Reviews for Weather Feeling
Silent-melody2413 chapter 4 . 7/6/2013
Hi, for the fourth time today!

Hmm... this is very deep huh? And you also peek into the other side Hibari has. You also give the reason why he become the person he is now... deep, indeed.

Tsuna is someone that really care for others, including their distress and safety. Perhaps that's what make everyone follow him. He did sound so mature in this chap haha. Perhaps the Tsuna here is the TYL version or something?

... careful of capital letters. Like the "i"(s): "...When {I} want to be focus..."

... this is only an opinion. Be careful of spaces. For example at the main paragraphs, how about add a space after the triple-dots? "He know{s} me when {I} am happy... He know{s} me when {I} am sad..." And instead, how about delete the space before the triple-dots: "I{'ll} protect h{im}... I{'ll} follow h{im}... It-" Sorry it sounds confusing, but you get what I mean right? :)

Okie-dokie, nice job. Keep writing, keep improving, and good luck! XD
P.s. so sorry if there's something that offended you. By any means, I never intend to do that :)
Silent-melody2413 chapter 3 . 7/6/2013
Hi, once again!

LOL this is a really direct comparison between Ryohei and his position as the "sun". Well, people will actually really think how he can be so energetic even in hot summer days. Perhaps the answer was because he always do his extremely best effort every second huh? He wouldn't waste a second of it. Nice picture you did here

And you also add the other guardians' feelings toward him. I like the one when you said "the mist agreed with the cloud" LOL. It's like... I don't know, but I found it amusing. Nice XD

Maybe you can add more about his appearance and the relation to its impact to others. How you give the feel toward his position. Like, "Even through the madness and killing glares, he still got a grin in his face; a trait that only he has. Maybe that's what make him different from the other weathers. Maybe that's why he shine more brightly than the others. And maybe, that's why he's the one who brought the light in." Well, something like that.

... be careful of singular and plural. And also apostrophe mark, like for example: "It{'s} a sunny day..."

... be careful of typos and grammars :3

... this is an opinion only. I repeat, opinion. I think you don't need to use the star star (*) mark at the word "sweatdrop". I think it's better to let it without so the format's not, err, distracted(?). Well, you know what I meant. Anyway, only an opinion ;)

I like the last sentence by the way. Very dramatic and great fit for an ending. Hehe, okay, let's see chap 4 shall we?
Silent-melody2413 chapter 2 . 7/6/2013
Hi again!

Wew, this really show how Tsuna is important to Yamamoto huh? Hehe, must be nice to read how Tsuna also feel for him personally too. Maybe there will be a chapter like that in the next ones? XD

You use a lot of paradoxes here. From happy to sad, and how rain actually affect people. It's nice, actually. And you also connect it with Yamamoto's character. He seem more serious and calm here... but that's okay. Yamamoto did have that side of him right? Hehe

LOL when I read the word "though the thunder and storm beside {him}..." I immediately thought of Gokudera and Lambo. Haha, although it can meant ACTUAL storm and thunder right? After all, Lambo's lightning, not thunder. And it's a comparison to the situation you meant to put Yamamoto in right? LOL

... be careful of usage of "it" and "he". If you use either one for a part (repetition, usually) make sure you stay consistent ;3

... be careful of plural and singular. And "he", "him", & "his". :)

Okay, good job. Let's see the next one! :D
Silent-melody2413 chapter 1 . 7/6/2013

Hmm... interesting. I like it when a group of chara's feelings toward one chara is described. Even with some small sentences, it describe many, don't you think? And it also let us explore the chara even more. Hehe

LOL I found the Mukuro part funny. You know, when we read Chrome's part ("One with her timid and shy aura...") it sounded so sweet and dramatic and suddenly we read Mukuro's part ("...creepy aura..."). LOL it's a funny comparison. Haha, very amusing. But don't worry, cause you balanced it with the next sentence that say something like... despite they have different 'aura' but they have the same, well, similarity. So it wrap up nicely ;D

Okay, here comes the horror corner...! I mean, the notes.
... be careful of the word "he" and "his". Remember the difference of usage: "{He} use {his} own way...". Also, be careful of the word "they" and "them". Like: "While the sky {is} nothing without {them}." :3

... careful of some typos. :)

... And, this is not a note, but rather an opinion. How about lessen the symbols of exclamation marks and sing-song mark? It's okay and it makes a friendly and relax feeling to readers, but (no offense) too much of it can cause some confusion. And it make the words seem less than it is. Well, this is only an opinion... Be free of what you wanna write, kay? ;3

Okie-dokie, let see the next one shall we?
Clearliquid chapter 4 . 2/14/2013
I like it. Especially the cloud one. Update soon