Reviews for Extra Pepperoni
perfectlyODD chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
I love this so much. And the image of Chandler in a pizza deliverer uniform is just so adorbs. I'm glad you made Chandler's dad OK with it.

'"I know I look like a prostitute but really, I'm a virgin." He nodded his head. "Don't worry, stranger! I'll forget this even happened."'

I did this unattractive giggle-snort when I read that.

'"Don't worry, strange-I mean, Sebastian! My parents named me after a Friends character! I know your pain!"'

Oh. My. God. I love you. So much. xD

'"Oh my God," Chandler shook his head. "What an expensive car that is."
Sebastian smirked. "Better to fuck you in, my dear."'

Chandler: Red Riding Hood.
Sebastian: Big bad wolf.
I always did ship Red/Wolf. :P

'This made him realise how little hugs he'd had in his life and that one he didn't account for.'

Oh Sebastian. You just made me sad.

'Chandler looked down. "I wouldn't sleep with him, Sebastian. He loved me and I wouldn't let him show it."'

You made me sadDER. :(

'"I'm not going to do anything. Just kill him."'

Awww... That so... Sweet?

''then you wouldn't have beaten up my boyfriend and threatened him with a pipe."'

*applause* GO BAS!

'"You're a bastard," Chandler yawned. "A Sebastard."'

Yep, Chandler can be snarky too!

So basically, I love you, I love Sebandler and I love this story. :D
KazuneXKarin12 chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
I love this story to bits!
I love how Sebastian immediatley starts hitting on Chandler! I was like 'oooh Bas you little rascal!'
I love how you brought up that they were both named after characters!
I keep saying I love, but it's just cuz I love this fic ssssooooo much!
But I love that both Bas and Chan's family life is kind like the one I have in "Trade Mistakes"!
YEAH angry Bas! I love it when he threatens other's lives for the sake of Chandler!
Ahahaha puns!
*hugs this fic* mmmm, yes perfect.