Reviews for Fighting Fate
NiGHtsBeta09 chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
This one was so trippy with the demon, and the legend, and all that stuff with Serah! o3o" But I liked it! :3 You know, you did really well on this one, despite how sleepy you've been recently, and how much trouble you had concentrating. " I'm proud. :'3
Anyway, the story overall was very well-written. You fit the legend into it well, and the plot twists... The frickin' plot twists! X'3 No one does that kind of stuff better than you, you know? I really liked the idea behind this, and so many little details just got to me! Then again, I was seeing this as it was getting written, so the cliffhangers and such were more grueling for me to bear until the next part was written! *sigh* Anyway, the little teasing at the end between Lightning and Vanille was cute, and very funny! I'm looking forward to your next big fanfic venture! :3