Reviews for YuGiOh! Dissidia
VerdeSaiyan chapter 55 . 11/6
Blaze on, unstained king. Still, can't help but feel bad for Aporia. Plus I almost screamed in excitement when Dark Highlander showed up
VerdeSaiyan chapter 54 . 11/6
Oh Light of Destruction, you must feel so abandoned if The Creator of Light fights against you...Nah, heh XD Well done. Both Chazz's ace monsters in one chapter was a treat, even if one is obscenely difficult to play.
VerdeSaiyan chapter 53 . 11/4
I love how Vector was so stubborn in his chapter. Typical bad guy to the end. The constant back and forth was enjoyable too.
cybersealgorithm chapter 56 . 10/14
Seeing Joey summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon was immensely satisfying...awesome!
Guest chapter 57 . 10/14
Balance of Judgment actually compares the cards on your opponent's field (and only their field) with the cards on your hand and field, so Dr. Faker should have actually drawn 0's an easy mistake to make though, so we'll just ignore that. It was a fun duel, pretty epic seeing Kite summon nearly all of his Xyz.
jalen johnson chapter 57 . 10/11
This was a good chapter man the Kaito and Faker duel was great and a great send off to Kaito story and now were half way through the story and Yuma is the only one of the decal trio that needs to finish his battle and it looks like Kaiba is dueling right now I hope he next anyway good chapter man.
Jay Hayden chapter 57 . 10/7
Okay this was brilliant. The dialogue the dueling all of it was great!
Zeladious chapter 57 . 10/7
Another quickie chapter up. Brilliantly awesome made. :D

...I sort of imagine CGI translated to words would be like:

- Kaiba swings his arm with much needed gusto (because plot!), hands balling to a fist as he begins his speech-


Zeladious chapter 56 . 10/6
Awesome, another awesome chapter done!

CG - into - writing style? how are ya gonna exactly gonna do that? o.o
D3lph0xL0v3r chapter 56 . 10/6
chenj251 chapter 55 . 9/16
Note: The chapter 55 and 54 review was cut off so the rest of the review was sent to Sankol.

So now it’s Jack’s turn. I figured his duel would come later since Jack is one of the main rivals in the Yugioh metaseries.

I would’ve liked Horakhty’s name to be unchanged. Could you make Horakhty’s name an exception in using dub names in the series?

Looks like the conference scene is about the heroes planning their next move and interacting with the people they haven’t met yet. I have been waiting for their interactions for a long time.

Jack let Yusei take the lead, he was better at this kind of thing - Admittedly.

It looks like this scene takes place before the final duels. I guess the scenes before each hero’s final duel will be done Rashomon style.

Is Joey asking for a ride from Kite? Makes sense though.

… much to Jack's irritation - I guess Jack didn't liked being ignored like that.

“Not sure; history was never a strong point of mine in Satellite” – Good point Yusei.

The listening Kaiba smirked. "So, I honoured the one part of that cursed island that I actually liked," he noted. – Indeed.

So the Valley of Kings and Kul Elna are in the dimension. Why was it a good thing they didn’t realize it until now?

Judging by Shark's words, some of the past locations were brought into the dimension by the villains.

“I'm coming too!" Yuma cheered. "I haven't got the chance to talk to Yugi yet!” –
It’s every Yugioh fan’s dream to talk to Yugi and Yuma’s living it.

A blinding white light chose that moment to split the horizon, and the group turned towards it. – I guess it was Yubel answering Jesse’s question. I didn't think Yubel's tower would return. It’s fitting though.

As expected, Jessie will duel Yubel. Hopefully, he'll overcome whatever happened to him.

Nice banter between Jessie and Jack.

Party at Kaiba's? That's something I didn't think Kaiba would offer.

You really should introduce Orbital 7 to everyone Kite.

“I'll deal with Dartz so quickly; I'll even have time to get the place cleaned up by the time you get there.” - That's Kaiba alright.

Ah right, Crow tends to call Chazz thunder boy. I know the reason why the nickname is used out of universe but what is the in-universe reason of why Crow calling Chazz thunder boy?

“I'd advise crushing him without a second thought, and proving that you're his superior,” – That’s understandable from Kaiba’s perspective but Doctor Faker isn’t like Gozaburo.
I guess Kaiba is advising Kite because he sees himself in Kite.

“No need to argue, you're already the second and third best duelists of all time! At least in Pegasus's book! And Jesse here is number five, so you've all got that in common!” –
Ah, I remember this bit. I guess Aster told Jaden about it.

Kaiba may be a titanic jerk, but everyone respects him and he deserves that respect.

“Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and an overall stronger deck,” - Chazz has a point Joey.

“Not to mention considerably more wealth and experience,” – You’re getting in this too Jack?!

“You've got the skills in Holactie's book, and mine as well. Same goes to you Chazz” -
Indeed Yusei.

“You do remember what happened the last time you did this, right?!” –
Is Chazz saying to Jaden about when he faced Nightshroud the first time?

I didn’t think Yusei would join in on Kaiba’s bet.

So Aporia has come. I guess Aporia gave up hope after meeting Zorc, the villains and being informed of what happens in the altered future. Nice mention to Leo.

Do the 5d’s heroes have their duel runner outfits during their final battles?

You know, Trinidart Ouroboros was never mentioned by name in the anime. I wonder why? I guess the production staff felt mentioning the name wasn’t necessary.

So they're starting small.

So Jack is fusion summoning. The Arc-V characters would be shocked about this.
Nice plan of Jack to use fusion and Speed World 2’s effect to prepare for next turn. It’s well done.

“Of course I did,” Jack replied. “That's because I'm the best, and I'll prove it!” - That's Jack alright.

“A bold claim indeed,” Aporia noted. “However, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the obstacle in front of you. Even the mighty Pharaoh has fallen victim to that hubris!” – Indeed, like when Yugi dueled Mai in the japanese dub.

Mektimed Blast, this can only mean a Meklord Emperor. So it's Skiel. I guess the next emperor is Wisel and then Grannel. I guess Zorc made the Meklord Emperors into one card to improve Aporia’s deck as it’s mainly focused on beating synchros.

Time to take this duel to the streets!, - I guess Jack wants to avoid harming the stadium.

Shadow Spell, that's an old card. I remember it from 5D’s ep. 2.

Angel Baton? Oh yeah, the fake Jack Atlas used it as he used an exact copy of the real Jack’s deck.

So it's Hot Red Dragon Archfiend. I thought Jack would summon Red Dragon Archfiend first.

Wisel, I knew it would come but I didn’t think it would come so soon.

Draining Shield, it must be to prepare for Grannel when it comes out. At least Jack thought and planned ahead.

Dark Highlander?! I definitely didn't see that monster coming. In hindsight, I should’ve since other character have their manga cards like Jaden and his manga Heroes.

Aporia would indeed love Dark Highlander’s Synchro summon prevention effect.

Good plan to separate your duel from Yusei's Jack. Oh yeah, Yusei’s duel runner can fly. Why hasn’t Yusei fly on his runner until now?

Oh yeah, Dark Highlander’s effect is a good counter against the Meklord Emperors since they equip Synchro monsters. It's good Granel didn’t come after Wisel’s destruction.

Granel Core? I spoke too soon.

Yep, Granel came.

Red Crystal? That's a card from Arc-V Jack. 5D’s Jack shouldn’t have that card.

Pretty weird that Aporia didn’t use Speed World 2’s card destruction effect to destroy one of Jack’s facedowns. Then again, Jack would’ve chained the cards to Speed World 2.

Good idea for Aporia to use Dark Highlander’s ability against Jack.

“Hope that the fates can turn in a single moment...that possibility always exists...this is our big bang!” - Nice nod to the 5d’s manga.

Shift down? Not a speed spell I expected from the master of faster.

Fiendish Chain? Nice! That mean Jack can Synchro summon! Wait, why didn’t he use it against Granel before Aporia summoned Dark Highlander?

So Jack finally summoned his ace monster.

“... Hot Red Dragon Archfiend has its own line of evolutions,” –
That means Jack must have all of Hot Red Dragon’s evolutions. With Red Dragon Archfiend and Mirror Resonator, Jack must be summoning the first evolution. How and when did he got them?

Seven motes of light – That’s an error as Red Dragon Archfiend is level eight.

Yes! It’s Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss. It’s funny that the anime Dragon Archfiend is used to summon the manga Dragon Archfiend’s evolution.

Abyss' attack was one uppercut in the manga but I guess it's to hit all of Granel's parts.
3200 point of damage has got to hurt!

“That's where you belong, riding behind the Master of Faster,” – I guess Jack is just trash talking there.

I thought Jack would be in a huge disadvantage against Aporia but with he’s fighting effectively! Yusei would be proud.

Having twelve speed counters is quite a feat. I thought Aporia would use Speed World 2’s card destruction effect instead of it’s draw effect.

“Next, I shall perform the genesis of the Meklord Emperors!” - Uh oh.

So Aporia's ultimate monster has arrived.

Good thing Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss’ effect can activate on the opponent’s turn or else Jack would’ve lost.

“Packing” isn’t a word I expect Aporia to say.

“Ten turns in and you've only managed to deal eight-hundred points of damage to the Master of Faster,” he commented. “I know you never managed to defeat an opponent, but this is ridiculous,” he laughed - This is so funny and true.

Just as Yusei had done before, Jack aimed to take Aporia to the B.A.D area, if it still existed in this ruined, advanced future. - Nice call back.

Wandering King Wildwind, that’s a manga card.

Why did Aporia switch Dark Highlander to attack mode?

So Jack used Wandering King Wildwind as bait to use its graveyard effect.
That’s a very Yugi like move.

Call of the Haunted? That’s from Jack’s deck in Tag Force 5 and 6. Good choice to revive Hot Red.

Dimension Guardian? That’s from the Darkside of Dimensions movie.

“Use those tuners, I know what you're planning.” – So Aporia knows about it? This is going to be good.

So Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity appears at last. I bet Yusei has Stardust Spark’s evolutions too by now.

King Calamity's effect prevents cards from activating, not negating monster effects. I think you know that but the way Jack worded the effect that is misleading.

Good idea to use Fiendish Chain on Mekanikle. It’s too bad Aporia’s speed counters are 9 or else he could’ve used Speed World 2’s effect to destroy a card by removing 10 speed counters.

“Just what I needed to snuff out your hopes!” - Uh oh.

So Aporia summoned Meklord Army Skiel and Wisel. What’s he up to? Jack knows? What is it?

Aporia's sending his monsters to the graveyard, including Mekanikle?! It must be a good monster for Aporia to do that. Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk? I remember that card. It gave Jack, Leo, -and Luna a lot of trouble back in 5d’s. I guess it’s Aporia’s final ace monster here.

Asterisk’s attack gain effect occurs after its summoned and you don’t send the Meklord monsters to summon it.

7000 Attack points? That’s big.

Oh yeah, the duel is still a shadow game.

That's right. King Calamity's revival effect. Wait, why Red Dragon and not Hot Red Dragon?

Red Gazer? That’s from Arc-V. 5D’s Jack shouldn’t have that card. Jack should’ve used Extra Veiler instead.

Aporia is right. Red Dragon Archfiend alone won't help Jack and Jack isn't one to make such a mistake. He must be up to something.

“Didn't you know? ... The King's dueling can only be entertaining” - So Jack has a plan after all.

(The rest of the review is private messaged to Sankol)
jalen johnson chapter 55 . 8/26
Well I read the chapter I got to say that the Jack vs Aporia duel was awesome and might be one of the best final duels in the story and a nice conculsion to Jack's story which means two of the 5d's roles are done and Yusei will have to finish his business with the looks of it, looks like were going to Jesse next I can't wait to see the duel between him and chapter man I can't wait for the next one.
chenj251 chapter 54 . 8/17
Note: The chapter 53 review was cut off so the rest of the review was sent to Sankol.

So now it’s Chazz’s turn. It’s actually fitting that he faces Sartorius since Sartorius brainwashed Chazz in season 2. I think Aster would’ve been more appropriate to face Sartorius but Chazz beat Aster; that’s probably why Chazz was chosen over Aster.

Ah, I remember 5D’s KaibaCorp building. If Kaiba is right, Dartz should be in there. Come to think of it, why would Dartz be there? Is it because they’re insanely rich CEOS or Dartz bought KaibaCorp before?

Looks like the locations of Zorc’s chosen is by theme and era.

Ah, the Academy tower, I remember it in the GX manga but not in the anime.
Wait, if the GX characters are from the anime, why do they know something from the GX manga?

“Those may have seemed like tournaments, but dueling history was made there! It was incredible to watch years later.” – That’s how history works Joey; events in the past may seem insignificant, but they are actually monumental.

“It was only Yugi and Kaiba’s duel that got broadcast, and even then there’s not a lot of it that survived,” – Typical of Kaiba to show HIS duel but not the others’.

“When those two Egyptian Gods clashed; they blew out television screens all over the city! Maybe that’s why Obelisk and Slifer students don’t get along so well…” – I think that’s just Obelisk Blue snobbery Jaden. Kaiba would be very disappointed in Obelisk Blue if he knows about them.

I wonder if Kaiba heard about Sartorius painting his dorms white. If he didn’t, he’s going to be mad about it.

Looks like that building is the Duel Academy Leo, Luna, and Aki attended.

A spot of darkness in a light filled area? That must be where Nightshroud is

That’s some playful banter there.
The fact the building is almost empty is creepy. It adds to how creepy Sartorius is.

“And since that building looks like it might be a swanky pad, I’m betting Sartorious will have turned the whole place white” - The way Chazz worded the Sartorious’ location sure is funny.

Nice to see Chazz is being nice to the Ojamas now.

The room where Satorious is at reminds me of the room where Jaden first dueled Sartorius. How fitting.

“I’m just glad that I get to duel the pants off you!” – Me too Chazz, me too.

“I must seize forces to ensure the victory for the light!” – Does that include Horakthy? She’s a being of light.

Sartorius’ outburst sure is scary. He must really hate working for Zorc.

I guess Sartorius wants Chazz because he brainwashed him before and a good servant to use. After all, Chazz beat the most of Obelisk Blue in Season 2. Though I don’t think Sartorius and his forces could beat Zorc or Horakthy even if he succeeds.

“I must win this duel if there is to be any hope of stopping Zorc.” -
You don’t believe in Horakthy or her chosen Sartorius?

Sartorius appears to be is possessed by the Light of Destruction yet he is aware his defeat from Jaden so he couldn’t have been taken from season 2. Did Zorc force the Light of Destruction to possess Sartorius again?

“Listen well, Chazz, for you are not dueling me in this match, but rather, your friends and rivals,” – What does Sartorius mean by that?

Arcana Force 0 - The Fool? That's going to be annoying. Ah, I remember that spinning feature when selecting Arcana Monster effects.

“Oh, great. I forgot how much I hate these things,” - Me too, Chazz.

“Tails means bad for you, …” –
That’s right, upside down Arcana Force card effects are usually negative; keyword is usually.

Pre-season 4 Jaden?

“It’s just like your rivalry with Jaden; you could never hope to surpass him.” –
So that’s it. The friends and rivals are projected through the Arcana Force monsters such as the Fool representing Jaden in GX and this duel. It’s awfully thematic. Sartorius is probably doing this to mess with Chazz. Nice to see Pre-season 4 Jaden again though.

“I could have beaten him once! … I just didn’t!” - Nice callback. I guess that’s why he was chosen over Zane, Syrus, and Aster to be in the conflict and the fact Chazz beat Aster.

“Then it is poor conduct to place something else over defeating your rival, and attaining your shining glory,” – No it isn’t Sartorius.

Arcana Force VI – The Lovers eh? I guess this monster represents Alexis.
Whoops, I was wrong. It symbolizes Yubel, un-brainwashed Yubel. Is Sartorius implying Yubel can be re-fused with Jaden? That makes sense. How did they separate anyway?

Ah, I forgot this type of shadow game. I guess the final duels are winner take all matches then.

Ah yeah, the Armed Dragon series! I was wondering when they will show up!
North Academy would be proud.

So Chazz has Ojama Blue. He must also have Red. Wait Blue is a girl? I thought Blue is a male since she’s topless. Nice wordplay on Staunch Defender, symbolic too.

So the Moon represents Yuzu? Why? Is it through Selena?

So Chazz does have Ojama Red.

Oh yeah! Armed Dragon Lv 7! It’s pretty ridiculous that Armed Dragon evolves by exploding. Shrink? I don’t remember Chazz using that card in GX.

Nice loophole Chazz found to destroy the Fool. Too bad it failed, nuts! At least he can do it again next turn.

Selection of Fate? Oh boy, that’s the card Sartorius used when he first dueled Chazz.

“I pick the, the - the right! … Even destiny can't keep up with that!” –
Really Chazz? Really?

Oh crud, it’s the World! Nightshoud is its symbolism? I guess it’s because Nightshroud created the World of Darkness.

Light Barrier? Not good. Wait, shouldn’t Sartorius activate it before activating Selection of Fate to better his chances of getting the World’s positive effect? Does Sartorius even need Light Barrier in the first place? His powers allow him to choose the Arcana Force effect he wants.

There are shadows surrounding the duel? I know it’s to be expected but at least show a scene of the shadows appearing when the duel starts.

I don’t see a darkness-tinge in the Light Barrier in the GX anime. Did it come from the shadow game?

So Sartorius is getting serious eh? Chazz never saw Sartorius like that so his response is natural. I would react the same way Chazz would if I saw Sartorius like that the first time too.

“You can change your monster's battle mode, so you won't be attacking me with it!” –
Don’t you mean can’t, not can?

Grave of Enkindling, Okay. Chazz can bring back Armed Dragon Lv 7 with it. Wait, X-Head Cannon? Is Chazz going to do what I think he’s going to do? Y-Dragon head and Frontline base? Oh this is going to be good. XYZ – Dragon Cannon, Great! Why didn’t Chazz try to destroy Light Barrier or the World? XYZ – Dragon Cannon’s effect can be used more than once per turn.

Cup of Ace, figures it would land a result that favors Sartorius. That “burned away" imagery when an illusion leaves sounds painful to watch. So this time it’s the Fiend. White energy? That doesn’t sound good.

“How much luck can you get?!” – Really Chazz? Really? You’re dealing with a supernatural force that can alter destiny.

Good old Negate Attack. That was really good that Chazz blocked the attack. It would’ve been game over for him. No need to see Light Society Chazz again.

Reload? Haven’t seen that card in a while. Graceful Charity? Pretty weird to see it in GX when it is banned at that time. Man Chazz drew a lot of cards. It’s funny to see the Ojamas forcefully return back to the hand via Ojamagic after they returned to the Main deck. I wonder what’s it like for monsters to be in the main deck and the extra deck.

V-Tiger Jet? Oh I see what’s going to happen. V-to-Z Dragon Catapult Cannon! Yes! Too bad V-to-Z’s position changing effect targets or else Chazz would’ve inflicted 3000 damage to Sartorius. Man, Illusion Jaden is such a troll. Nothing seems to phase Sartorius.

The Hanged Man? – Oh boy, that’s the card Sartorius used when he first dueled Chazz.

Sartorius is sacrificing the Fool? Why? It’s almost indestructible.
Illusion Jaden’s disappearance scene sure was comical.

So the Hanged Man symbolizes Light Society Chazz. This is going to be annoying. You forgot to state its stats though. Ah yes, what the Hanged Man did to V-to-Z happened to Chazz a few moments before he was brainwashed. Chazz missing most of his body is horrifying. I think I would have preferred a regular shadow game.

Man, Illusion Light Society Chazz sure acts like Chazz in the first half of Season 1. Is Sartorius acting through the illusion or is he staying silent while Illusion Light Society Chazz is active?

So Chazz summoned the Ojama brothers … in attack mode. Why?!

“If you think the Chazz doesn't know what he's doing, then you're in for a world of hurt!” – I hope so Chazz.

Ah, so the Ojama Brothers are in attack mode so Defense Draw can be used. That’s risky since Illusion Light Society Chazz could’ve summoned another monster to attack an attack mode Ojama.

A pulse, is that card what I think it is? Yes! It’s Light and Darkness dragon!
I think Ojama Black and Yellow were the ones tributed because Yellow is Chazz’s main spirit partner and Black was used to try to bring back Alexis from the Light Society.

Bye bye Illusion Light Society Chazz! So Sartorius frowned, that’s a first and it’s progress.

(The rest of the review is private messaged to Sankol)
Guest chapter 55 . 8/7
Please update
chenj251 chapter 53 . 6/9
Sorry it took so long, it's my turn to review now.

Nice callback to Reshef. I guess he came from the Reshef of Destruction videogame dimension as an accident when Horakhty and Zorc created the dimension. Horakhty must have wanted revenge on Reshef for absorbing the God Cards' power.

Nice to see Shark is thinking of the other Barian Emperors. Shark is right, they saved the world before and they can do it again.

"It's okay to have friends you know." – That’s true. Even Kaiba knows.
It was nice for Yugi to reassure Shark. I guess Shark doesn’t want to look foolish in front of the King of Games.

I would say Dartz was dueling semi-seriously since he didn't use Orichalcos Deuteros and Tritos.

Kaiba is definitely stronger than before with the Blue-Eyes support and has grown as a person here.

Let's hope Joey beats Marik this time; especially now that he has his Red-Eyes back.

"King of Games and all, you'd think they'd give you something to help you keep up" –
My guess it’s to keep the timeline consistent as Yugi and Atem are taken before they face each other. Nice dialogue with Atem's real name.

Based on Shark's description, Vector really sounds like a joke in the conflict now, despite all of the great Numbers cards he has. It’s pretty funny when it’s stated like that. At least he’s not as bad as Sawatari. Then again, the main reason why he was so successful against Yuma is because of the sabotage of Yuma’s deck.

"Jeez, this whole time travel thing is confusing." - indeed.

"I'm still amazing that no-one has told me whether I'll beat Atem or not!" – Looks like details of the Ceremonial Battle didn’t reach Yugi or Atem’s ears to keep the timeline from changing.

"I get the feeling that Kaiba didn't beat him, otherwise he'd be gloating about it," –
Oh that is SO true.

Valley of the Kings eh? How appropriate. I hope we see the Yugi vs Bakura duel last since they’re the main characters and villain of the original series respectively. I also hope Yugi will fight Bakura with all three Egyptian God cards. How will Bakura counter them if that happens?

Good to know Jessie is notified of whatever is going on with him. I hope whatever happened to Jessie won’t be disastrous to him. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen and it’ll lead to his pendulum monsters. It also sounds like Joey is going with Jessie.

I didn’t think Vector’s old kingdom would be in the dimension would act as the battlefield. Judging by the description, it was taken after their second duel or the Don Thousand duel.

Quite the banter you used. Sounds friendlier than when they last dueled. Shark sounds cooled down compared to his last time before dueling Vector. I guess he got past his anger at Vector somewhat.

How does time relate to more revenge for Vector though?

Shark is using human form for this duel? I thought he would use his Barian form. I guess it’s to conserve energy for the shadow game considering how draining they can be and to use his
Duel Gazer. I like the symbolism though. For Shark, it symbolizes he’s staying as himself, not matter what happens to him but for Vector, the Barian form symbolizes the changes and corruptions he went through throughout his life.

Purple and black smoke began to concentrate around the arena, blocking out the surrounding –
Does that mean the Shadow games are like the ones in the original series like Marik’s shadow game areas?

So Shark starts with Black Ray Lancer, that's a good move. I guess Shark is starting small. I figured he would use used Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One on his first turn like he did last time.

Ah, the Master Key Beetle and Safe Zone combo. That’s really annoying. It could’ve been worse though such as the Master Key Beetle with Vanity’s Emptiness combo. Don't act Master Key Beetle will win you the game Vector. The dialogue is pretty witty.

Two level five water monsters, is it Abyss Splash? It’s the only one I could think of Shark using.

What?! It’s Number 94?! Nice! But her effect won’t work on Master Key Beetle due to Safe Zone. Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer?! Now that’s unexpected and cool! I said that the duel would start small but I didn’t think it would get big so soon with a 3700 attack point monster.

Very inventive for Shark to use Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer to negate Master Key Beetle’s ability. Good old MST.

Draining Shield? I wonder why Vector would use such a card and where did he get it?
He didn’t use it in Zexal.

Secret Sect Druid Dru?! Where did Vector got that card? Vector didn’t absorb Mach!

Number 103? Now that's just cruel for Vector to do. Why her though? She can only use her effect twice and Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer can protect herself with her own effect. Shark will get rid of 103 by his next turn.

So Vector is using the form he used against Shark last time. He must have lost the form when he lost.

RagnaInfinity, of course, since regular 104 won't work against Full Armored Crystalzero? Also, not good. Ah, Barian's force overlay stealing effect, it's been a long time since I last saw that.

So Shark is finally using his Barian form. Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One, it’s about time he used that card! I would've liked to see it drawn through a Chaos Draw though.

That Xyz treasure card can be broken under the right conditions.

Shark is trying to reach out to Vector? Why? It won’t work.

Barian Hope so soon? I figured it would be the finishing move. It was a nice way for Shark to try to reach out to Vector.

So that’s why Shark is trying to reach out to Vector. Shark is right, for all of Vector’s crimes; he is still one of the seven Barian emperors.

So Shark's proof is the Barian world and its residents and summoning CXyz Barian Hope is his way to bring Vector to the good side.

It’s good to know Shark is willing to use force when necessary.

Vain Betrayer … how fitting as it symbolizes his betrayal of the Barian world and its emperors.

Shark knew it would happen and yet he tried. That’s sad, even if we knew it was coming.

I’m surprised as much as Vector that Shark didn’t react much to Barian Hope’s destruction.
Why though? I guess it’s because Shark knew Barian Hope would be destroyed after Vain Betrayer rendered it powerless.

Pretty strange that Shark reverted to human form after Barian Hope is destroyed and Shark isn’t re-transforming to his Barian form. Shark stayed in Barian form despite losing Barian Hope and Slient Ark/Slient Ark Knight multiple times.

I was surprised Shark has Bahamut Shark here since it came from the manga.
Nice detail about the different Xyz portal shapes Numbers and Non-Numbers have in Zexal.

Number 37?! Now that was unexpected. Shark said it was familiar. That's what Chazz said about Light and Darkness Dragon in chapter 41. What is going on?

So that's why Vector used Draining Shield; to compensate his huge life point loss strategies.

So Vector finally summoned his Over-Hundred Number. This duel is getting serious.

Wasn't expecting Shark to use Pot of Dichotomy.

Rank-Up-Magic Admiration of the Thousands already?! Not good.
So Chaos Chimera Dragon is finally summoned.

"Sheesh, no need to get snappy because you're about to lose and let all of creation down or anything" - Despite the danger of the situation, this comment is funny.

Using Chaos Chimera Dragon’s life point cost effect was risky for Vector but considering Shark can summon powerful monsters in one turn, it was probably worthwhile.

How cruel for Spider Shark be to be used as Chaos Chimera Dragon’s overlay unit

Shark’s right, sending cards to the grave is a very viable strategy in today’s meta-game.

"No, not again!” - You would think Vector would learn from past experiences considering his planning and smarts.

Abyss Splash, it’s about time he’s summoned!

So Shark put Vector is on his knees now. Now that's humiliating and karmic after Vector’s boast of putting Shark on his knees, through unintentional on Shark’s part.

So it's C106 this time around. Why C106? Oh, that’s right, negating Abyss Splash’s effect will revert his attack to normal. A shame about Chaos Chimera Dragon’s attack and effects being nullified though.

Oh right, I forgot that when Abyss Splash activates his effect, a wall of water appears behind him. Nice attention to detail. I didn’t think the water would be enough to flood the arena.

Good idea for Shark to exploit C106 weakness. I didn’t expect Shark to be soaked by his monster’s water. I was expecting another monster to defeat C106 but Fish Depth Charge is good!

Beginning of the End? That's an unexpected, old, and good card to use. It makes sense that Vector would use all of those Dark support spell cards. Where did he get them though?
I don’t remember him having them in Zexal.

“Two more level three monsters, … Does it ever end?” - That is so funny and meta, considering how often duelist can summon monsters to bring out Extra Deck monsters nowadays.

Ah Number 17, I forgotten about that card. Vector is right, Number cards are still dangerous to use by nature. Even now; Number cards will try to possess their owners. Good thing Shark is now strong enough to resist its possession.

"You're going down this turn, Vector!" - You shouldn't have said that Shark.

Draining Shield? How annoying.

So Vector thought about Shark’s words and planned ahead. Smart. It just goes to show that even the smallest of words can reveal and ruin your plan.

Shadow Games are some of the worst types of duels to be in Vector.

C73! This will end the duel hopefully! So close! He’s trapped by Fiendish Chain. Where did Vector got that card?

Another Admiration of the Thousands?! That’s top decking for the win! Not that it isn’t possible in real life. C104, it’s about time it arrived. Wasn't expecting a summon chant from C104 based on the Japanese version. I don’t see it in the anime so I assume you made it up yourself. It’s really good and it keeps the overall meaning of the Japanese summon chant.

Using Extreme Pressure Power to dest
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