Reviews for naive
For the Fish chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Wow. This is was short but so clever and well-written with perfect sentence structure and punctuation usage (if I'm not making much sense here, I do apologise)

Even in such a short peace you've managed to nail the characterization, they're so in character and I especially love the bit 'she's fallen ((hard))' because it's a clever way of using a homophone (am I making up that word? A word that means two things is what I'm trying to say...)

The first line was perfect in so many ways and the way it leads and flows so brilliantly into the second is clever, how it goes from saying she belives in fairytales making you wonder why this is relevant then explains it, explains why it's even mentioning this int he first place. It opens questions then closes them again in a truly brilliant way.

Another piece I loved was 'she wonders if he's actually worth it.' because it's so true of Roisin, the kind of doubt if she's doign the right thing then the way she puts these thoughts at rest in the next sentence and the last line... it just melted my heart :')

Yes, so, I'm trying to say I loved it but to get there I had to babble and go on about things you didn't want to hear.

accnt no longer in use chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
This is amazing, I absolutely love it! I can never get Roisin and Mike IC, and the way you can makes me love your T&R stories/drabbles to pieces.

I really liked this, because it showed the reader that Roisin actually did have feelings and wasn't all the uncaring cow she is on TV. (That made no sense, ignore me xD) I did feel sorry for her in a way, doubting her feelings and stuff.

But the way she felt about Mike was cuuute, because it was realistic. Like, you could actually imagine her feeling like this even though she'd never admit it? I wish this would happen on T&R, I really do. I would fangirl forever.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now, but to the point: I adore this. I adore all your drabbles though, so that isn't really a strange thing ;)

I love you loads! xxxxx

(Just an idea, but, you should maybe do a follow-up piece to this, only featuring around Mike's feelings? Tehe. xxxx)