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JolieBlack chapter 1 . 3/10
I've always been a huge fan of Greg, and I love stories that pin him down to perfection. This one does!

Your story is full of poignancy, so much that I'm finding it really difficult to pick out a favourite line or moment. And you fill in so many gaps and provide so many missing moments that I didn't even know I needed.

Just to highlight a few of them:

I was surprised at first that John doesn't try and throttle Mycroft when they're outside the morgue at Barts. But then, it's even sadder to think that all the fight's gone out of him entirely at this point.

Mike Stamford's eulogy at Sherlock's funeral was perfect. I loved that he sensed that it would come far too close to home for any of Sherlock's closer friends and chosen family to have to say anything, and so (of course!) he rose to the occasion himself. I could absolutely see him and hear him throughout. Loved the much needed comic relief in particular!

And the idea of so many grateful former clients speaking up for Sherlock, too, is lovely.

I also really love that and how Greg figures it out. Incidentally, your ending makes this one of the very, very few post-Reichenbach fics that still stand up after season 3 has come and gone. Because Greg's reaction to Sherlock's return in TEH really can be taken both ways - he might not have known at all, but he might have known, too (and thus known about the risks attached to Sherlock's mission, too), and just been massively relieved that Sherlock made it back in one piece (more or less). Both variants could easily result in the reaction we see on screen.

And honestly, Greg taking Mycroft's cigarette away on the funeral day saying, “Those things'll kill you." - How the HELL did you get that line exactly right? In 2012? Did you get a sneak preview of the TEH script, or do you have some sort of prophetic gift?

The one thing (or rather person) that I don't get at all is Sgt Hopkins. I freely admit I don't get her point. Is she there on Mycroft's orders or not? If yes, why? And if not, what's her function then? Did Greg ever ask her outright why she wanted to work with him? I'm either missing something blatantly obvious here, or that's a real loose end that I was a bit disappointed not to see tied up.

But that's literally the only aspect of this story that I'm not 100 percent happy with. The rest is fantastic.

I hope we have your permission to send this story round the Canon Addicts community in one of our next updates, too? :)
librarywitch chapter 1 . 1/8/2016
That was awesome! I love your Greg. He is perfect.
Drag0nst0rm chapter 1 . 1/8/2016
The nonlinear was fantastic. Actually, the whole story was fantastic. Characterization, ideas, everything.
The ending was a great wham line, but it did leave me wanting more. Well done!
hatondog chapter 1 . 4/14/2015
Oh, my. I know you appear to have stopped writing (or at least posting) fanfic a couple of years ago so may never see this, but I had to review anyway. This was an extraordinary piece. The shifting timeline kept the emotion raw even as time moved on, just as grief works in real life. Two steps forward, one back. And having Lestrade realize that Sherlock was alive in the end was very would have been good for something like that to happen on air too.

I hope you're still writing something somewhere, you have a real gift.
Captain Evermind chapter 1 . 1/7/2015
Oh wow. This is fantastic. It really, truly is. I love the fractured timeline, and the way you pull it all together at the end. The poem of the title is spectacularly fitting. I love the way you focus on the character relationships that we seldom see on-screen. The interaction between Greg and Mycroft is particularly touching - especially the moment before the funeral. The image of John, Greg and Mycroft in the hallway outside the morgue is also very evocative. Great writing. I look forward to reading more from you. :-)
SnapeSeraphin chapter 1 . 11/23/2014
This was amazing, astounding, up to the standard of the original. Utterly compelling. Extremely well done.
Quinn chapter 1 . 9/13/2014
You, my friend, are absolutely perfect.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/25/2014
I really want to thank you for the great story! It gives me a feeling no other fanfic does.
The characters' feelings and behaviors are realistic and they are not overdone as many other fanfics I have read. The story seems to me like a character study which explores their nature and the Sherlock's influence over them. I am really grateful that Mycroft was not superpower, John's life still went on (although in a very difficult way), and Greg really knew his work as a detective.
Also, the time line trick is great that there isn't too much depression a time.

Thanks again for the great story!
(Since I'm not a native speaker, please forgive my grammar mistakes.)
SkyPad chapter 1 . 5/24/2014
Heartwrenching. Heartbreaking. Heart-stopping.

We've seen Series 3 already. Obviously. Everyone knows what happened by now, kind of technically, sort of knew by the end of Series 2 even, but, goodness almighty, I absolutely loved this. I really, really wish the writers would tell us a bit more about what went on between Sherlock's "death" and the comeback we see on the show, especially the immediate aftermath. Crossing my fingers for a little bit in Series 4, but I won't hold my breath. This though, good gracious, this was beautifully well-written and I can really see it happening like this. Most might wish that this was from John's perspective, and, honestly, I do wish it was a little, but you made this work incredibly well with Lestrade.

Thanks so much for the great, entertaining read. I look forward to reading more of you work.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
That was an amazing story, I really loved it, especially the nonlinear aspect, it worked brilliantly! This is probably one of, if not THE, best post-Richenbach stories I've ever read. Thank you for writing it, it was a pleasure to read.
ijustsigneduptofollow chapter 1 . 3/21/2014
This was amazing.

I like the jump-around-in-the-time-stream stories IF they are executed well, and this was. Very well done.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/29/2013
I really enjoyed this story,
Thank you.
Radon65 chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
The nonlinear aspect went excellently. Every now and then I had to recheck a date to be certain what had and hadn't happened before the date I was reading, but it was presented so well that I didn't find it very difficult to keep track of. I read this entire story in one sitting. I started it and then I just couldn't stop. I thought about it, but I didn't want to stop, I wanted to work all the way through it and I knew it would be easier to keep track of everything if I took it in all at once and it was just so beautifully written. So beautifully crafted. The heavy scent of lilacs at the service in late May was exquisite, and I could see it all with the green grass and the filled chairs and Mike Stamford standing at the podium speaking for everyone. The line of grief throughout this story is real and inexorable - as someone who has experienced grief it felt as though you must have too to be able to project it so well. I never actually cried, but I felt pain in my throat and my chest and my mind and when John started yelling about how Sherlock left him behind I could feel it. I could feel what John said and I could feel Lestrade's mind and it was all so brilliantly woven. The Hopkins angle was interesting and she was well done without the slightest hint of Mary Sue, despite her abilities. She was just a warm, clever woman who was drawn to Lestrade because of his own merits and because those of Sherlock Holmes and because she could see that it wasn't all faked. Lestrade's argument with Donovan was hard and brilliant, because Lestrade had gained from Sherlock - had learned from him, and in this story you can see the vestiges of Sherlock and how he thinks and operates that had leeched off of him and painted themselves on those he loves. Mrs. Hudson boxing up his things and getting Lestrade's help, and the two of them sitting, finished, sipping tea and with the boxes solid behind their backs offering a sort of closure was comforting - because Mrs. Hudson said earlier, there was no closure with the grave, and that's something everyone in this story is fighting for. Closure is a difficult and elusive thing to find, and I was glad to get a little sense of it vicariously, to see Lestrade feel it and be relieved on his behalf. Molly coming out and telling everyone that Sherlock was dead, her tears and John's devastation and Mycroft's emotionless reaction was all so perfect, and I sat there trying to understand what Molly was thinking, knowing he was alive, and I guess she was probably just crying for all of their grief. Because of the pain she knew she was inflicting. And when she got right down in John's face and said directly to him that Sherlock was dead, I got the sense that she was doing so to be certain that she convinced him, to emphasise to John that Sherlock was gone, that there was no chance, that he mustn't look for him, and hoping that such directness would help him. And when Lestrade opened the letter, just because - not because of anything special, but just because he thought he'd better, that motivation made so much sense. The tearing off of the plaster, the desire to just get it over with or it will never be done. I thought the letter was just thanking him in general. When the bits and pieces began swirling about in Lestrade's mind, I thought perhaps he would realise that Sherlock was alive, but I didn't think of the letter. I didn't suspect the text. And then when Lestrade started going through it all I was sitting on the edge of the chair in my head, I was clutching the sides of my laptop watching him breathlessly and feeling and hoping. And when Lestrade said "He's alive" out loud, the idea that the words sounded strange on his tongue, after all these weeks of saying "he's dead" of making John say it, of packing up his things and sitting at his goodbye service and the reading of his will - the words would sound strange, and that was perfect. And the final cut back to Day 1, with the body in the morgue, the sheet-covered statue waiting for a king and Lestrade having to fight to breathe was the perfect return, the perfect segue to make things full circle before we came back to Lestrade in the present and heard him say Sherlock was alive again. This was a brilliant, brilliant story with lovely, fantastic writing and what appeared to be a profound understanding of human emotions and their struggle with the emptiness of grief and mortality.

But I don't understand why Lestrade's phone rang at the end. What, did Mycroft bug his house and the ring him up when he figured it out?
Procrastination Is My Game chapter 1 . 12/17/2013
That was brilliant! Really hope theres a follow up :D Excellent writing and surprisinglye asy to keep track of considering the nonlinear plot.
Devoregirl chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
Oh my god! This was amazing and unique! I loved the way you wrote this from lestrades POV, spectacular! And the ending is just as evil as the canon, leaving us readers thirsty for more.
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