Reviews for The Kissing Dilemma
Nephilimdauntless chapter 30 . 17h
Hi! I beg of u! Please please please write a sequel!
Love this story! (((:
Nephilimdauntless chapter 28 . 17h
WOW! Amazing story! I seriously LOVED it...
Just one the end,u could have made Izzy as Clary's friend!
But never mind! This is one my favourite stories!
Keep writing!
Guest chapter 14 . 11/7
Seem to have a grudge against Simon much? Otherwise, your story is pretty fun.
dianalillian chapter 9 . 10/25
Omg. Crazy, hormonal teenager. Made my day.
EPICEST OF THE EPIC chapter 28 . 10/23
This was so good *cries* I'm so sad it is over. Well done on it though :D
Brightbless chapter 1 . 10/12
I cried my eyes out and I laughed till my stomach hurt! My favorite clace fanfiction every :)
Guest chapter 30 . 10/3
Having a lot of reviews also encouraged me 2 read this story & I'm glad 2 say I read It in 2 days & really enjoyed it ! Waz very gripping from the start 2 the end gr8 story line very unquie ! Also thought having Jace's POV at the end waz a nice touch2:) Liked how u mixed the characters around & tweaked their personalities slightly making it seem more original although I would have liked 2 haven more of Magnus & malec & 2 start with aswell I waz not happy with Simon being put down as the bully but by the end i waz ok with it as u got them 2 make up :)still though, the story overal was still amazing u should b very plzed with this story !
AndItAllComesToAnEnd chapter 30 . 10/1
Okay, you finished this two years or something ago but you have 2,133 reviews and I just thought what the hell and went for it, and was not disappointed. This' was amazing; at times I couldn't stop laughing and then I felt really bad for Clary & Jace. But still, I loved that last line on the Jace POV!
What chapter 29 . 10/1
It feels like as if this scene is between me and Jace xD
Joanne Esther chapter 17 . 10/1
Ughhh..The way you described a review request was just...Damn ! Hot !
DreamyElephant chapter 10 . 9/28
Nah i think he was quite happy just imagine him running home like "Yaay Clary hugges meh h-u-g-g-e-d meh !"
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21
I love this so much. Amazing job writing it !
Guest chapter 13 . 9/12
Literally in the 1st or 2nd chapter Clary me
Heavenonearth2 chapter 30 . 9/7
Hi there! So I just read this entire story in a few hours and I do not regret staying up until 3:30am to do so because it was awesome! I have read so many fanfics and this one is def going to be on my top 5. I loved that you had the perfect amount of fluff and angst and it gave me butterflies in the right moments. Thank you!
Sullybean1 chapter 7 . 9/6
yes she is a bitch but a boss ass one at that
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