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Guest chapter 2 . 4/5/2016
It's official - your death scene with Sonna has hit me harder than the one on the show! Awesome storytelling!
AxeBird1 chapter 17 . 4/6/2016
Once I started reading this I could not stop. I sobbed when Donna died; laughed when Jolene went after Tig and then Opie; gasped when Jolene and Abel were kidnapped; and was rooting on Jolene to pull the damn trigger on Salazar.
I can not wait to see what Beauty and the Charming Outlaw brings!

What are the chances of seeing anymore of your Jaxene-verse (Jaxene Universe) stories? I love your writing and the tales you weave. Simply outstanding work!
kimberlyleigh1999 chapter 17 . 7/9/2015
I have been obsessed with your stories for the past week. I now you may have a lot on your plate but I was wondering if you would continue your series and perhaps focus on Abel, Maddie, and TJ's lives as teenagers (or later.) It would be really cool to read your version of their lives including how they get through high school, joining SAMCRO, trying to build a family, and etc. It would also be cool just to find out what happened between Tiki and Ellie. But if you can't I won't mind, I just had to say I was impressed on how you incorporated the actual events of the show into your story. Thanks for the best summer read. -Kimberly
Guest chapter 17 . 3/20/2015
I'm sad this is over. I have read a lot of soa stories and the Jolene and jax are by far the best. I think their story is better than the real jax and tara. I wish you would start over is that possible. We need a new jax and Jolene . I love the happy end and the passion jax has for her. The only thing I would change is I think Jolene should have made jax a little more jealous when he was in denial. Please do a short story from the beginning. You r a great writer.
NatalieLynn chapter 17 . 3/1/2015
Another fabulous story!
BlueCrimson4Ever chapter 17 . 4/26/2013
I know I've said this before but I'll say it again. You are such a talented writer. I absolutely love the Jaxene Universe! I love Jolene Morrow Teller, she is SO perfect for Jax! I get so into your stories, that I feel like I'm apart of their world. You did such an amazing job on this story, kept me on my toes the whole way through. I really love reading about the kids too. Seeing them grow up through the stories is an amazing thing. I can't wait to start Beauty and the Charming Outlaw! :D
nudge chapter 16 . 11/5/2012
jolene is the coolest biker chick i had heard off
msgemgem chapter 17 . 11/7/2012
Happy to see that Jolene is ok – I know her heart condition can cause her a lot of problems, so I’m thrilled that she isn’t going to have any lasting effects from the kidnapping. And the photographers and all that business I had to laugh – it was like celebrities were arriving home lol. But I love that tig and opie scared them off with their bike’s – and I know they wouldn’t have hesitated to run their asses over had they not moved (in fact tig would of enjoyed it).

Adored the homecoming with the family as well - from clay’s bear hug to the kids excitement (and fear) and then the terrible twosome (I think that’s a great way to describe gemma and neeta, don’t you think?) it was awesome.

Great to see that a kinapping and almost definite death hasn’t put a dampener on jolene’s fighting spirit – and jax is right, in fact I think the day is just getting started where Jolene is concerned.

Now I know this is only a fictional story but I also know that the conditions in which you describe Kenny and ellie living in are very real, if not even more depressing so great job in highlighting that.

Poor ellie, im not surprised that she is so despondent, she’s had the worst year of her life and it doesn’t look to be getting any better. And Kenny, bless his heart – he get shis fighting spirit from his father (and every other man he know’s lol – and most of the women too haha) and I love that he didn’t want to see Helen, hopefully being rejected by the kids directly will go some way in showing her just what a bitch she is and basically no one likes her (although I doubt it). And im praying that bob is going to stand up to her, even if its just once. Come on man strap on your big boy pants.

And I know as an adult I shouldn’t approve but I loved kenny’s attitude with Helen – that boy is not without a quick comeback is he? I have a feeling that boy is going to be trouble in the future lol. The good kind obviously.

And the tears are back – I swear im an emotional wreck right now – kenny’s speech was heartfelt and eloquent, im not sure how many adults I know that could deliver a speech like that let alone a 12 year old boy ( I think that’s how old he is ?) and I think it finally sunk in for Helen (that cantankerous old biddy) and im super proud of bob for finally saying what needed to be said.

Loved the little opie, maddy and jax moment as well, o absolutely melt whenever I see jax and maddy together (that man is just to freaking sweet) so I absolutely adored that moment.

And opie is getting the kids back so all’s well that ends well right ? I mean that man has been through so much and deserves this happiness. And seeing him make up with tig was great and very lond over due – but it was a great way to end it and im happy that they hashed everything out. I also have forgiven opie for how he acted when donna died (just in case you wanted to know lol) and its great to see him in a better place.

Ok so we have come to the end and I have to say im exhausted, over the last weekend I have read and reviewed the remaining 4 chapters of this charming life you asked me too, as well as the 5 chapters of charming revisited that I got behind on needless to say I am exhausted you write some long ass chapters and I write some long ass reviews so I feel like I have both read a novel and wrote one. But I have loved every second of it I have been on such an emotional rollercoaster (nothing unusual when it comes to the jaxene universe lol) but through the laughter, the drama, the action and the tears (and that was just me) I have come to the firm conclusion that you milady are a freaking genius, you writing talent is unlike any other I have ever come across and I am proud to say that I have enjoyed many hours reading your fics and even when I hated what was happening, I have loved reading it to see what was going to happen next.

I don’t read opie fan fiction so I wont be reading the sequel to this (I did check it out however cos im a nosy bitch lol – but to be honest im not a massive fan of fawn, I don’t know what it is but I took an instant dislike to her –and her stunning beauty and classic car and even her dog- and know with absolute certainty that I would not enjoy reading her – and for me if I hate the OFC I will hate the story so im passing on that one) but just like I did with revisited I will definitely be keeping a look out for more from jaxene – any little ficlets that you write (maybe one with clay spending time with his grandkids or with jax playing if you take requests lol).

So hopefully you will read from me again in the future and I wish you the best of luck with your new fic, and I am off to have a lie down cos I’m beat – death by jaxene, I can think of worse ways to go lol. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews even half as much as I have loved reading all the action over the last few days (hell ever since I stumbled across a little fic called Charming’s worst kept secret) and im proud to say that I am responsible to be a miniscule part of those two’s history in naming them jaxene – I know its silly but I love those two and knowing that an off the cuff name I threw out there in a review has been picked up and used by the official author is an amazing honour.

Best of luck and hopefully see you in the future. xx
msgemgem chapter 16 . 11/7/2012
I swear I hope that luisa bitch gets what’s coming to her and im praying it painful and bloody. I guess if you kidnap someone you aren’t going to be ultra nice to them, but some human decency is necessary. Those two are sooooo going to get it and im kinda hoping that it’s jo who gets to kill if not both, then at least one of them.

Love abel and jo together in this (not that they have been kidnapped of cause) they are such a double act, I love how they are playing the idiots and they are to stupid to even realise it, I also gasped out loud when the bitch hit abel, he’s just a baby. Yet again that bitch NEEDS to die. Hopefully abel will get out and get his dad back to jo in time to save her.

Poor gem, it must be so hard to know that the people you love are probably on pain and absolutely terrified. Also as this story goes on I feel more and more sorry for jax, he lost Jolene once before and that was hard enough. But after his amazing life with her, raising their kids, I cant even imagine what it must be like for him to think he’s never going to see her again. Jolene teller is an angel amongst people. (told you before I have a slight girl crush on her lol) .

Ooohh I could not be more proud of abel for getting out – I know that was the plan anyway but he’s an 8 year old child in a strange place dealing with a traumatic attempt im 23 and I don’t think I would have the guts to try and get away from maniac’s like luisa and hector. Great acting on jo’s part as well lol, that irl could have a career. Although im guessing that desperation isn’t completely put on. I swear im like a proud mother right now; abel and jo are just awesome. And now jo’s going to kick her ass – super excited to read that.

Bless abel (I know I have been saying that a lot lol) his only thought is protect mom – he definitely gets that from his father, and basically every single man he’s ever met (mostly jax, opie, bobby and his dad) protect Jolene teller is like their mantra (and I know the rest of the guys feel the same, but I think those 4 in particular). I’m hoping abel doesn’t go back to the house however, he needs to do what his mother told him and get to somewhere safe.

Ok so my heart dropped when he said calaveras, cos I know there are a few who are still on salazar’s side and could potentially be a threat to abel, but then when that roscoe guy was revealed I think abl is going to be ok – he seemed like a good guy when he was talking to jax, and he did try and stop Salazar from starting all this in the first place. So gut feeling is abel is going to be ok.

O M freaking G – that fight was awesome (reminded me of a certain beat down our girl put on a skank so many years ago lol) and then she snapped her kneck – I gasped out loud – for real that was so amazing and I know she just killed someone but I could not be prouder of jo, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and jo was just defending herself, no judgement form me.

I figured that roscoe would be a decent guy and not do anything to harm abel, and now jax is going to get him. And Salazar is getting antsy about luisa not picking up her phone. Everything’s getting exciting (as if it wasn’t before lol) and im about to have a heart attack wanting to know what the heck is going to happen next.

Oh god you are trying to give me a heart attack aren’t you? They both fired – what the heck is that ? (I read this story in sections and review every section after I have read it – it’s the only way I can review it properly lol) so this is just a quick note to highlight the fact that I am freaking the hell out wanting to know if the heroine has bit the bullet. (FYI – if I didn’t love this story so freaking much I would hate it for the fact I am about to have a coronary lol)

Jax’s reunion with abel was great – such heartfelt emotion. Just a tiny scene but critical to the story and it was very nicely executed. And now they are going to save jo – I swear im about to die.

I am punching my fist in the air right now (not literally of cause cos that would be crazy lol) jo shot him and took his ass down, again I could not be more proud, jo has always been up there with the best of them for me but this whole situation has just taken her to a new other worldly level for me. A lesser woman would have been running scared (me included – and im not ashamed to admit it.) but out girl being the kick ass bitch she is has taken the fight to them and won. And It was bloody and painful for him just like I wanted – another one bites the dust.

So after getting her son safe from a life or death situation, she snapped a woman’s neck in self defence, then shooting a man who is responsible for her losing two of the people she loves her first words out of her mouth are "A little late to the party, aren't ya, easy rider?" (that line is going in my hall of fame for famous and favourite quotes in the jaxene universe BTW) I literally laughed out loud – and considering I had been on the edge of my seat for like three chapters it was a tiny bit of light relief.

And then back to the edge of my seat cos clearly Jolene has been watching to many Angelina jolie movies, jo is like crazy scary when she is in protective mode, I can see why jax would be afraid of her lol. But I love her all the same. It was a great scene, very dramatic. And I think its amazing that tig was the one to step up and pull her back from the ledge, it needed to be him for two reasons. Number one, after everything he has been through over the last however many months after what happened to Jolene, it needed to be him to be the one to step up and save Jolene since he couldn’t save donna ( not like save her life but save her in the sense of her not living with the guilt of shooting a man in cold blood – that thing with luise was literally kill or be killed but looking a man in the eye and killing him is very different, no matter what he’s done). And number two I think it will go a long way to proving to the doubters (or at least opie) that he does love his family and really would doe everything in his power to protect them, what happened with donna was tragic but saving Jolene from living with the guilt (cos lets face it no matter what has happened to her Jolene is not a stone cold killer) I think that was his redemption. So by saving Jolene he kinda saved himself. Or maybe I’m just reading to much into everything lie I always do. Lol – not to mention this is the man that is responsible for donna’s death and tig has been blaming himself the whole tine, so by killing Salazar tig got revenge and hopefully will be able to move on. An dthrough all that she still put her foot down like the queen she is and demanded peace amongst the brothers – that’s a real old lady right there.

This chapter and review has really drained me, so please forgive me for just brushing over the end of the chapter with eli and all of that – but just know that it was great to see jax back in full protective old man mode and Jolene throwing up over agent douche bag was freaking hilarious.

P.S I think this has been my longest review ever lol. – sorry for you having to read my ramblings lol.
msgemgem chapter 15 . 11/7/2012
Again poor jax that whole ordeal must have been terrifying but I love that the boys were there the whole time with him.

And those stupid FBI jackasses how dare they bait and goad a man who might have lost half of his family? I had a little mini moment of throwing my fist up in the air when jax handed agent Matthews his as though lol, thank god im at home alone. And why is it that samcro always get the cops trying to make a name for themselves? Cops, social workers and wannabe tough guys. Samcro attracts douchebags with looser morals than tig more than any other people I know.

And here’s a thought – should samcro ever want to go legal I totally think they could fight crime batman and robin style – or at the very least be the new dog the bounty hunter team lol. I swear those guys put more wheels in motion to find jo and abel in what 5 minutes? Than the FBI and sanwa sheriff department have in how ever many hours they have been missing.

I’m also happy that jx didn’t back down – a lesser man would have been begging Salazar not to hurt his family, but jax had no doubt that he would be getting jo back and I loved that. And that luisa, man she could rival wendy in the bitch stakes.
And then just when I thought that maybe everything was going to be okay – happy goes and scares the daylights out of me, is jo going to die ? I mean that’s a hell of a curveball. So im back to praying that jo makes it out – if this epic trilogy ends with the funeral of Jolene teller I swear I will never be the same again.

My heart breaks for the conditions that Jolene and abel are having to endure, and hearing abel say he was scared was so heartbreaking. I feel so very sorry for them, but im also really proud of jo for not playing the damsel in distress and waiting to always be saved (like a certain dr. Drab we all know and hate) she’s a strong capable woman and a fierce mama bear to boot – god help anyone that tries to hurt one of Jolene morrow – teller’s cubs or her mate.

My god its like watching an action movie reading this fic, I swear I was expecting Sylvester Stallone to come running in or something, lol. And those stupid F’N FBI those idiots wouldn’t know their asses from their elbows let alone successfully handle a ransom drop off.

And now Salazar is back on his kick of wanting to kill jo, you know the only good thing about reading this late is that I get to see what happens next straight away – I swear if I had, had to wait I would of lost my mind lol.

Super awesome chap (and yes I know I have been saying that a lot lately but they have been amazing) can not wait to read the next one.
msgemgem chapter 14 . 11/7/2012
Nice to see opie and bob making up, I knew that both donna’s parents couldn’t both be completely horrible, after all you don’t get to be as nice as donna without some of it being in your DNA. And god knows she didn’t get her niceness from Helen. A very heartfelt conversation and I felt every ounce of emotion coming from both men. Also happy that jo got the kids – that woman was born to be a mother and a nurturer. And love that bob helped opie by being sneaky, bob’s alright in my book.

And just when I was settling in for a nice family outing to chuck e cheese you go and throw a fricken kidnapping on em, and not only was jo taken but abel as well. OMG I was in shock for like two minutes when I read that. It was so vicious as well. I really was very shocked. And the kids putting up a fight, I swear I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, although im pretty sure I’d have picked the former.

I seriously can not wait for hector and luisa to get what’s coming to them, hopefully it will be painful and bllody – and I wouldn’t put it past jo to take them down herself, it’s a well known fact our girl has a temper.

I cant even imagine the fear that jax was feeling at that moment – having jo taken would have been bad enough but for his “little man” as well, god I cant even fathom. God help Salazar and his bitch when the sons get their hands on them.

And poor opie finding out that CPS are coming for his kids, I swear in samcro it doesn’t rain, it pours. And im not ashamed to say I shed a little tear when opie was at the window of the car talking to the kids, it was truly heart wrenhing (and yes I know its not real, but you would have to be stone cold dead not to feel a little something at that scene).

Hector kind of reminds me of kyle, in that he thinks he knows everything when he knows nothing and thinks the whole damn world owes him a favour and should bow down at his feet – I have a feeling he’s going to meet his maker just as kyle did. Afterall no one tries to harm jax teller’s old lady and lives to talk about it. Stupid fools.

My heart dropped when jax got the call saying he needed to make an identification, thinking jo was dead – especially with how you left the Salazar/ Jolene part of the chap with him saying that he didn’t really need jo. You are killing me.

OMG I’m about to have a heart attack, I swear I really thought that it was going to be jo, even tough I don’t think you would kill her off when they are so happy together and finally have everything hashed out. But then again a major curveball could turn the whole story on its head lol, but as soon as I saw the no crow tat. I felt like I could breathe again haha – drama and emotion packed chapter, you are just knocking it out of the park with this fic xx
msgemgem chapter 13 . 11/7/2012
Ok so I know I have been kind of harsh on opie, and I do obviously feel sorry for him, he lost the woman he loves in the most devastating circumstances. but all of this that’s happening is all his own doing. If he had just given one iota of thought to how his actions were going to affect his family then none of this would of happened. I mean first of all he just left them and then he comes back and is shocked when they don’t instantly fall back into how they were (in terms with his fractured relationship with ellie) and then 2 months after coming back he moves a porn star and her son into the home that their mother so lovingly created for them, and so far doesn’t really seem to show any remorse for any of his actions. And on top of that he pushed away all the people that truly loved him (or at least tried in jo’s case lol cos we all know she’s not that easy to get rid of – thank god).

So you can imagine my delight to read that its all gone to shit in terms of his relationship with the porn slut. I mean really what did he expect to happen? That she would meet him they would fall in love and she would become betty crocker? this aint pretty woman. The fact that he seemed to have completely buried his head in the sand concerning everything that has happened since donna’s death has really made me kind of hate him a little, I understand pain and loss and all of that put at some point you have to put on your big boy pants and step up. Be the man that donna loved. Anything short of that is completely disrespectful to donna’s memory (as if jumping into the sack with a porn star less than half a year after she gave her life to protect innocent children isn’t). sorry maybe im being harsh but I think the way opie has been acting is disgusting.

Now onto better things – jo and jax (those two never fail to put a smile on my face, especially when they are surrounded by the brood) I love that jax is just as enthralled with jolene as he has always been – I know I have said I before but I find it amazing that 13 years 9i think I have that right) after Jolene put the moves on jax that they are extremely happily married with 3 beautiful children and could not be happier – he loved her when she was a girl (if you know what I mean) he helped her become a woman, he made her into a mother and then took he as his wife , maybe they didn’t do things in order but they sure as shit did it their way and I couldn’t be prouder of the people they have become (and again, yes I know they aren’t real lol). BTW I love maddie, she’s so super cute and I love how completely in love with her that jax is, I always knew that man with a daughter would be heart melting, but I never thought they could be that cute.

No matter how pissed I am at opie its great to see that he and jo have patched up their relationship and are bck on middle ground – great to see little tj teller developing his own personality as well, such a mama’s boy. Love that jax has two other guys to compete with for Jolene. Tj and abel teller. What a pair to go up against lol.

The court stuff was a lot to take in lol, but I understand that it was needed to set the serious tone that was required for that momentous court battle.

Im glad that Jolene stepped up (not that i expected anything different) and did what she had to do, to keep her family together.

Cant say I was thrilled to see debra back only cos she was such a bitch the first time around lol – you would really think that people would learn from their mistakes, she should of learnt from her mistakes and not judged as harshly this time around. No one person has the right to determine what is ok and what is not ok for a family – for them it’s a case number but its people’s lives they are playing with.

So happy that the kids get to stay with opie for now and then if the worst comes to the worst, hopefully they will go with jo.

Nice tension filled chapter.
CherryDarling1177 chapter 17 . 11/3/2012
Hey Harlee,

Shame on me for not reviewing until now, but better late than nothing at all ;)

Your Jaxene stories are ADDICTIVE! Never stop writing girl, I love how you take SAMCRO canon and make it fresh. And let me just say how much I adore Jolene Teller, she's one of the best characters I've ever come across, the perfect old lady with fire!

Off to read more now...keep writing!

fangirlofanarchy chapter 17 . 10/29/2012
Yess ! I'm stoked as all hell to read your Ope stories ! Just PLEASE don't kill him off. I can't handle that again. OMG I am so psyched now !
Guest chapter 16 . 10/25/2012
I KNEW Jolene was going to kill that bitch! I didn't expect her to get Salazar as well but that was a nice surprise. And it took me a minute to remember that the Calavaras had pretty much written Salazar off and wouldn't be hurting Abel.

I LOVED it! Can wait for the next story! I'm dying to know what's going to happen with Opie's kids.

As always - thanks for sharing your talents with us!
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