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cumberland river relic chapter 8 . 1/20/2013
"That evening, he was scheduled to attend an art gallery opening—his third of the week for yet another artist he didn't particularly care for."

"Niles sighed and sat on the bed staring at the crisp tuxedo hanging on the closet door. The silver cuff links he'd chosen for the event lay on top of the invitation. They weren't particularly attractive but they completed ensemble; he just lacked the energy to put it all together."

"She was going to wish him a good night but instead found herself speechless and blushing. Until recently, he'd never had that effect on her, especially while standing at such a close proximity."

More of your good writing! The above were just two of your passages in the last chapter that said so much in a concise manner. Your details and observations create such vivid pictures.

"Sine timore."

I like how you used this Latin phrase to neatly wrap things up and yet leave the door open for something more - if not a completely happy ending then a hopeful one. I like the tone you took through the whole story and the balance you brought throughout the piece.

You gave your cast an adult perspective yet left enough room for charm, angst, and character to show through. You seemed to leave the door open for a follow-up, and I hope you will consider doing so. You write your Frasier stories in an engaging way that propels the plot forward. I enjoyed this latest project of yours and look forward to your reading your next project!
iloveromance chapter 8 . 1/5/2013
I've said this before, but this was an amazing story and I hated to see it end! The romantic in me was a little disappointed that Niles and Daphne didn't stay married but I guess that makes it more realistic. Really enjoyed reading this from beginning to end and it was so worth the wait! Looking foreword to your next masterpiece!
iloveromance chapter 7 . 1/5/2013
Oh wow... just when Niles has the courage to tell her how he feels... he must be crushed.
leighann415 chapter 8 . 12/27/2012
Wow...I was kind of hoping they'd change their minds & stay married, but at least they're still friends. Beautiful end to a beautiful story. I really loved it & hope you write something else soon! :)
leighann415 chapter 7 . 12/27/2012
Beautifully written chapter. So much to take in, I don't know what to say...I love the names that they chose, and glad you kept David in there. :) I'm hoping they don't get an annulment after all, and I can't wait to read the last chapter, although I hate to see it end! :(
Kristen3 chapter 8 . 12/27/2012
Please don't feel bad for the delay in getting this up, b/c it was MORE than worth the wait! :) I LOVE the idea of N/D ending their marriage and starting fresh. And, hm, I think there could be a sequel in that! I'm just saying! ;) Since you gushed about my work in a VM, I feel I need to return the favor, b/c this was awesome!
A.Baroness chapter 8 . 12/26/2012
This is so unbelievably perfect! I've been waiting for you to continue this and it was so worth the wait! As always it was as if you painted a picture; I have no idea how you do this, but your stories are so alive and I just love that. The story was of course extremly beautiful and very original. The ending - oh WOW - at first I feared you would keep them apart. But the way you actually did is just PERFECT. It's not some rushed declaration of undying love, but something realistic. Very well written. I almost wish this wasn't the last part, but I'm certain you'll write something, so I'm fine :D
cumberland river relic chapter 7 . 10/29/2012
More of your great writing! I like how you write with insight and empathy, and this chapter continues your approach.

Here's one section of your chapter that to me sums up Daphne's perspective well: "'I'm here, Dr. Crane, if you want to talk about it.' She may be his wife, but she was first and foremost his best friend." Those sentences contained truth, perspective, and irony with maybe a touch of humor. Your contrast of "wife" versus "best friend" was so novel yet appropriate.

Another example of how your writing creates a feeling with few words: "Her laughter filled the usually drafty, still apartment with warmth and life."

Looking forward to your next installment!
Kristen3 chapter 7 . 10/25/2012 now it's all out in the open. I know Niles is hurting right now, but Daphne just needs time to figure out what she wants. I'm sure if he hangs in there, she'll come back to him. I can't wait to read the conclusion to this wonderful story!
A.Baroness chapter 7 . 10/25/2012
Wow, this chapter is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. Your writing, as always, is absolutely flawless and so livid that I feel like I'm standing there, watching Niles and Daphne go through this. Also, having Daphne talk to Martin and have her suspect there's more to all of this, is realistic. Oh, so much realistic moments that make me want to hug his story! The scene between Niles and Daphne is such a realistic, extremely well-written and heartbreaking scene. When he says "It's you" - asdfghkl! Seriously, I thought YES! And then something that happened that I found so brilliant: you had Daphne feel betrayed and angry. And why wouldn't she be?! I absolutely love this, because it feels so real. I hope it makes sense :) What killed me then (the good death, so to speak) was this little paragraph: "Why was it that the more enjoyable aspects of a memory were minimized, while the bad remained shamelessly magnified? He was a psychiatrist. He should've known the answer, but he didn't." - Perfection. sums up the whole story for me, because of its brilliance. As always, patiently waiting for more now :)
leighann415 chapter 6 . 9/28/2012
Wow, awesome chapter! I love Martin wanting to open the box, so like him! And how he found out about the wedding. And then Roz...I absolutely love her here! You have her down so well. Anyway, I'm glad to see an update, and I hope you'll post more soon! :)
cumberland river relic chapter 6 . 9/28/2012
Another great chapter! Here are some random thoughts:
- You sure know how to toy with emotions in the first two paragraphs! You did a fine job of conveying how badly Niles felt.
- "...but more irritating and impossible to get rid of. Much like his first wife, Maris.". Sharp, biting, funny - your humor like in this passage helped to move the story along. I like that kind of humor.
- I liked your bringing Martin into the action.
- You've put in an intriguing plot twist with Roz as a marriage counselor (!).

Looking forward to your next chapter!
Kristen3 chapter 6 . 9/28/2012
Wonderful, wonderful update. You've written everyone perfectly here, and I could see and hear every bit of this in my head as I read it! That's about the highest compliment possible w/ fanfiction, so you know I don't say that lightly! I'm glad Roz gave Niles some good advice. And I can't help but be curious about Martin and Daphne's conversation, so I hope you'll cover that in the next chapter! Once again, awesome job!
iloveromance chapter 6 . 9/27/2012
Oh I love this and I could literally picture everything that was going on. I loved Martin and Frasier's antics with the white box and that Martin found out what's inside. And Niles going to Roz for advice was wonderful, although I didn't expect her to give him the advice that she did! I cannot wait to see what happens when he finally goes through with it and I hope that for everyone's sake that it all works out! ;)
A.Baroness chapter 6 . 9/27/2012
Finally! You cannot believe how glad I was to see this updated. As always, your words just spring off the page (or rather screen). Your way of writing is just so perfect, so brilliant. I always feel like I'm with the characters and feel what they feel, see what they feel. It's absolutely wonderful. I loved so much about this chapter and quoting individual passages like I'd love to do would probably take up too much space, but for example this: "... whose support she could always count on; the best friend but never the beau; the person she often claimed to love but could never fall in love with." BRILLIANT. Made me feel bad for Niles of course. Poor man. I loved how you had Daphne pretty much say the same thing about the rings here as she did in Ring Cyle. Frasier's character traits like his curiosity are spot-on. the scene where Niles goes to Roz for advice, man, I think that's my favorite. It has to be. It's so beautiful in a way, her advice particularly. Absolutely wonderful. the chapter was soooo worth the wait, still I can't wait for the next chapter :)
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