Reviews for 101 reasons Harry Potter is better than Twilight
Guest chapter 1 . 9/1
so true!
VisibleSandwich chapter 6 . 8/26
Still waiting for the rest, but this has been awesome so far.
a Potterhead chapter 1 . 8/18
This is short becasse my Mac is dying, but I have to agree with you on everything. Especially the feminism part. I mean - like who the h*ll in their right mind thinks that Bella is a good, inspiring image of what every girl should be? In the Harry Potter world, Lavender Brown was slightly *less* liked than Hermione and Ginny but she was still a person who fought to the end of her days, which was when A REAL WEREWOLF killed her, but up until that point had been a fantastic witch who saved her school with her dying breath.
guest chapter 6 . 7/8
dude u r amazing. u r absolutely right.
Sophia So chapter 1 . 5/17
Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.
ankita chapter 6 . 5/10
Dear author
I totally agree with you. Firstly, I appreciate your ability of such keen observations and explanatory skills. I really enjoyed harry potter but your post even much more. I also love the hunger games . Please give your views on that too.
Keep it up!
Shatakhi chapter 6 . 5/6
Vampires do not sparkle according to science and books
Awsome chapter 3 . 5/6
Shatakhi chapter 2 . 5/6
Awsome you are writing truth
Ia chapter 2 . 4/21
You are a beautiful gift to humanity. This made me cry with joy. There was so much evidence and book quotes to back everything up, and the bit about keyboard banging is hilarious. You are truly blessed in the art of writing. Have a magical day!
Potterhead chapter 2 . 4/6
Oh god. I have read both the books and always thought that Harry Potter was, is, and will always be better. Thank you for telling those twilight fans the reason they are stupid. When people first started comparing Twilight with Harry Potter I was horror struck. Like WHAT? What do you think you are comparing harry potter with?
izy440 chapter 6 . 3/26
In Harry Potter people do not automatically get together. They have relationships before they end up together like Harry and Cho and Ron and Lavender and Hermione and Vicktor. They all had a relationship before they ended up to with who they love. Unlike Bella who first relationship is with Edward and they get married.
AndromacheHector chapter 1 . 12/29/2016
This is so true
Emily Hanson chapter 1 . 12/22/2016
Hey everyone..
Now a short back story of d comment..
I ws jst lukin fr recent updates (but in vain ofcourse. *sigh* But trust me awesomenesssquared i m not blaming you.
So I just dropped by to just let out my grudge.

First and foremost..
Everyone in twilight had "emotional range of a teaspoon" (Hermoine forever).. No one practically hv something other than..
Crying.. Jealousy.. Kissing...
Cry.. Jealousy.. Love.. Hesitation.. Question.. Friendship.. N list goes on n on
Emily Hanson chapter 6 . 12/7/2016
Hello everybody..
I wnted to express my feelings... I know.. I know.. I must make my own pg fr d reason.. Bt dude i m nt as intellectual like u all..

Now.. Frst of all..
I, being an honest reader n movie watcher hv read both d books n watched d movies.. So dont shit on MY opinion..

Luk Bella is really weak role model.. And guess wat she is d only heroine.. Come one..
Hp.. Whether its hermoine.. Luna.. Ginny.. Or any random gal.. Lets take Cho even.. Everyone hd dere stand.. N everyone ws able to kick ass of dere bf.. Bt Ms. Bella.. Lets nt talk about it..

Lets take out d heroines frm both of d movies..
Twi.. A sparkling boy.. A hairy boy.. Over..
Hp.. A boy wid his frnds fighting wid evils...

Ms. Mayer never hd guts to kill a lead..
JKR killed DUMBLEDORE, SEVERUS SNAPE,DOBY,n sooo more... Obe of d most awesome characters..

Unexpected twist..
Hp.. Severus Snape-d only man lving harry to death..
Dumbledore n snape's deal...
Twi.. (Ws dere any twist?).. I presicted frm start bella is wid Edward.. R u gonna prize me fr dat?

Intelligent huh?
Name me such intelligent thing in twi..

Drastic Change..
Ms. Meyer practically changed definition of Werewolf n Vampire.. Fine u cn do it being author.. Bt u cnt expect everyone to accept dem..

Light heart..
Bella always either cried , yelled or kissed.. Smiling ws never in bella's expression dictionary..
Dere laughter moments in hp..

Now maybe i must control my emotions before slippers frm twi fans hit me.. :-P ..

Bt awesomnesssquared.. Dude u dont take tension about slippers n tomatoes.. I ll handle dem..
Hello twi fans.. Wanna fight.. Come here here.. Yeah .. Haiya...
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