Reviews for While There's Still Time
Elficiel chapter 1 . 5/29/2013
...Darn, when did you learn to write stories and dialogues so well? I loved everything -the knowledge concept and Sain's poignant words; also, there's the fact you labelled this under friendship, and not romance; which is a more realistic and credible approach for Sain and Fiora. It's not difficult to imagine some deeper relationship blossoming between the two though. This was a great piece of work!
Mark of the Asphodel chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
After reading the Hector/Farina pieces I decided to come back to this one. Overall I liked it, and it had your usual attention to fine detail (evenings with an imaginary gentleman caller, meals of venison and greens without potatoes), but Fiora's voice was so... restrained?... that it felt a little mannered and made it hard to connect with her on an elementary level. The voice you use for, say, Farina, allows for a more raw and visceral connection.

This is a nice piece and it seemed quite in-character, but when reading it I had the sense of watching two actors on stage.
TheFreelancerSeal chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
I'm glad to see another Fire Emblem story by you. I wad begining to think you had disappeared, but I'm glad to see that isn't the case. I have to say you haven't lost your touch either. This was an incredibly well-written story. I really liked the scene you captured with it.

I bet that is a thought that weighs heavily on anyone's mind in that sort of situation. You wonder if you or anyone you know is going to survive to see the next day. I'd say it would make anyone cut themselves off. But then we lose the chance to know people, as Sain says. It's such a sad thought. You cut yourself off to avoid feeling the hurt of losing them, but it seems it doesn't matter because you still feel the hurt of never knowing. Such a powerful thought. And it's portrayed so well here.

You've done very well in this and all your work. Keep it up.
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
[With the edge of his index finger, he touched her cheek just once, just enough, and gave her a sad smile.] D'AWWW. This gesture is perfect.

Well, way to go. You made me like Fiora, after I was just talking with you about how boring and unlikable I find Fiora. She always did seem super distant from people in the game, and I think this explains why very well. Heck, you made her relatable to me because I used to have some pretty similar views. I also totally believe she would plan out everything, even down to her meals at night.

You labeled this as a "friendship" fic and I like that. I think it'd be very easy to see Sain persuading her to be in a relationship with him, and maybe he is (heck, of course he is), but it's easy to see him just trying to get her to open up as a friend as well. Fiora certainly seems to have the presence of mind to begin things as friends, judging by her last line. Which felt really good and natural. Nobody just magically jumps into relationships with people they barely know if they have misgivings like hers.

P.S. Sain was perfect. So cute. LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

P.P.S. Count of Monte Cristo is fantastic. One of the rare cases where the movie (the new one; I haven't seen the old) is about as good as the book, in my opinion.

KoopalingFan chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
This is the 7000th Fire Emblem fic! And it's a good one!