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SakuraNights01 chapter 24 . 5/25/2016
Just finished reading this... I just... Wow, that's all I can say! This was so well written, I couldn't stop coming back to read more during my breaks at work and at home!
Everyone was so in-character, and Max's descent into madness happened at a well and believable pace. Ratchet and Clank's conversations, arguments, and concerns were so natural, too, as well as their interactions with Cronk, Zephyr, and Talwyn. The action and scenery were very descriptive and gave me a clear idea of the scene at hand.
I'll finish off by saying you're an incredibly talented writer, and I look forward to more of your stories! Thank you for keeping me entertained these past few days!
PastelButtons chapter 24 . 5/24/2016
3 years late to the party but oh my gosh I'm so glad I found this story! Like there are not enough words in the dictionary to express how amazing this is! How does it not have more attention? I would PAY to read this.

I'm a huge nerdy dorky fan of your work and I first discovered you from the Chaotic Neutral story you wrote! (My first and forever favourite fanfic, even though this one is SO close to beating oh my lord). After reading that over 50 times I discovered your deviant (I sound like im becoming borderline stalker-y now) and became instantly in love with your art! Squishy cute friendship fluttershy and discord um yes pls.

And as of recent due to the latest movie I replayed some of the old Ratchet and Clank games and somehow ended up on . I flipped a truck and a house when I realised you'd written a couple R&C fanfics too. Oh man I wish someone had taken a picture of my face. That woulda been one for the photo album.

But seriously you've been one of my favourite people for the best of two years and you will never cease to amaze me. You write friendships so beautifully and they're so genuine and heart warming I don't know how you do it. I 100% cried a couple times throughout this no shame. Keep being awesome kay?
knAngel18 chapter 24 . 8/7/2015
I totally agree with the people who reviewed this before me, this story deserves waaay more attention. It was an amazing read, from start to finish. Definitely one of the best Ratchet and Clank stories I have read so far!
StarRider152 chapter 24 . 3/17/2015
I really REALLY liked this story. Do you think you could write a sequel to this? It was great!
optimustaud chapter 24 . 3/27/2014
This story needs more love. It was beautifully written from start to finish with great characterization, a well scripted plot, and well written actions scenes. It was a wonderful surprise to come across this story in the RC archive. I love the RC, but so few people write for it. This is the only chaptered story that managed to keep me hooked from beginning to end. I really am blown away by how well you handled the characters and their development throughout this story- especially considering you are writing for a game franchise based mostly on humor and wanton destruction. Again well done- I can't wait to see what else you might be working on.
gameloverx chapter 24 . 5/2/2013
holy frick! when i read this, the only thing i was thinking was: "this needs more reviews." ok so firts of all, my fav character is Max, all the way. he just for some reason has very deep character. i mean, me was all nice, then he turned obsessed, then plain out creepy, then had a change of heart, then apologized. he's just one of those characters that you can't help but feel sorry for even though they're the antagonist.
aaaand i love it,
Wingedfeline chapter 24 . 1/19/2013 This was probably the best Ratchet and clank fan fiction I've ever read. It actually felt like it was part of the game series.

I hope to see more stories like this from you soon!
The Authoress Complex chapter 11 . 1/14/2013
This story is complete, but I'm posting this review on this chapter because it's my favorite.

According to some of your author's notes, you don't think very highly of this story. But I have to disagree with you there. True, it is not like other fanfictions on the archive, but this is because most of them are either pure fluff one-shots or slightly drawn out adventures. Yours, on the other hand, appeals to me as something of a psychological thriller from the perspective of the victim. Max is, literally, a man obsessed, and you do a wonderful job of portraying him as a justifiable villain. It could have been much easier for you to just go all-out evil with the guy. And the build-up to the adventure portion of the story and the confrontation is paced just right. You shifted things up just as I was about to get bored, which I find personally fascinating. The relationships are also done well; Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Max, Max and Talwyn, etc. You somehow manage to cover all the basics. If I had to nitpick, I'd say I do tend to get a little bored with the read when Ratchet's alone, but those sections are short and in-between, so really there's not much to complain about.

I have placed the story in my alerts/favorites, and added you as an author to alert me to. I would favorite you, but I have a policy not to do that unless a person has written two or more stories I have completely enjoyed, so... yeah. Um, this is getting awkward now, so I'll end this with a quick thank you: thanks for writing the story. You're awesome.

Sincerely, Bean
bryan mccloud chapter 24 . 1/6/2013
who needs blasters when all he needs is his wrench...hahaha.
GagsRacing chapter 24 . 1/6/2013
A great ending to a great story. That was fantastic! I can't wait for your next one :)
OLD Z chapter 24 . 1/6/2013
That was absolutely fantastic! I understand how hard it is to have confidence in your work but I truly enjoyed this and its now one of my favorite fanfictions. I am not lying to you when I say my face broke into a giant grin when I saw the update. I looked forward to every new chapter and read them as soon as I could.
I can't wait to see what adventure you have ready for next time. :D
YellowDizzyLombax chapter 24 . 1/6/2013
Amazing ending! I loved this story so much, it was well written, very descriptive. Great job and can't wait for the next adventure :D
Tina Tissue chapter 24 . 1/6/2013
A great end to a brilliant story. It's such a shame that you don't have a lot of confidence in your writing. I love the ending even if there was a couple of mistakes (which are very minor compared to other stories out there). This would have to be the first ratchet and clank story that's longer than 4 chapters where a gun wasn't shot. Again great job and I cannot wait to read the next story of yours
Fruitbird15 chapter 24 . 1/5/2013
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMYGOD that was amazing I need more stories from youuuuuuu!
Reyaumbra chapter 24 . 1/5/2013
D'aaaw... it's over!
You definetely don't suck! This story is in my top 3, and I've read a hellovalot ofanfiction :P
:P I look forward to your next story! Goodday *tips hat*
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