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raymore chapter 68 . 7/3
Some interesting choices in this chapter. You use Zevran in a realistic manner to provide insight into what is happening with the group very nicely. The demand of the King and Queen to fight is logical given their personalities and using Cauthrien as body guard makes sense. You gave a better reason for the party splitting up then the game did. That said I would have expected more push back particularly given that the group had fought as a group to this point so the lack feels wrong to me. Back to the positive I was pleased to see the logic in setting up the defense, both in the use of all the various groups and in the defending of the various areas, notably the knocking out of the bridges. I am looking forward to the battle scenes, particularly given that you are going to have split the narrative much as the game did. Looking forward to the next update. Also is Morrigan leaving? How will Alistair react? Will there be a Witch Hunt? Who lives? Who dies? Hate to be morbid but it always seemed unrealistic that only a Warden's life was at risk in the game.
BlindFury the Ultimate chapter 68 . 6/29
Everything they've done has been to get to this point. Now comes the final battle, with a certainty of death, small chance of success... so what are we waiting for? Time for one glorious battle. Can not wait to see your version of the battle for Denerim as it unfolds.

Thanks for the shoutout by the way. :)
XIIIshades-of-grey chapter 68 . 6/29
I just want to hug Talia. She's come so, so far, only to arrive at the real gauntlet. You'll be okay, young Commander!
I'm not going to make a big list, so suffice it to say that I am very excited to see where you take all the characters. I love your writing, as always, but the fact that you take the characters in such unique and well-executed directions is the icing on the cake. Thanks for another great chapter!
KalenCaelli chapter 68 . 6/28
Excellent chapter. Although it felt slightly disconcerting to jump between 3 viewpoints when most of your chapters have been a single pov, I think an exception could be granted here.
kairitheseventhprincessofheart chapter 68 . 6/26
So good! I love this story so much; it's one of the best fwarden/leliana fics out there. you're an amazing writer!
Guest chapter 68 . 6/26
It was good to see Leliana's thoughts on the dark ritual, last chapter she was only there and didn't say much. It will be really interesting when she meets Kieran. We are so close to the end now that makes me sad but also happy because I know that their story will continue.
Grace Kay chapter 68 . 6/25
*blush* But now I really wanna knooooooow.

This chapter was really great. I think you're right. This is the calm, deep breath before the storm that's going to rip through the city, as well as people's psyches.

It's not something you focus on super hardcore, but you mention it a few times, and just the generally feeling really highlights just how far Talia has come. She doesn't seem 18 anymore. She's a woman, a commander, and she has a thorough grasp of what's going on around her (minus the Ritual...). She's grown up, and she's looking at all she has to lose and finding that she's gained quite a lot even thought she's lost a lot, as well.

It was also a good reminder that Cauthrien was conscripted. I'd totally forgotten...
Ani chapter 68 . 6/25
Another lovely fine delicious chapter to chew on. so much here too. plenty of meat and a good bit of frosting too. I love your Cauthrien and just want to wrap her in a bullet proof blanket and make sure nothing terrible happens to her. I had a soft spot for her in the game, and wished we'd had more time to interact with her. so getting in her head here and seeing things through her eyes, her desire to put right what she thinks she did wrong that chance at what she sees as redemption. Yeah I love it. its So, SO good. That and I may have a crush on Alix Wilton Regan's voice. just a tiny bit...*whistles innocently* Second only to Jennifer Hale.

Also like you take on Leliana here, its interesting how she's taking the whole Dark Ritual thing...and its very very creative to see it from a different angle. especially one that Talia doesn't even know about because as you said in the last chapter she never would have gone for it. leaving our dear bard to roll the dice one last time, I've always seen Leliana as someone who is willing to pay any price for someone she lives. Small things first, shoes, dresses, fancy cheeses, the more serious things. the friendships she'd break, Her concious. her life. and ultimately her faith. Turning away from the maker to save the love of her life? its a bargain. though i can see how that self-doubt will plague her for the rest of her days...I'm not sure if she ever tells Talia I guess we'll find out.

Only a few more Chapters to go. Let me Be Brave...
07's Disciple chapter 68 . 6/25
Great chapter, can't wait for the battle to begin, I guess it means that we are coming near the end of the story?
AnonNug chapter 67 . 6/17
Those three conspiring the ritual behind Talia's back does make sense. Convincing Alistair in game... I'd rather say it was weird sort of funny. :P

I've been reading your fic for the last few weeks and I thought I should leave a review. I really like the way you draw characters. You respect each character and it makes good storytelling. You even brought Ser Cauthrien up front, and I'd completely forgotten who she was until then, and sparring-with-your-admirable-idol? You've got plenty of cool, original episode.
I've always been fond of Bioware companion sine Baldur's Gate, but now I have to ship PC and Leliana. Haha. Let me say, snafu, I like your warden and Leliana that much.
Zikarn Krais chapter 67 . 5/24
Wow, that's total BS.

He should've just let them sacrifice themselves.

I always hated the Morrigan option because I felt it was too easy a way out.

Meh, just meh. I want Talia to die anyways.

Ironic if she goes thinking that her death will end the Blight but the truth is the taint didn't even go to her so her death was completely in vain.
chaosrin chapter 67 . 5/10
Very nice, you really drag out Horrigan's rare side.
Grace Kay chapter 67 . 5/9
This was great!

I think you did really well with what you wanted to portray. I agree, Leliana's dialogue off-screen is unnecessary - you've given us a good enough feel for your version of her that it's pretty easy (and fun!) to fill in the gaps.

I also really liked how you did this interaction with Alistair and Morrigan. Morrigan seems... resigned, and desperate, which it seems is exactly where you wanted her. Alistair is incredulous and wants to save his sister and doesn't himself want to die, but doesn't want her to have something dangerous... so basically all over the place, as he is wont to do (at least in my own head). I agree that you needed more than was provided in-game. Imagine how this scene might have gone in a game like Inquisition?

You've given us the same Morrigan you've given us all along, yet she's matured and endured things - particularly emotions - she never thought she would, and they have made her more human. I'm especially thinking about how she is portrayed as a mother in DA:I. I can see her going from where you have her here, to where she is - softer, like the edges have been buffed out somewhat, yet every bit as sharp-witted and acerbic when she needs to call it up. Her concerns change so dramatically to be a good mother, a mother who is unlike the mother she had. Now I wonder how much she took an example from Talia and Alistair, who are *good* people, as she admits here.

Anyway, you clearly made me think. I think you did a very good job with this. It's impossible to address it all, but I think all of it is done well and very much makes sense.
Ani chapter 67 . 5/8
Nailed It.

I should say more right? So, I'll Confess I read this a few days ago over a Coffee, Went away, Decompressed and came back and read it a second time, its something I tend to do when a story, gets me in the Feels. I may also have been main lining Heather Nova, Johnny Cash, Aimee Mann and Sarah McLachlan. The Choices here are sad and overwhelmingly simple, no one is walking away without scars, if they walk away at all and Alistair, he knows better than anyone and I think the Cold hared, Ruthless truth swayed Alistair here where nothing else would and I think letting Alistiar drive in this chapter worked Beautifully. Leliana is starting to understand that's the thing when you fall in love with a soldier. I think she deserves a chance to drive, before it all ends to articulate that..hurt..when someone you love more than anything... its not when they leave to go to war that breaks your heart, its not knowing if they'll come back that breaks you,
BlindFury the Ultimate chapter 67 . 5/4
Well... That was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. :P

I actually think you captured the whole bit between Alistair and Morrigan perfectly. The uncertainty that it would even work, the many, many unknowns of both the ritual itself and what happens after, the fear both sides felt (no matter how hard they tried to hide it) and finally the acceptance in hopes of saving a friend by giving the slimmest of hopes a chance... It honestly blended together perfectly in my opinion.

On a side note... I actually do find the idea of baby Kieran breathing fire to be hilarious. Probably because I don't have to deal with it myself.
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