Reviews for The After
Veraozao chapter 113 . 9/11
love it, kissus
kouga's older woman chapter 113 . 9/9
I'll be waiting for more!
Henhito chapter 113 . 9/8
Enjoying the story, but bummed to see them part ways once again. Curious about Arata - what could she see in what amounts to a child to her years? But then again, youth has been know to invigorating those who come in contact with it. I'm interest to see where it goes. Thanks for your hard work.
KaeterinaRomanov chapter 112 . 9/4
Love the story please update again soon!
ZyiareHellsing chapter 112 . 8/31
Thanks for the update.
An93lsGl0ry chapter 84 . 8/29
Hey An93l here!

Okay it has been many years since I came back to read this story once more because I was both lazy and busy to have time to go back here in fanfic and read this. When I came back it seemed that your story is one of the fewest stories that was not left behind and I felt it was time to reread everything before reading the present chapters I have missed and Oh! How I missed such a good story! I had forgotten how impeccably heart touching, sentimental and melancholy this story is! This is so far from rereading, the best underrated story I have read because of the correct characteristics of the characters. It feels as if I was reading another version of Inuyasha. That's how much you keep the characters as close and similar as in the anime/manga with through the progress and the situation you put in these characters seem legit and I love the way you made it feel realistic as Kagome's love for Inuyasha still there and unwavering considering this to be a SesshoKago fanfic proves to be a crucial point that you are trying to make this story's characters as close as in the manga and anime and it's very welcoming because as lovers of Inuyasha we want to read stories of our fav pairings but at the same time retaining their well-known characteristics. I am so thankful that you created such a story and for not leaving this behind. Keep it up! I am looking forward to reading more chaps of this story :) This is by far the KagomexSesshomaru fanfic closest to my heart! Just love it!

Have a wonderful day and keep on writing!
An93l \(~w~)/
kouga's older woman chapter 111 . 8/28
Need more please!
Ldysabella chapter 111 . 8/24
Sesshoumaru is being considerate of her needs and feelings.. That's a huge step for him..
akari124 chapter 110 . 8/16
en 1 hora lei todos tus capitulos wiiiii :)))))
Guest chapter 110 . 8/15
Poor Kagome. And this is why I have never wished for immortality as others do. We are all meant to die. To follow those we care about to the after life and beyond to the next life. That's how it's meant to be.

Beautiful story, keep it up.
Veraozao chapter 110 . 8/14
love it, kissus
kouga's older woman chapter 110 . 8/13
Poor Kagome!
Guest chapter 110 . 8/12
Ldysabella chapter 110 . 8/10
It's definitely the part of forever young that people conveniently forget about. We aren't supposed to out live our kids.
blackdragon72 chapter 110 . 8/10
This seems like a perfect place to have Sess walk up on them. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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