Reviews for Shades of Gold
SengaWolf chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
You are fantastic.
Your writing is amazing - I am in love with the way you structured this piece - starting out with a definite set of three things, three colors, but then drawing the reader in so deeply that they forget there's anything else - and then, boom, there's the structure coming back again. And thus it repeats. You, my friend, have a fantastic gift for luring people in, over and over.
And on a personal note, I must thank you. This piece, more than anything else, has probably helped me get over Doomsday and their second parting more than anything. THANK YOU SO MUCH. That was gonna keep eating away at my brain and my feels unless someone did something about it.
And the colors. I myself tend to be an avid fan of colors, especially different shades of the same colors. I love exploring the subtle differences in flavor and feel between colors, and that you have done so here, so brilliantly, and with such a lovely and fitting color, thrills me. And not just the colors, but the texture of the colors, if that makes sense - the soft fuzz of the first gold, for example, compared to the heated razor blades of the second and the thin, translucent, satin-like texture of the third. I love doing that in my own writing, and I love that I've found an author who is so adept at it.
You are fantastic.
currents chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
This was kind of perfect. I loved the ending, truly.