Reviews for Complications
Haayls chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
Aha! I remember this! Fabulous story! I know you had your doubts about Zane's waterworks. While I feel like it would require something /really/ upsetting to make Zane cry (such as his brother dying) and that he's not the type to cry out of rage, I think you did a good job of executing his mixed emotions of anger, worry, and despair through tears. Plus, I'm almost sure Zane's just a little pussy cat when he's around Nogueira despite putting on the big bad lion mask around the hoomans. He would be the type to break a chair at most if he were upset with Nogueira. Take out all his blame on the furniture. The furniture and the hoomans. I forgot where I was going with this. I like how you tell the story from different perspectives. There's nothing that's intrigued me more than how Zane acts when Nogueira's around and it was great to see your take on it. :3 Thanks again for writing this, bro. It made my day. 3