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LadyBarricade chapter 28 . 2/21
Wow so many updates. Guess I'm comment 1,200 woot lol. That's great this story has so many reviews.
I was just messing with ya about the lull in when you would update in my last comment. Life is insanity, I'm glad there was some free-time that you got have to write more and chill.
So now Anna and Light are officially re-dating again and now L is all for a threesome that Light isn't cool with. Misa isn't gonna be happy about that, one more person showing interest in Light :p.
I'm hyped to see how Anna is gonna help get Higuchi busted without the Misa plan if that's how you are gonna go. Since Anna got insulted for being more manly than womanly by Misa she could pose as a young businessmen to infiltrate Yotsuba with L commenting on what a great guy she'd make lol. I can actually see that being a thing. She wouldn't give a shit so long as it kept her alive.
Just speculation.
Its sad how only Namikawa and Higuchi are the only two important members in Yotsuba with character development. Namikawa's friend Shido *Light look-alike with glasses* would've been interesting to cover more on. But alas poor Horatio we got so little of him because Obata and Ohba didn't feel like using him or the others, just for handsome appearances cause you need it among old men lol.
Can't wait for the ball to get rolling again.
Much Kudos to be given to you dear.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/21
This is certainly an interesting story. Huh. Anna is an exciting character by far. What did Ryuk mean by sitting in the nosebleed section? Does she have fanboy shinigami? That would be funny.
Well I'll keep reading.
Sky chapter 28 . 2/20
This is delightfully meta. Also you can see the changes and growth in our Anna's personality from all the harrowing experiences she's now been through as opposed to author Anna. And that really is so very intriguing.
I wonder what Light will think of this conversation when he regained his memories considering he does in fact know that SI Anna's "God" exists from prior observation of inexplicable things happening around her. Hmm I wonder, can the three of them stage a revolt of a sorts against author Anna? *speculates*
SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth chapter 26 . 2/19
Albertasteinthe21st.genius chapter 28 . 2/15
This is great! Very intense/vivid. I love this, can't wait for more X)
asdrel-chickens chapter 28 . 2/11
I haven't read this story in a while and just had the pleasure of catching up on the last 5 chapters and WELL I did not see that coming, but in retrospect it makes sense - a really really good plot twist, have you planned this from the beginning? Amazing. Love how it just got even more surreal and 4th wall-breaking, can't wait to see where else this is going... I feel like Anna had just accepted her "new" world to a certain degree and now is even more fatalistic than at the beginning... or not, because now she realises she can change things, and actually has to act a certain part... Ah, it's all so very very interesting to read, i admit i have a thing for "deconstructed SI" stories but this one! Truly one of the most interesting things i've ever read. Thank you SO SO MUCH for sharing this! And as always, you're writing style is wonderful as well. (And sorry for any weird wording, i haven't actively used my english in a while and feel like it has gotten quite rusty?)
RomanticBlondie chapter 28 . 2/5
This was such a good story of Light x OC but then it got a little weird at the end with breaking the 4th wall and stuff. I'm kinda sad that you strayed from their path, I was for sure thinking Light had the death note memories wiped to save Misa but more so Anna and that he must have told the shinigami's to make him think Anna was his girlfriend because he knew he could trust her to keep things together until he got his memories back. Idk I was kinda hoping Light would actually succeed in a fanfic for once.

All that said I did really enjoy the build up until the last few chapters. I just wish you had followed through.
bmod chapter 28 . 2/1
Started reading when it was a rational take on SI in Death Note universe. Now it's a ShadeNight style deconstruction, complete with 4th wall breaking, self aware SI and personified author.

I'm not trying to discourage you or anything, but I liked it more when it was a really good SI cat&mouse story . You really should've put something in the early author notes to point out in what direction you intended to take this.

I'll keep reading, because I'm still somewhat interested in where this is going, but my enjoyment of this story dropped by at least 61%.
Mariagoner chapter 28 . 1/27
Hmm... I have to admit, I'm sad author-chan pulled the plug so early because *damn it*, there was actually a lot of delicious underground romantic tension before Matsuda started spraying bullets everywhere. Now the fic is still fun but even more farcical than before... Still, your writing is as entertaining as ever and I'm more than happy to see where you go next!
Mariagoner chapter 26 . 1/27
Honestly, I love this crazy post-modern twist. Because this is a fanfic and we all KNOW it's a fanfic and damned if it isn't horribly fun (if not for poor Anna!) to see her having to jump through hoops, trying to keep us hooligans in the audience entertained.

And hell, I was clamoring for just a little more romance... so who am I to say no when it comes, even if it comes in some damned uncomfortable (and mind- and genre-bending) ways?
Mariagoner chapter 25 . 1/27


Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Well, it certainly can't be said that you refrain from screwing with canon when needed.

But seriously... seriously...

Mariagoner chapter 24 . 1/27
That crazy sexual/friendship tension between L and Anna is driving me freaking NUTS. I know it'll never ever ever be consummated... but damn it, maybe a side story would help me scratch this itch! Put me out of this suffering, please!
Mariagoner chapter 23 . 1/27
Shit, Anna has ridiculous amounts of chemistry with every effing crazy a-hole in this story. Not that she's in the mood to enjoy it, poor girl... so I'll enjoy it for her!

He glanced at the clock, too late, far too late to think, he'd be useless tomorrow if he didn't leave now. However, glancing back at them, at the way they glowed in the computer light, knowing that they would remain even as he left and rejoined the world of the living. What moments did they share when his back was turned, what dark secrets, what moments of fear, doubt, or even connection did they hide away when no one was looking?

This was unexpectedly poetic and even, in a way, darkly erotic. After all, whether Anna wants it or not, the chemistry and connection she shares with all of these men goes deep, deep... *deep*...
Mariagoner chapter 22 . 1/27
Yeah, okay, I'm officially shipping Anna and Amnesia!Light. I know it's going to all come crashing down soon enough... but damned if they aren't a freaking adorable non-murder couple!

Not that Anna ever had fit that profile, no matter what L might think, personally Light felt that he himself was more likely to be Kira than she was.

Hahahahaha! Oh gods... best line in the fic so far...
Mariagoner chapter 21 . 1/27
Oh Anna... all that effort to help people and you just end up hand-cuffed to the creepiest mofo in this universe for your troubles. Would have been easier to be evil, eh?
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