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AD Lewis chapter 61 . 19h
Just managed to catch up on this - twenty or so chapters in three seperately sittings haha - and I'm still really enjoying it! I'm glad to see Fergus playing his own little games to counter act Eamon being "a dick" as you put it :D

Cannot wait for the Landsmeet chapter and to find out the fate of Cauthrien.
ohthatoneguy chapter 52 . 8/21
kind of late to the party here but if I may I fell like if anyone is at fault it's Talia and Liliana not Morrigan all she did was ask a favor and I doubt she is used to doing it's kind of Talia's fault for going with out them and the way I see it Lel put Talia in danger ( not exactly to the extent of FLEMETH) When she asked for help with Marjolaine and like with current situation it was Talia who agreed to help so the way I see it the only thing I can fault Morrigin with is asking a favor from one of the only people who would be crazy enough do actually do it
E153N chapter 61 . 8/7
Mmm, I like how...authentic the characters seemed. You also managed to convey a nice headcannon without breaking anything besides twisting who gets to rule slightly. (This really gets my hopes up for the Fade scene in DAI - if you ever get that far, hmm, now that we've brought up sequels...I'm curious to see how you'll portray Hawke. This is a thing now, I hope you'll do it xD)
KalenCaelli chapter 61 . 7/28
This was a very, very nice way to handle the transition. I cannot wait to see the intricate wordplay that is the Landsmeet. Especially when you throw Cauthrien, Alistair, and Fergus into the mix.

It's also nice that you decided not to go with the typical sme old, same old and cover the Tevinter elf story. It's almost been overdone, though I think I'd like to see Talia bitch slap someone over that... hmm...ideas ideas :-)

Touching scene between Fergus and Anora. She really is a tragic character, delegated into a sidebar when she has such potential as a strong woman.

Ea on is gonna have his hands full at the Landsmeet. I can see him trying to pull a quick one for some political capital... Or trying to sneak Alistair in somehow to further his own ends.
J90 chapter 61 . 7/27
I'm always excited for these updates and you never disappoint. Even when I think it's about characters I'd rather skip over, it still sucks me in. I already loved Anora but the way you flesh her out here makes me like her even more. And Eamon is totally a dick. There's no other vibe I get from him in Origins. Now it sinks in even more as to why Cauthrien was so worried over Anora. She wasn't only looking at it from the duty point of view but personally too because once upon a time, they were friends. Now I'm hoping that Anora does have the chance to talk or apologize to her.
Drummerchick7 chapter 61 . 7/27
Oh this was lovely. I like how you're able to communicate how someone is likely feeling without expressly saying the words. I also really liked Fergus and Eamon sort being pitted against each other, in some ways. It's the age-old struggle between those who have been in power and those who will be inheriting it, right? The older generation think they have the only way to do things, and while their experience and wisdom ought to be appreciated, the embracing of new things, new strategies, and new perspectives often eludes them. And it is often their downfall, if they can't learn how to live in this new world with these new people. While Eamon and Fergus are not entirely at odds, if they did not ultimately have a common goal...

Anyway, lovely update, really enjoying this, and bummed it'll be so long until the Landsmeet.
Scarlet Arachnid chapter 61 . 7/27
I love your story, your insights into all the characters, even Anora, always seems so perfect to me, and I love the relationship you have with Leliana and your warden.

Can't wait to
Superstar Kid chapter 61 . 7/27
One thing I like about your fic is that you add background to an already good story. This chapter, which gives a lot of background between Fergus and Anora and at least his thoughts about the changes that's going on and his wanting to help Talia and his realization that she's got a battle that she must fight alone. This is the calm before 2 very big storms, and i like the brief respite the conversation made. I agree that Eamon had some kind of hidden agenda, but I have a feeling he's going to be a bit disappointed. (As for Isolde, I can't find any redeeming qualities for either. What she did and was the cause indirectly at Redcliffe said it all)

Now comes the Landsmeet. Things are going to be said and mention and finally the final meeting between Loghain and Talia. We know what's going to happen, but the journey to make it there will be fun to watch. Great chapter keep it up
ValeriNeria chapter 61 . 7/27
Really enjoyed the interaction between anora and fergus, so really well writen.
Liked that eamon is a little bit of a dick
Miranda le Ginger chapter 61 . 7/26
Oh please please please let Cauthrien live! I am quite fond of her character, which is funny since she was merely a minor character that only appeared in a limited number of scenes and I do not believe was ever mentioned again. I enjoyed this insight into not only Fergus but also Anora. I must admit I am not a huge fan of hers; I mean, I do not loathe her or anything but she is a forgettable character that I rarely think about. But you actually made me feel sorry for her. I like Cailan and all, but I did not like him sleeping with all those other women. Maric might not have been completely virtuous since he did cheat on Rowan with Kateriel but that was special circumstances and he never cheated on Rowan again. Plus she loved Loghain so it was kind of a double-sided coin. But Cailan was just too immature, far more so than Alistair. I never really took to Eamon either. He does come across as being too self-involved with the throne. As for Isolde...I flat out did not like her. I felt bad for little Conner but she was just annoying. I am glad she is not really mentioned ever again in the series. Hopefully it stays that way...anyway, looking forward to another fantastic chapter!
hiltyaddict chapter 61 . 7/26
I love the interaction between fergus and Anora. They make a lovely pair.
PrinceKeldar chapter 61 . 7/26
Excellent chapter! I like this version of Anora. Also, Respect is not a bad place to start for a political marriage such as this. It is far than the majority of Royal marriages, or until relatively recently any marriages, have had in real history.

So even if they start their marriage with respect there is no reason that they could not begin to love each other. It will take time to get over the recent events but even if they never do, it will still be a successful and happy pairing I think.

I really am glad you have returned to this! Thanks!
Karigan29 chapter 61 . 7/26
Outstanding! I am so happy to see a new chapter. I like your decision to focus on Fergus and Anora. In the game I think Anora was a fairly flat character. I enjoy the fact that you are showcasing her strength. I cant wait for the next installment!
Guest chapter 61 . 7/26
Yay update! Fergus and Anora dynamic was so well done, it makes me wish for them to marry and love each other. Also never liked Eamon, he is greedy. The wait is worth it.
Commander Tasun chapter 24 . 7/7
CH 24: The guide star is 'perfectly' in the south, not the north. Southern hemisphere, a north star will never be visible.
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