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Marissa.Jo chapter 15 . 5/29/2013
I was gonna be so mad if she decided to go back with that creep! Phew I'm glad she went against that idea. Russ is such a jerk honestly Tyler hates what you did stop being a baby and own up to what you did to Jo! I wanna give Russ a piece of my mind although he would tower over me but that won't stop me.

I was so excited when I got the notification for this! Thankfully it was intermission for the hockey game haha.

This chapter was great. I can't wait to see Russ fumble under the power of Mac and Jo nobody can mess with those two!

csinyfan28 chapter 15 . 5/30/2013
Hey! So here I am - reviewing... something that I rarely do and I'm utterly guilty of procrastination...

Anyway, I was so happy when you updated this story! It really made my day when you did so! This chapter was not only intense in general, but emotionally palpable as if I was truly experiencing Jo's fear through the perfectly composed descriptions. They way you wrote Jo - wow, the readers could really feel her words. I certainly did!

Russ makes me so angry, which is a very good thing because it indicates truly how well you have written his character! The way he takes hold of Jo's wrists and digs his fingernails into her skin - chills ran up my spine and I wanted to morph into the screen and punch that sucker! What a jerk! Well done with his character... really! You know, in the show, he's portrayed as a lovely guy but since he didn't appear much, we didn't get to know his personality that well... I can kind of picture his as aggressive and most of all, selfish and greedy.. hm...

And lastly, I love how supportive Mac is through all of Jo's dilemmas. What a gentleman! He's truly Jo's rock. In the show, we don't see much of Mac's intimate life. Well, not much anyone's intimate life as a matter of fact... but if we were to really take out our microscopes and examine Mac's love life, he'd undoubtedly be the one who'd never walk away from anything. Just like how you wrote him in this chapter. I think you've done a great job with him. You really allow the readers to feel how in love Mac is with Jo... You've sent us into a little utopia!

Great Job, as always - no doubt about that! And of course, I can't wait for more!

- J
Guest chapter 14 . 5/28/2013
My friend told me about this story. I'm so glad I found it. Amazin! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
littlesweetcupcake chapter 15 . 5/30/2013
I'm still loving it, great job. More jac action!
BrokePerception chapter 15 . 5/30/2013
I momentarily feared Jo would go back to Russ, and I am so glad she didn't. Well done, how you've portrayed her thinking about how true Mac's love is as opposed to Russ's.
Jacqlor chapter 15 . 5/29/2013
Oh damn it! Not Ellie. :(

I love how his 'honest, blue eyes' could calm her down in an instant. And the use of 'we', assuring that Jo won't be alone in this battle, was just enough to melt my heart. Jo really needed that. I liked it also how it was Mac who had prepared their meal and did the dishes. It may be a small gesture but then it's still another kind of support from him. In the midst of this sad development though, her 'sweet voice' also managed to make me smile.

I literally gasped & cursed when Russ strangled her. And the thought that 'he really want to kill her' is just disturbing. I felt this whole dream as if I was in the room with them, witnessing everything live.

'I'll stay awake and chase all the bad dreams away.'' -this is awww. Enough said.

Then there's the whole sticky sweet scene in the morning when Jo got called in and even though I know what she's planning to do, it still did not lessen the giddiness I felt when Mac won't let go of her and that 'jealous' part's just cute. :D

How can be someone you'd love in the past could turn out to be a monster like Russ? I can't comprehend how evil he was. :/ I like the shifting of Russ's expressions from when he was threatening Jo about Ellie, to cajoling her to succumb to what he wants, to threatening her again. That's just smooth transition, right there.

That last scene with Mac, when he was almost pleading her not to go back to Russ was just heartbreaking. I had to take a deep breath to steady myself. And then it had to end. Arrrgghh! I wanna read more! I hope there'll be an update soooon.

As always *applause*
tvobessedWHAT chapter 15 . 5/29/2013
great chapter, I want Mac to kill Russ. Russ makes my blood boil and my nerves are through the roof. No I want the team to get him, cause russ is worst than an ASS. Poor Jo but at the same time she's with Mac. Mac is awesome I love him. I love how he wants to protect, risk his life for her, his respect from people, he would commit murder for her, I love it. I'm lonely.
Jo is in a tight spot but with the people she loves surrounds her and help her, she'll not fight this battle alone.

Also the team needs to find this out. Jo needs more support and it can help in court, it can help her with her doubts of self worth, and they can tease her about her relationship with Mac. I bet people would be her broken. Oh, when your writing the epilogue make sure that it (a.k.a russ) goes to jail or dies painfully. He's a true Bastard, he is the definition of BASTARD.

Please make the next chapter soon, I so desperately want the take down of it (a.k.a russ(eww)).
tlh45 chapter 15 . 5/29/2013
I'm glad that Jo was honest with Mac and I loved Mac's reaction to it. What would be the point of taking Jo back to family court, though...Ellie is old enough to decide where/who she wants to live with. The only thing that I can think of is that they would try and say Jo murdered Ellie's dad so that she could adopt her, but I don't see how they could ever prove that. But, then again, wouldn't that bite Russ in the butt if they go to family court and Ellie testifies...against Russ! That would be sweet justice. Or maybe Russ thinks that because Jo won't come back to him because of Mac, maybe he will try and get Mac out of the way. So many options to choose from, I'll be waiting to see where it goes.
Suzy chapter 14 . 5/27/2013
Update soon!
SelaJo chapter 2 . 5/29/2013
"She knew she probably should wake him up, tell to get dress and kick him out. She really wanted to, but she was afraid it wouldn't be that easy after last night." - I guess that after that night, things are going to be complicated. Again, I love the hints you drop in the text: here the use of the adverb "possessively", the "heavy arm" who tries to hold her if she was her possession. Oh my... this story really sounds promising!

When Jo's wondering what's like to wake up next to Mac, when she thought again of that "missed opportunity", it really broke my well when she wished to be C. I can totally feel her pain...along the additional pain Russ caused her. This line is so true: "But at the end it was so obvious that regretting something she hadn't done was so much more frustrating than regretting doing something wrong."

And Russ again...everytime I read his name now I can't help but shudder! Everything in him says that he's a sick b*stard...the way he hold her too tight, the mark he left on her... "Good. Everybody will know that you're taken.'' - this is such a scary line. I guess, it foreshadows what's going to happen next...

I loved the part when Mac is in his office and thought about Jo's daily routine, and how much he enjoys her company. I found his tricks to spend more time with Jo so cute! And then Jo arrived, but she didn't head to his office and I could feel Mac's disappointment. I loved how he tried to find an excuse to go to her office but didn't find none, so he finally chose to bring her some coffee. I loved how you wrote this scene between Mac and the first thing he noticed when he talked to her was the lack of smile on her he noticed she was pleased that he remembered how she liked her coffee, but didn't make a comment about he studied her carefully and noticed the hickey... Oh and Jo? How could she mistake a curler with a straightener? Mac totally understood it was a lame excuse...

I was about to cry at that line: "She wanted to cry out that nothing was fine, that she just wanted him to take her in his arms and never let go again. But she hadn't any right to do that. It was Christine who had."

Jo's back home...and all these missed calls and messages... is he stalking her? This man is so sick. I totally agree with Ellie on that one: there's definitely something scary about Russ. I loved how Ellie mentioned Mac as a possible man for her mother: this girl is her mother! ;)

Ok, I admit it: I was grinning like a fool at the part about Mac and C., about him wondering if he really loved her or if he just needed someone to fill a void. I'm evil, I know, but just mentioning her name pisses me off! ;) So, Mac is going home alone...

Oh my... here he is again...banging on her door. Seriously he's creeping me out. I wish Jo could just shoot him and plead self-defense...ok it's not happening I know ;) And he's drunk and blackmailing her...oh my God...and I guess he's talking about Ellie...he wants to withdraw Ellie's custody from Jo, that's it, right? The ending made me shudder in horror... You wrote so amazingly well!

I can't wait to read more and to know more about what happened the 12th of April 2001. Thank you for this amazing story! ;)
SelaJo chapter 1 . 5/29/2013
Oh my...

I was grinning like a fool when I read the first lines, and especially when Mac told Jo: "You never disturb me, Jo." I was smiling, and then when he told her he needed her help to pick a ring for C., my smile turned into a frown and just like Jo, I found it difficult to hide my disappointment! ;) I could totally feel Jo's pain...

I so agree with you with the "cruel joke of fate": that's what I think too. Really how ironic is that? If Lindsay and she didn't create that profile, he would have never found Christine...argh...
It breaks my heart that Jo is aware of all the missed opportunities and I love how you characterized her. Really true. I really love that part: "If he wasn't her best friend she would have made a move on him a long time ago. But at this point it seemed it could be an all or nothing bet. If she succeeded she would have everything – a friend, a lover and a partner. But if not, she would end up with nothing, losing his friendship as she knew it would be highly awkward for them to be as they used to be." So accurate, and so sad.
Well finally she said the word I said too when Mac proposed to C on 9x17: the F word. ;)

I was laughing so much when Jo wanted to punch the person who woke her up at 9 am on Saturday! ahahaha But then it was Tyler...and Russ! I thought exactly the same as Jo, except that I actually said the whole line "What the hell is he doing here?!" Hum...I don't know why but reading those first lines, I really have a bad feeling with Russ, there's something sick about the way he's looking at her... I don't know, my gut is telling me so: maybe I'm overreacting, it's the effect of my thesis subject! ;)
I loved how bitchy she was with Russ: I was grinning like a fool and thinking "You go, girl!". And I loved how she kicked him out of her apartment! ahahah Sooooo Jo!

Aww Mac is such a gentleman: holding her jacket for her... awww!
"She said, hoping that she would manage to convince Mac to some random ring quickly. And then she would be able to go home alone and sink into her misery." - That line was so sad. I want to hug her!
I found it quite funny how Mac was lost seeing all these rings: in a way, it means that he doesn't know C. very good if he doesn't really know what ring he would choose for her!
"Then I will take it and marry you, as I really don't care about the ring, only about you. Jo wanted to say, but she bit her tongue." - Oh my, I love this part! Argh, Mac! Why are you soooo blind?

Awww the moment where Jo asked Mac to guess which ring she liked and he picked the right one...that was such a sweet moment! And what I like the most is that after that, he seemed really hesitant to choose one for C. ahahaha
Eww the ring he chose for C. looked phew! I totally agree with Jo, and she said what I thought for the beginning of this chapter: it's not easy to choose a ring for a woman you don't know well, and Mac is aware of that.

The case... I love how you described Jo, not wanting to give up, especially when it's about children. Her dedication to her work, which Mac knows very well, made her look even more carefully at the apartment and find that precious evidence on the newspaper... but unfortunately, they arrived too late. The way Mac made Jo understand they arrived too late was really true to the characters: they understood each other without a word... the following scene was just heartbreaking: you wrote it incredibly well...and my heart broke into pieces at seeing how upset she is and how she thinks it's her fault. As Mac said, she wasn't the only one to process the apartment. Mac himself didn't notice that evidence. It was such a bittersweet scene when Mac tried to comfort her...and of course, when he was asking her if she was ok to drive home, C. arrived. Argh, that b****: seriously, does she have at least a bit of empathy? Mac&Jo had a tough case and all she can do is arrive like a tornado, grab Mac and drag him away. Argh, that woman!

The scene when Jo arrived at home and hugged Ellie was such a sweet moment. That's so Jo! I could totally picture her doing that! And then again, after they got ready, she hugged Ellie again: I really loved Ellie's reaction! This made me smile!

I really didn't like how Russ kind of had everything under his he subtly made Ellie sat on the chair at the restaurant, so he could sit next to Jo on the sofa, how he had that smile which told that he's sure Jo will give up he managed to accompany Ellie and Jo to their apartment... I have a bad feeling there, especially when Jo's feeling so vulnerable after that tough case and Mac's "big news"!

I was so sure this was going to happen! Oh my... it made me shudder in horror because I guess I know where you're going to take this story (at least for the part with Russ)...there are so many hints in your writing about Russ' intentions. You wrote it very well!
The last lines totally broke my heart: "She felt truly unhappy. She failed in every role she tried to fulfill; she was never as good as she wanted to be. For Grace's parents she was the one who hadn't tried hard enough. For Mac she was only his friend. For Ellie she was only her foster mother. And for Russ she was only a body, he used for his own pleasure." - Such a powerful writing! You're incredible!
Guest chapter 14 . 5/25/2013
Please update soon I'm dying to know what happens! Your story is amazing!
UrbanMuse chapter 14 . 5/26/2013
Surprise, surprise... Popping up out of nowhere, as is becoming my trademark...

I found the layers of self-doubt that Mac experienced in the early paragraphs very believable, given the situation and his personality. To be seemingly repulsed by Jo in such a cold, insensitive manner, when he was doing his best to lay low and do this in the right way, at the right time, must have been quite a blow to...not so much his ego, but rather his self-esteem. Being such a private, low key, almost socially awkward person when it comes to romantic relationships, I could absolutely see him coming up with every possible negative scenario for what had happened; and being unable to make the move he knew he should make to at least try to resolve it.

The scene with Ellie reveling in the sheer bliss of a lazy, unsupervised Saturday at home was perfection. I can recall the joy at that age of those seemingly rare times that I could do whatever I felt like alone in the house - occasionally I might even look back on such moments with a sense of whimsy... And Jo shows up and basically acts as if she wasn't even there, as if she could care less what Ellie's up to. I liked how instead of just taking advantage of Jo's distraction, Ellie seeks her out - to make sure she's ok. And takes it upon herself to come to the bottom of this clear misunderstanding...

And poor Mac, even upon being filled in by Ellie as to the crux of this misunderstanding, still fears there may be trouble between him and Jo. Mac's t-shirt was quite a nice touch - how it clearly represented her true feelings, just hovering beneath the surface waiting for a reason to break free.

I liked that little series of twists you put in related to the ring. How Jo's convinced it's for Christine, then she realizes it's actually the one Mac picked out for her, but then she fears that her lack of trust in him has jeopardized any hope of Mac actually proposing, then convincing herself that he had no intention of doing so in the first place because she didn't even recognize the engraved date on the ring...

How beautiful and touching, Mac's recounting of the struggle he had coming up with the true first moment in which he fell in love with Jo. How he couldn't seem to go back far enough, as for every moment he thought of, there was an earlier time still that he knew he had felt true love for her.

I loved the slight confusion as to whether Jo was really agreeing to Mac's proposal! And then Ellie's comments were just perfect - one could just feel her happiness, tempered of course by the normal teenager's reticence at showing too much affection, or even being witness to it...

And agh! What's in that envelope?! Please tell me Russ isn't rearing his ugly head yet again - didn't Mac scare him off once already?
Guest chapter 14 . 5/22/2013
Ahhh please update soon I wanna know what happened?! Happy moment gone. This chapter was great I love this story. I have kept up since the first chapter.

Great cliffhanger
Daniela chapter 14 . 5/17/2013
What a great surprise! My favorite story is BACK! Pleaseeeeee hurry with the next chapter, I wanna know all about that letter! My guess is all about Russ... or something...
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