You were going to! You watch—before the credits roll, you'll be asking to come to my place. You wait and see."

The only downer is, that Lorelei is leaving to New Hampshire for a while - I bet, Alan will miss her terribly, poor guy – thank God he has Denny. ;-)

What a fantastic and entertaining story, with a wonderful and moving balcony-scene…it was a great pleasure to read…thank you for sharing it! Well Done! Please post a new Alan and Denny story soon! I’m addicted. ;-)))
alynwa chapter 6 . 9/16/2012
Alan's confession to Denny about what happened to his dog was heartbreaking and rang so true to the character as was Denny's response to it. This is an excellent chapter.
ASuDC chapter 5 . 9/15/2012
Outstanding…really outstanding, the whole chapter. ;-))) Thumbs up!

That Manny left all his money to his mistresses affects Lorelei very hard – but not only her – Alan feels with her and is falling into a very heavy emotional turmoil himself. :-(
Alan’s admission to Denny was really hard and sad to read - you captured his longstanding struggle to love his parents very expressive. Phew! His desperation, his deep sadness about it is palpable in every word he said to Denny – in the end I was happy and relieved at the same time, that Denny told him he loves him and offered him a warm hug. Alan needed it urgently…besides I always loved it (and still do) when the two embrace and express their love for each other. ;-)))

It’s interesting that you mention Alan’s older sister – he only brought her up once in a closing and I wasn’t sure if he has really a sister - or did he only “use” her for his summation. Even though I tended to believe he has one after that. ;-)

While we’re on it…the closing - wow, this is simply brilliant…I have no words. :)
You must have wrote it with muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch blood, sweat and tears. ;-))) It is plain perfect, meaningful and long, combined with Alan’s typical gestures and mannerism you describe so perfectly as well, I felt just like watching a BL episode again. Kudos!
By the way, this is my favorite sentence:
Bailey isn't even housebroken yet—something I'm hoping he forgets while I'm holding him so close to my tailored suit— ROFL Even in a closing Alan is funny. ;-)))
That Alan wasn’t happy with his half-victory at the end is understandable…at least Anne Marie was pleased about it, nothing else matters. ;-) In this way Alan got his second hug for the day. Sweet. :)

I can only repeat myself…you are a wonderful and very talented writer! Thank you so much…

Now I’m looking forward to chapter six and how it will continue. Will Denny be able to help Lorelei to get the money she more than deserves? Also I’m eagerly awaiting Alan’s and Lorelei’s conversation. ;-)))
alynwa chapter 5 . 9/9/2012
You write really, really well. The discussion between Denny and Alan and Alan's court arguments were brilliant. I look forward to Alan's conversation with Lorelai.
ASuDC chapter 4 . 9/8/2012
This is a really moving chapter…Alan’s and Lorelei’s conversations are very powerful and full of!
Alan’s heart really went out for Lorelei when she told him about her marriage with Manny – she always felt lonely and not loved in her entire marriage. :-( I think that’s something Alan can perfectly relate to…he was probably lonely his whole life…until he met Denny. :) (I’m not counting his wife, since we don’t know anything about her and their marriage…)
It’s interesting to learn that Alan’s “dishonorable instincts“ (as you call it so nicely LOL) haven’t kicked in when he is with Lorelei. So I take it that the two are more kindred souls, than potential lovers. It’s fine with me…this way Alan found a new friend who he can talk to and go out for dinner jauntily ;-)
The misunderstanding between Alan and Lorelei at the beginning about “leaving or not” is sweet – and I would love to hear the whole story WHY Denny ended up with a buckshot in his ass. ROFL

Regarding Denny, his voice in Alan’ office is outstanding and amazingly spot-on in the same way. To badger Alan with “not appropriate” questions is so typically him…as well as volunteering in going shopping with Shirley and Clarence. LOL I was tickled pink about it…
You captured the interaction between Jerry and Denny very good either, you even let him squeak and stamping his foot, wonderful. ;-)

Well done! Can’t wait to read the next chapter…thanks a lot. ;-)))
peninkwell chapter 4 . 9/2/2012
I love how true to form you draw each character. You never place a false word, phrase, or detail amiss. As I said before it is like reading an episode of the show, and having the actors actions described in detail along with DEK's words...amazing!
alynwa chapter 4 . 9/2/2012
This was an excellent chapter! The exchanges between Denny and Alan were very true to character. Alan's interest in Loralei is intriguing. Looks like the boy may be falling, LOL. I'm loving this and looking forward to the next chapter.
ASuDC chapter 3 . 9/1/2012
…chapter three is again amazingly written…and a lot is going on here. ;-)))

Lorelei’s case sounds very promising…I’m extremely curious what Denny is going to do to abrogate Manny’s will in order that Lorelei and her sons get their money. ;-)))
Alan dating Lorelei is so sweet, I like the whole interaction between the two – it’s so gentle, almost shy and lovingly – it almost seems, Alan and Lorelei were made for each other. ;-)

I’m especially fond of this particular scene AND the following sentence of Alan:
Lorelei had been fidgeting with a spoon on the table and Alan placed his hand on hers, stopping her. "You'll be looked after," he promised her gently.
"Thank you for sharing it with me. Sometimes I prefer a dinner companion other than Denny. He tends to shoot waiters if he doesn't like the service. I find it very hard to be invited back to restaurants after that happens." ROFL
To see Alan in another relationship (not only with Denny LOL) would be awesome – I’m with Denny here: she would be good for Alan. ;-))) I only have the sad feeling neither Alan nor Lorelei are made for a long-lasting relationship. :-(
Also Alan and Denny’s friendship shines so wonderful through this chapter. ;-) How Denny teases Alan about Lorelei - and how he shares Alans happiness about a possibly new love - is simply sweet. ;-)))

Shirley gauging Lorelei’s effect on Alan is a nice touch and I really can picture her to do just that. ;-) Wonderful...
Carl needs Clarence for a cross-dresser case, that sounds like fun. Now I’m wondering if Clarice and Oprah will help him, too. :)

Again two sentences hit the nail for me in terms of the BL humor:
Carl isn't exactly overwhelmed with anything out of the ordinary, and at least Clarence is someone he can talk to rationally. Well, most of the time. When Clarice and Oprah aren't in the building."

"Clarence will be returned to you intact later today."
"Clarence? Or Clarice?"
"Both. I hope. But only one of them gets paid." LOL

I think it’s a little odd, that Denny and Shirley suddenly want to convince Alan to “just make the dog case go away” without a lot of effort. Why is that?
But I’m happy that he will take the case seriously, regardless of his big fear of dogs – no matter what Denny and Shirley say. This is really typically Alan and fits his character very well. ;-)))

Again a perfect chapter…all characters are spot-on, the suroundings description and the plot itself are marvellous! Can’t get enough of this story, I’m totally hooked - thank you. ;-)))
alynwa chapter 3 . 8/29/2012
Oh, I really like the exchange between Alan and Lorelai! It sounds like the start of something interesting.

And I'm also interested in the explanation of Alan's behaviour around dogs.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Peninkwell chapter 3 . 8/29/2012
Thank you for another excellent chapter. I'm totally engrossed in both the legal and now the romantic aspects of the story. As before, I love your dialogue for all the BL characters: it rings so true! Shirley in particular is perfect; you really capture her dry sarcastic humor.
ASuDC chapter 2 . 8/25/2012
Good grief!…Alan is really awfully afraid of dogs…and you show and describe his anxiety tremendously. His whole body language really speaks volumes. Kudos!
Visiting the dog to learn more about him, is quite a horror for Alan – if Denny wouldn’t have accompanied him…he probably would have run out of the house the second he met the first dog Guinevere. LOL
The plot and the interaction with the kids, the dogs and Alan and Denny is superb and very well written. ;-) Picturing Denny as a big dog lover…yes, this suits perfectly well to his character, in my opinion. ;-)))

Denny suddenly giving up on Lorelei without a murmur - there must be a catch…which Alan figuered out immediately of course. LOL This conversation between the two is pure delight…and I also think Alan’s phrase : "I'll find my own dysfunctional relationships, thank you," is wonderful and typically him. ;-)
I just wondered why Denny didn’t adressed Alans scared behavior, the day before in the Belmarce house, in this conversation – since I believe this would be the first issue they’ve discussed after leaving the house. But maybe you safe this conversation for later chapters on purpose. :)

What a wonderful second chapter…the story is really thrilling…I’m bursting with curiosity how the story will continue (and why the hell Alan is so heavily afraid of dogs). ;-))) Well done! Thank you so much…
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