Reviews for Sudden Changes
A friend chapter 31 . 1/2
You put so much work and effort into this and it really shows can't wait to read more of your work.
drmeck chapter 25 . 12/18/2017
Holy shit, i'm speechless
drmeck chapter 11 . 12/17/2017
This story is a wild rollercoaster ride so far, holy shit i like it
twlightbella chapter 31 . 12/12/2017
RiddleMeInsane chapter 31 . 11/23/2017
One question: why THE FUCK are you writing ROMAGNA? IT'S NOT LASAGNE, which is ITALIAN. IT'S ROMANIA!
Jen103 chapter 31 . 10/26/2017
Hey, I loved it! Very sweet and i really enjoyed it :-).
Fred's fanatic chapter 31 . 10/22/2017
This was the most perfect way to end this glorious yet
Fascinating love story as both Fred and George are
Putty in the hands of the women in their family so why
Would it be any different with their adorable daughters
And while they love their sons,daughters have a secret
Way with fathers though Hugo would t get caught when
They're focusing on the girls poor Minerva and she
Thought Fred and George were bad Sophia's part of
Hermione and I love Charlie and Oliver as a couple
They're brilliant together plus the children aren't all
In the same houses hallelujah I never agreed with
That it was the main problem but honestly I've
Really laughed so much while reading very enjoyably
I might add this incredibly unique utterly beautifully
Written delightful romantic touching love story packed
With tremendous dramatic tense moments that
Entertained me so much I came to pity the baddies
Taking on all the weasleys Harry Potter, her ions
Plus angelina they didn't stand a chance this exquisite
Bewitching love story that outshines the original
One of James potter and lily Evans as these two
Trusted and loved each other in the end plus
Fred never called her vile names I've read some
James did that but not Fred thank you so very
Much for this magnificent journey I'll go on again.
Love Elizabeth skinner fromaustralia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 30 . 10/21/2017
The twins are simply gorgeous and going to be exactly
Like both their parents plus uncle Harry plus uncle
George also though considering their the newest little
Weasleys life will never be boring just lots of fun and
Great adventures to be a
Twisted evil meglo maniac plus control freak well he
Was married to madwoman bellatrix black but I'm hoping
Katie can recover but if not her friends will remember the wonderful times they had with her at hog warts
As will her professors I'm glad lavenders dead though
She was crazier than bellatrix I wonder if they were
Related and I'd be delighted to read Mother Nature but
As to the other one I'm sorry but I've never seen
Hermione with anyone but Fred Weasley it would seem
To strange but your one of the most gifted creative
Highly talented exceptionally brilliant writers ever
Plus fan fiction is very lucky indeed to have you
Writing such amazing bewitching hilarious stories
Filled with love creativity compassion strength you
Can definitely rival jk Rowling trust me thank you
Very Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 29 . 10/21/2017
She will be fine as George won't let anything bad happen
To her though I'm hoping Fred turns up in time for the
Birth of his triplets as he should have two twin girls to
Love and worry about its about time either Fred or George had daughters it has been an all male household
For to as she's in this much pain it sounds like
Triplets not twins to me which will have Fred gloating he's the father of the first girls in the family as well as
A son poor George he has to go through this again but
He has the easiest task both hermione and angelina
Are the lucky ones in the not worried about
Crazy lavender that much as Fred will put her in her
Place before aurora come to take her to prison for the
Rest of her short life though Harry might have something
In the works there she's his best friend and the sister
He never had .i know it's only two more magical chapters to go but I've absolutely loved and been
Thoroughly bewitched by this touching engrossing
Beautifully written delicious highly entertaining loveable
Fascinating journey through their love into married life
Which was packed with true love high jinks tough times
Laughter sizzling times but it was all round fun from the
Very first sentence which set the tone in every delightful
Zany loving hilarious chapters you wrote with such love
So thank you so very much I'm Elizabeth
Hermione Lyra Malfoy-Riddle chapter 31 . 10/22/2017
Fred's fanatic chapter 28 . 10/21/2017
This chapter has me with tears of joy running down my
Face it was so beautifully written and so eloquent which
Is truly wonderful but I'd also like to thank you for
Giving my favourite characters from the movies more
Of a chance to shine brightly as the actors whom
Played them were ignored though if it's taken years
It must surely be a labor of love congratulations you've
Succeeded brilliantly I'm loving everything about this
Completely original creative bewitching high octane
Energetic perfectly written by a truly outstanding genius
Of a writer but surely lavenders learnt her lesson she
Cannot be that stupid Fred would never look at her
At all though impersonating Katie doesn't mean anything
He adores hermione always will you will forever be my
Number one favourite writer as I do like others but yours
Was the first one I read many thanks .maybe you could
Write about the children of Fred and hermione plus
George and angelina weasley I'm not your only fan
I'm positive about that please think on
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 27 . 10/20/2017
Such an inspirationally moving dramatic beautiful story
Line although I don't think rodolphus is dead but with
Lavender somewhere dark and grimy maybe they
Could ask Luna for some ideas where to
Never stood a chance with either twin the witches
They dated had beauty brains charm kindness sincerity
Humanity plus they're sizzling hot like hermione and
maybe it's not three girls but could you
Please have the other two babies as daughters I still
Think it's triplets by the way the ministry won't know
What hit them when all of the weasleys en masse
And hermione take them on against the out dated
Marriage law ugh and Draco will join them I'm really
Looking forward to the following chapters and if a
Certain blond witch receives her just desserts so be
It though As she interfered in dracos work he should
Be there just to annoy the weasleys for fun though
I'll be very sad when my favourite love story ends
It's exquisitely delightful and full of hilarity thank
You so Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 26 . 10/20/2017
Okay I honestly thought that both lestrange brothers
We're dead already as they were involved in the murders
Of Fabian and Gideon prewett but being snakes they
Slithered away but they were high up in the ranks so
Mouldy voldy could've saved rodolphus never
Loved bellatrix or his brother but he chose to get
Revenge what a whacked our insane weird one was
Though any witch should be obsessed with Fred he's
An absolute dreamboat though no apology to Ron
Is necessary in fact the only mistake you made in
This chapter is Fred said his name instead of Georges in
The conversation when he said he and Fred fought against the lest range brothers but honestly I don't
Really care about it they were identical twins so
Please don't worry it's a shame that this worm cannot
Get the dementors kiss I'd love to hear his agonising
Cowardly screams until he dies as Severus snape
Died that way in the Harry Potter and the cursed
Child but then lily came to greet him with a smile
Though rodolphus wont receive any unless he repents
Thank you for writing another four thoroughly awesome
Totally unforgettable wild courageous warm hearted
Utterly captivating lovely wonderful love story with
Lots of fascinating twists and turns keeping your
Reviewers very happy and interested plus guessing
Right up until the end I'm hoping everyone went
Very well in your magnificent challenge so thank you
So very much tres Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 25 . 10/20/2017
Alright I really never thought that anyone could over
Power Charlie as he works with dragons he's strong
Plus he's a weasley but it does make sense now as
The real one wouldn't have put his brothers marriage
In jeopardy ever and he loves hermione. Like a
Brother in law ought to but working with someone
While being brainwashed very interesting but pretty
Sneaky .its killing Ron that dracos now one of the good
Guys earning respect so Draco will make him more jealous which he can do very easily if you like blondes
Me I think that Fred's the greatest yet most would
Like him though Ron doesn't need an excuse for acting
Odd as no one really cares about him if they're honest
He's a nutter but please could you help save Oliver wood
Lee Jordan,Katie bell ,Charlie also these four were very
going to miss this wondrous fascinating beautiful heart warming funny great love story which
Has outshone others and eclipsed the quite easily by
Such exquisitely well thought out caring wicked gorgeous
Words bringing an adventure to life that would rival
Jk rowlings excellent potter books plus you kept Fred
Alive and healthy for that alone I'd like to wish you
Every success in your choice of work as I cried myself
To sleep when he died so thank you very much for
This colourful ingenious creative magnetic challenging g
Love story that's incredibly Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 24 . 10/20/2017
Wow now I'm really going to say that it's definitely
Pansy Parkinson whom was jealous and loathed our
Hermione far to,much she would've been easy pickings
For death eaters to recruit actually quicker than bellatrix
Was,but I've always had a soft spot for Draco he was a
Snotty nosed nasty cruel brat but redeemable unlik
His father in my opinion he secretly admired hermione
For punching him in their third year a secret prankster
In training hermione was ,could you please save Katie
From doing. Things she would never do if she wasn't
Cursed she loves the weasley family plus Harry and
Hermione plus she was always in love with Oliver
Wood whom was in love with Katie someone is
Pulling the strings truly evil but most death eaters
Are either dead or in azkabanseverus is dead as is
Bellatrix Voldemort the others I'm running out of
Evil names left alive maybe lucius after all Draco
Will kill him he's grown up .this has to be a sensationally
Gripping fascinating highly imaginative hilarious love
Story. Action packed yet hilariously funny while keeping
True to these characters lives so addictive in an enchanting outrageous charismatic wonderful tender
Way plus the greatest journey of any brilliant writer
For fremione stories tour an utter genius trust me.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
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