Reviews for Burdens of a Champion
MAFITA chapter 34 . 4/12
I liked this chapter! I hope that Dumbledore and the others are able to get things under control... even if I have a feeling that they'll find Dumbles dead... :S Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! Hope to read you soon! Kisses!
BlackRoseMidnight chapter 34 . 4/5
This is a wonderful story. I have only recently found this one and the precursor to this one but, already I view this as one of my favorites, and one of the best I've read here on fanfiction, please keep up the good work. Although I have a question, Are the Inferi going to play an important part, if so it would be interesting to see how they work and look like and I can't wait for more. Keep on writing.
Lollypops101 chapter 34 . 3/30
good work!
Man of Constant Sorrow chapter 34 . 3/25
Friend of mine said that you were kicking around the idea of this turning into a Harry/Hermione story. Is there any truth to that?
Mini Marauder chapter 34 . 3/23
wow! You're updating fast! Omg I can't wait for tomorrow
DarkRavie chapter 34 . 3/23
Great chapter. This story daws you in and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait to read what happens next.
Talitha Clearwater chapter 34 . 3/23
Can you please have either Pettigrew or Voldemort hit Harry with a Killing Curse in the graveyard during the Third Task, then have Harry stay dead for two days before he comes back to life?
Assuming he does come back to life, of course!
Oh, and please have Sirius and Remus (especially Remus) be there to see Harry getting hit with the Killing Curse!
(gives puppy eyes)
Padfootette chapter 34 . 3/23
Great chapter I loved it please update soon
Guest chapter 33 . 3/21
When are you going to post the next chapter ?
MAFITA chapter 33 . 3/4
I really liked the last three chapters! (except for the whole Harry-likes-Ginny business...) As you can imagine from the previous comment, I really hate Ginny, especially with Harry... always have, always will... However, I'm willing to put up with it because Harry is sick and he really needs a little love and a reprieve from all the drama... Ok, now that that is out, I'm really sorry to have waited so long to read this, but RL is getting in the way big time, and I don't have as much time to read as I'd like... I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :) Hope to read you soon! Kisses!
Meow chapter 33 . 2/20
Wow! Great!
Guest chapter 33 . 2/14
Ok so I'm really stupid. I wrote In the last chapter's review please update soon but I already had this chapter loaded so just ignore my previous review. I can't wait for the next two chapters. Should be interesting.
Guest chapter 32 . 2/14
Awesome chapter. Loved the fluff. Please update soon :)
Padfootette chapter 33 . 2/11
Great chapters I loved them please update soon
Adopted Daughter of Leico chapter 33 . 2/10
Is that really Ginny? Has she been polyjuiced? She used filler words in her answer. Seems suspicious.
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