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mzfaithlehane chapter 37 . 9/25/2016
So I've been trying to put in reviews, and holy crap this was amazing! I was a little confused at the spellings of Jaye and JJ, but once I got into the story; amazing work here. Has the right amount of romance, humor, and most of all, emotion. I haven't been writing for long, but reading some of these amazing stories adds a new dimension on what people can do.
Essence314 chapter 37 . 2/19/2015
Great story
brendafay chapter 37 . 9/3/2014
more please
blackbirdjeid chapter 37 . 3/10/2014
I have to admit that I at first hated this story. I opened it up and went through the first chapter and despised the whole thing. Then another time I decided that I would at least read the whole thing to see if I misjudged the whole thing. I hated it not because of how it was written but the paring at one point of it being Jaye instead of JJ. Now that I found out I am following one of my favorite authors on tumblr I figured I would review this time around. I do normally review the stories I read.

I love how Willow was born so early because I was born early myself. I love the meaning of her name all together. It works out well for your story and I have to admit I am kind of down that this story has not continued at all but I get it that sometimes stories die out and things. That once you finish a story you finish it and move on to the next idea.

JJ was wonderful in this story. How caring she was toward Jaye even though Jaye was rude to her when Jaye asked if JJ liked Spencer.

I love how in the end of the story Jaye did find her true love. Truan is pretty amazing because it all started out as him being the one that had to take care of her during.000000000000000000.. her pregnancy but then it turns into something more.

Rebecca1 chapter 37 . 7/7/2013
Aww bless , Garcia as Willow's caregiver - that girl's gonna be SPOILED ! :D couldn't have found anyone better for a while though :-) I kinda feel sorry for Jaye in that she feels judged by her daughter but oh well I'm just glad she's been so nice as to let Willow stay with Spencer

Great chapter :-) update soon ?
Crime-ShowAddiction chapter 37 . 6/20/2013
I love this story. I read it all tonight; and it's just so good.
You have the perfect amount of descriptions, dialogue, the whole fruit basket (haha, from earlier in the story...get it? ahahhah.)
I'm guessing this is the end...or close to the end of the story, but I just wanted to say how great it is!
Keep on writing stuff, cause I'll keep reading (;
Have a good night!
Titi25 chapter 37 . 6/9/2013
Hi ByWillowy, first at all: I wanna say you: This story is GREAT! Really really Great! I loved it since the first chapter... but, Im spanish speakers, and Im going to try my review for "Meeting Her" in english (in first time), and after, Ill put it in my original languaje: Spanish, as well (Sorry, my english is really bad!)

Your story is amazing because it does not fully satisfy the ideal of "Reid perfect at all" (Your Reid isnt a hero, nor fantasys man) ... Your Reid is a perfect MAN (with humans felling and humans doubts) because HE IS "HUMAN" WITH DEFECTS AS SUCH.

You explain pretty well the process of loving a woman (Jaye) because she filled him with details and gave him attention and affection. But the truth is: NONE HUMANS SHOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE THIS PERSON LOVE us... Arent they?

The "love" in real life does not work that way, it is not a contract between two persons, where someone loves you and automatically You should pay for that.

Your Reid has maintained a constant and latent love to JJ, since theirs first met. As a "mature man" he accepted the fact that JJ felt in love with another man (WILL). THAT MAKES REAL MAN, not infatuated man nor forced JJ to love him with out a good razon ...


I love your JJ and I hate your Jaye ... Im very honestly ... JJ confronted Jaye and she knew the the possibility that Reid chose to love her - He loves Jaye, I mean- (JJ was suffering, but his love to Reid is not selfish, childish, manipulative or to the smothering him) ...

Jaye just thinks about your own happiness, not accepting the fact that love is not love if it is a prison: Love without freedom, acceptance, maturity and surrender (without expecting anything in return) DESERVES NOT CALLED LOVE.

If Jaye loves to Reid is real, She should be to love "REID happiness" ... Would deal (with dignity) the fact that although she tried to build a relationship with REID, it did not work and they have to "move on" ... The baby (pregnancy) was a dastardly attempt at manipulation, another trick of Jaye on Reid (she used her pregnancy to force him to stay by her side and he was almost ready to get it) ... Thank God this story has JJ like a MATURE WOMAN, intelligent and a mother (enough to take the place of Reid and understand him , support him and guide him: Without manipulations or tricks)

Reid has not behaved as an antihero. I didnt agree about this point with yours others readers. Reid has acted responsibly about Jayes pregnancy and his role like a father. Reid's not guilty that Jaye obsessed with him, Jaye has to understand that parenting is not forced to live as husband and wife (that's childish and stupid idea). Reid was not fooled: Chapters when Jaye and Reid had a relationship, I never read that Reid said: Jaye I love you ... Jaye asked him about his felling "over and over again" and Reid never said her: I love you ... Instead, Reid has repeated to JJ: I love you (from the begining the their mutual acceptation) : This is the rhythm of this particular story and deserves my full respect

Jaye used her pregnancy all the time: And his pride was for the simple fact that WANTED TO HANDLE A REID TO STAY WITH HER LIKE HER HUSBAND, she didnt matter what about their daughter, it was woman's whims and his obsession with Reid

Reid has been like a real gentleman. He has been represented and characterized Like a real man. He chose when life gave him that opportunity: He didnt hurt JJs Husband in his enteral life, nor lied to Jaye

Reid chose JJ because he felt that he loved her: AND THAT'S The True "LOVE", JUST A FEELING

Jaye is the epitome of "emotional immaturity", like a capricious teenager as much time, and Reid (in this story) was represented as a "grown man" who needs an "adult relationship"

Statistically the children of separated parents grow up with their mothers (preferably), but yet that does not mean that the father can take over raising the child as effectively as the mother.

JJ's mother in itself, and it seems appropriate if the baby grows with his father and JJ ... At least grow in a stable home with a mother figure: Mature and responsible ...

Congratulations to the author, is seen to be a mature person capable of handling sensitive issues with a good dose of emotional maturity

Tu historia es increible porque no satisface completamente el ideal de un "Reid perfecto" (Tu Reid no es un héroe, ni tampoco un ser de fantasía)... Tu Reid es perfecto porque EL ES UN SER HUMANO CON DEFECTOS COMO TAL.

Me pareces que explicas muy bien el proceso de amar a una mujer (Jaye) porque ella lo llenó de detalles y le dio a él afecto y atenciones. Pero la verdad es: LOS SERES HUMANOS NO SIEMPRE NOS TENEMOS QUE ENAMORARNOS DE ALGUIEN MAS PORQUE ESA OTRA PERSONA NOS AMA.

El "amor" en la vida real no funciona de esa manera, no es un contrato donde una parte da amor y la otra automáticamente DEBE enamorarse.

Tu Reid ha mantenido un amor latente y constante por JJ desde el momento que se conocieron. Como un "Hombre Maduro" aceptó que JJ se fuera con otro hombre(WILL). ESO HACE UN HOMBRE REAL, no se encapricha u obliga a una mujer...


Amo a tu JJ y siento animadversión por tu Jaye... Así de sincero lo afirmo... JJ al confrontar la posibilidad que Reid amara y eligiera a Jaye habló con aceptación (JJ estaba sufriendo, pero su amor por Reid NO era un amor egoísta, infantil, manipulador ni de los que asfixian)...

Jaye, en cambio, sólo piensa en su propia felicidad, no aceptando el hecho que el amor no es amor si es una cárcel: El amor que no conoce de libertad, aceptación, madurez y entrega (sin esperar nada a cambio) NO MERECE LLAMARSE AMOR.

Si Jaye amara verdaderamente a Reid, hubiese amado "la felicidad de REID"... Hubiese aceptado con dignidad el hecho que pese a que intentó construir una relación con REID, la misma no funcionó y hay que hacer "move on"... La bebé (embarazo) fue un ruin intento de manipulación, otro más de Jaye sobre Reid (ella usó su embarazo para forzarlo a quedarse a su lado y estuvo casi a punto de conseguirlo)... Gracias a Dios la JJ de esta historia es una mujer MADURA, inteligente y lo suficientemente madre como para ponerse en el lugar de Reid y entenderlo, apoyarlo y orientarlo (sin manipulación)

Reid no se ha portado como un antiheroe. Difiero en eso con casi todos los que han leído y comentado. Reid ha actuado con responsabilidad ante el embarazo de Jaye y con su rol de padre. Reid no es culpable que Jaye este obsesionada con él, Jaye tiene que comprender que ser padres no los obliga a vivir como marido y mujer (eso es una idea infantil y estúpida). Reid no la engañó: Los capítulos cuando Jaye y Reid tenían una relación, nunca leí que Reid dijera: Jaye te amo... Jaye le preguntaba a él una y otra vez y Reid jamas dijo: I love you... En cambio, Reid le ha repetido a JJ que la ama desde el primer momento: Ese es el ritmo de esta historia en particular y merece mi total respeto

Jaye, por otra parte, se mostró soberbia con su embarazo: Y su soberbia era por el sencillo hecho que DESEABA MANIPULAR A REID A PERMANECER CON ELLA COMO MARIDO, no se trataba del bienestar de su hija, se trataba de sus caprichos de mujer y su obsesión con Reid

Reid ha sido un caballero.Él ha sido representado y caracterizado como UN SER HUMANO. Él eligió en el momento que la vida le dio esa oportunidad: Nunca ofendió a Will en vida, ni tampoco le mintió a Jaye

Reid elegió a JJ porque sentía que la amaba: Y ESO ES EL AMOR, UN SENTIMIENTO

Jaye es la personificación de la inmadurez emocional, parece una adolescente caprichosa la mayor cantidad del tiempo, y el Reid de esta historia esta representado como un "hombre adulto" que necesita de una "relación adulta"

Estadisticamente los hijos de padres separados se crían preferentemente con sus madres, mas sin embargo, eso no excluye que el padre pueda hacerse cargo de la crianza del hijo con tanta eficacia como la madre.

JJ es madre en sí misma, y me parece adecuado si la bebe crece con su padre y JJ... Al menos crecerá en un hogar estable, con una figura materna: Madura y responsable...

Felicitaciones a la autora, se ve que es una persona madura capaz de manejar los temas tan delicados con una buena dosis de madures emocional
Canada Dakota Faith Haswari chapter 2 . 6/2/2013
Found this Story on tumblr. I ship JJ/Spencer hard and I feel like I am going to love this story a great deal. Tumblr name is zivaannmarie.

Gosh this is amazing
tasha chapter 37 . 4/7/2013
so does henry end up being spencers? i hope so.
Just A Nerd chapter 24 . 1/12/2013
I love the Buffy references! Huge fan of both shows and I knew I wasn't the only one who knew that Kevin was Xander! May I just say, you are a great writer and putting the whole "JJ is Buffy" in there made my day.
Whatif-ifonly chapter 37 . 1/8/2013
Very nice chapter! I laughed out loud at the back and forth between JJ and Spence over the tall, blonde, Swedish nanny... only Spence wouldn't get why JJ wouldn't want the tall, blonde, Swede to be their nanny! Hahaha

Bless Garcia for volunteering to use her saved up time off to fill in until Reid can find an appropriate nanny - something tells me she and Willow are going to get along just fine... although I'm sure Willow will get more than a little spoiled with Aunt Penelope around for too long :D

Poor Jaye - I feel for her - that has to be hard to feel like she does... I wonder if she's going to regret going to Spain when she gets there? I understand her wanting to interview the nanny... I'm sure that she'll be fine with Willow staying with Garcia - but what happens to her intent to interview the nanny if Spence can't find one before Jaye and Truan leave for Spain?
ripon chapter 37 . 1/7/2013
Poor Jaye to feel rejected somewhat by Willow. And laughing at Spencer not realising why JJ didn't want a tall, blonde Swede as a nanny! Garcia came up trumps but I wonder how Willow will be when Jaye leaves. Good chapter to move the story along a little.
Guest chapter 37 . 1/6/2013
There ya go Ms. Author...FINALLY another chapter..I really have missed "my" friends in this story. SO, lets not let it go on so long between chapters. Loved how JJ kept saying "no" when Spence felt he had found the perfect nanny. JJ was right on to get "Garcia" in the plan. She will be great with Willow. Keep on keeping on and lets have another chapter real soon. It was WAYYYYY too long between chapters this time. No way are you going to get away with "writers block". You're too intuned to these folks. Good chapter..loved it.
Guest chapter 36 . 12/31/2012
Love love love this story plz update
Rebecca1 chapter 36 . 12/10/2012
So sweet , well it sorta was the right thing to do and Jaye can visit whenever she wants and considering Reid and Willow have more of an attachment to one another , despite their connection , whereas Jaye doesn't seem to be as close it'd have been harsh to take her away from Reid . It really shows how good of a person she is though really and how much she wants to be with Truan although I don't know if she's going with him because she's in love with him or because she doesn't want to have to be around Spencer given him being with JJ etc . Hmm wonder if it'll turn out that Henry's Reid's son and if so how they're gonna tell Henry - it'll be one heck of a conversation :P though I doubt Henry would really mind Reid being his father

Another great chapter :D Glad Jaye and Reid have finally had that discussion , though I was also really looking forward to the test results , guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter - you really do love to keep me waiting ;-)
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