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Sam Fraser chapter 1 . 5/8/2016
Actually, all the evidence points to Murdoch as the suicide victim. There is evidence that suggests Wilde was in possession of a life-jacket and was last seen smoking a cigarette neither of which indicates a suicidal man with a loaded revolver.
Deathmaster98 chapter 5 . 12/28/2015
I hope this story hasn't been abandoned, I rather enjoyed it. One of the better Titanic fics I've read, and a refreshing break from the usual plotlines concerning Jack's survival, Murdoch, Lowe or Moody falling in love, or Andrews bringing along a family member.

Henry Wilde is an interesting historical figure, and is often ignored in Titanic stories. It's a shame, really. Anyways, hope you haven't abandoned this one.
kapibarasan chapter 5 . 8/21/2014
It's too bad you haven't updated in a while. Honestly, this Titanic fanfic is probably one of the best ones I have read! It's very enjoyable and doesn't rely on nonsense and cliches. :)
BOBSkipMuck1115 chapter 1 . 5/20/2014
enjoy first chapter keep writing
TorontoBatFan chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
Very nice start. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of the film itself due to the needless love story. (I'm a huge fan of the 1958 film "A Night to Remember".)

I admire you on your research into facts.

Very few people know that Wilde was a relatively recent widower and he still hadn't recovered totally by the time of the maiden voyage.

Also, kudos for mentioning how improbable it was that the "Olympic" would be any officer's first command. They would generally first command one of the line's smaller vessels before having a chance to helm one of the larger ships.

Further props for mentioning that "Titanic" was simply an improvement on the "Olympic". The only real interior differences were the sidewalk café and B-Deck staterooms being against the ship's side than another promenade deck. (Both of these innovations were later added to the "Olympic" either when she went in to Harland & Wolff to have her bulkheads raised up or, following World War I, when she was converted over to using oil rather than coal for fuel.) Indeed, most of what was on "Titanic" had already been shown on "Olympic". (The vast majority of interior photographs of the ship are actually from "Olympic".)

In regards to the points you made, Murdoch might have gotten a hint about what was to come simply by Wilde being present on April 8th. The "Olympic" sailed for New York on April 3rd. (She was actually on her way home the night of the 14th/15th). Wilde would've had to have been detached from the ship prior to that if he was to have been on "Titanic" for her maiden voyage. So, there might have been rumours flying around that Murdoch heard.

As for Murdoch and his wife...I think she might have come aboard for a visit. So far as I know, Murdoch actually lived in Southampton -as most of the crew did. So, until they left, it was logical that Murdoch simply went back to his residence at night when he went off duty.

I believe I heard that Wilde and Lightoller disliked each other on a personal level, but were both professional enough that it didn't affect their working relationship.

The only thing I can add to how the officers were reshuffled was that Captain Smith took pains to make it clear to both Murdoch and Lightoller that bringing Wilde aboard wasn't a reflection of any lack of confidence in either of them. Another reason both would be upset was that both would've taken a reduction in pay when they had to step back from Chief to First and from First to Second. So, it wasn't just pride, but their pocketbooks that took a hit.

I've always wondered at whose idea it was to bring Wilde over in the first place. If it was Captain Smith, he was causing a lot of upset to a lot of people. He was forcing both Murdoch and Lightoller (not to mention Blair) to take a step back with a reduction in pay. He was bringing Wilde onto a ship he didn't want to sail on, as he preferred to stay on "Olympic". And finally, he was depriving Herbert Haddock -his successor as Captain of "Olympic"- the services of an experienced Chief Officer. (Haddock was new to the superliners and he clearly would've wanted an experienced Chief Officer -either Wilde or Murdoch- aboard. But both went to "Titanic", leaving Haddock to made do without their experience.

I applaud you on the verisimilitude of this chapter. :-D
civilwarrose chapter 5 . 8/16/2013
I like this! I have always been more interested in the REAL people of Titanic than Jack/Rose anyway, even though I liked them as characters. I'm now very interested in what happens with Henry Wilde. I know the real Wilde died that night, and it was rumored that he was the one who committed suicide before the ship sank (not Murdoch) so I am really interested to see what happens in your story with him. I read up more on him, and his wife and baby sons had died 2 years before the Titanic voyage. That is a tragic backstory, it was sad to learn. Having him be paired with Rose is a different twist (although it would be hard to see her with anyone else but the lovable fictional Jack, I admit!) I like that you made her older, twenty six rather than seventeen to prevent the 'creep' factor of the idea of romance between Rose and Officer Wilde. I wonder how this will play out differently than the movie in the drama of the sinking. Hope you update soon! Definitely following this! :)
Stardust Parade chapter 5 . 4/9/2013
Are you going to continue?
Emily chapter 5 . 3/28/2013
I hope you haven't abandoned this story, since its been months since the last update. It's really good!
Eagle2 chapter 4 . 1/15/2013
Since you're being so kind as to review my story, I will return the favor here. I am really enjoying this story, officer stories are always my favorites. Especially one about Mr. Wilde who seems to be ignored in Titanic tales.

The disappointmen of Murdoch, Blair and Lightoller at their demotions and Blair's dismissal was well portrayed, althought one can't help but imagine Blair's relief at his good fortune after the sinking. You should do a chapter from his POV after he learns of the accident.

Thank you for including the New York and Hawke incidents. A pity they didn't hit, it would have saves everyone.

I loved the idea of haughty Ruth writing a complaint letter to the Pilot. I wonder how many passengers did actually complain about the near-miss.

Keep up your writing, you have a real talent that can only get better with practice.
CatalynMJ88 chapter 4 . 12/29/2012
I enjoyed the undercurrent of sarcasm/frustration about Rose making a ‘good impression’ (the third paragraph.) :-D

Ugh, Ruth the control freak writing a complaint note to the pilot at the time of the near-collision! Something tells me I’m going to dislike her as much as I do in the movie! Nice touch. ;-) And she and Cal being on the same page on the issue- very consistent with their characters in the movie. I’m glad Lovejoy doesn’t seem to agree, though. Makes sense that the valet wouldn’t share his boss’s sense of snooty entitlement.

In response to Cal’s sniping about sailors never seeing women, I immediately thought the same thing that you have Rose introspect on- “That was once the case, but not in 1912, right?” Makes sense that he would bring it up, though, the overprotective jerk. And this is all leading up very nicely to a unique- and realistic- first encounter.

Nice touch having Wilde (unwillingly) reminisce about his wife’s death after the averted collision. But I forget- what was the other true tragedy he’s been through?

I like the parallel that Wilde and Rose both regard the ostentatious, rose-filled hat as looking like a “shrub.” Very cute.

The pilot’s no longer on the ship? …I did not see that coming. Nice twist to the story- eases the tension of their awkward first meeting!

I laughed out loud at Rose tearing the letter to shreds and throwing it overboard! Perfect! And Wilde’s private reaction is priceless!

I’m impressed and a little surprised that Rose could tell Wilde was Chief Officer just by the number of bands on his sleeve. Then again, I haven’t researched maritime travel at the time anywhere near as extensively as you have; maybe this was common knowledge to first-class passengers. And even if it wasn’t, Rose is intelligent and observant, and it’s not much of a stretch to imagine she’d know this anyway. *shrug*

Your historical notes are very thorough, as always. I wouldn’t worry about them too much; I think the readers all trust your research skills by now! One thing that caught my attention- your concern about the ‘halfway to the Isle of Wight’ comment. Even if that wasn’t quite accurate, maybe Wilde would have said it just to be chipper and reassuring? I don’t know- just a thought.
Unknown chapter 5 . 10/1/2012
Chief Officer Wilde stood on the bridge after the collision. He raised his arm and shot himself. He dropped where he stood.

News of the World, April 21, 1912:
Guest chapter 5 . 9/30/2012
Again, GRAT chapter :)! Your descriptions and dialogue are great, and my favourite part is learning more about the realTitanic, while reading a nice fanfic! :)
The Guardian Raven chapter 5 . 9/29/2012
Great chapter! I'm liking that the plot is progressing slowly. It's also really nice to see historical comments on the bottom.
LTsangy chapter 5 . 9/28/2012
I love your writing style! It sounds quite professional, which fits in perfectly with the time period. Thank you for providing all the historical notes at the end of each chapter. I do not criticize your facts, but simply learn from them! I'm glad that you updated again, and I cannot wait for chapter 6!
The Guardian Raven chapter 4 . 9/28/2012
Loving this fic so far. Very well written and looks well thought out. Also, it's awesome that you're writing a fic that centers on Wilde. Poor guy hardly has any fics on him. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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