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moon so bright chapter 4 . 16h
Shampoo's POV was hilarious, especially what she considered punishments. I love the chapter and how all the characters interacted. Ranma got a dose of reality from his father, unknowingly messed with both his mother and minion, and got back together with his friend. All in all it was pretty fun.
moon so bright chapter 3 . 16h
The situation with Shampoo is hilarious. I have the feels for the situation between Kodachi and Ranma.
moon so bright chapter 2 . 16h
This has totally shifted everything. I like their friendship, as well as Nabiki's fear and respect of Ranma. I liked the fight against Shampoo, especially.
moon so bright chapter 1 . 16h
It took me a while to remember the hair curse, but once I did, I really started laughing. I like the fact that P-chan was revealed so soon.
crimsonswordblue chapter 4 . 2/1
This is one of my favorite stories to read, like you the divergence is super interesting to me. I like the ranma/kodachi friendship/romance and the developing master/servant relationship between ranma and shampoo. I think it would be especially funny if mousse comes because he will try to free shampoo from her 'evil suppressor' and cologne would try to get ranma to be a good master to granddaughter.
dimriver chapter 4 . 1/18
Good story, just surprised Ranma didn't go talk to Kodachi sooner. Well that and that he hasn't been poisoned yet.
Balthanon chapter 3 . 1/14
So one thing that I think might be fairly interesting in all of this is if Ranma actually goes back and acquires her original Dragon's Whisker, diced up and all- it's probably pounded into the dirt by this point, but if she can find enough of it, she wouldn't even need to figure out the Umisenken on her own. Genma would certainly sell their secrets for rice porridge or broth made from the whisker (which should work fine given that you just need to boil it in the soup.) Based on the scene at the end of the Dragon Whisker arc in the anime, it doesn't even look like you need a full bowl for it to function.
Beth Cyra chapter 2 . 1/8
My goddess i love it.

Its so rare to see a story focus on Kodachi (im a huge fan girl for Kodachi) and even less to have Ranma-chan as the lead.

I have almost no complaints other then to say thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Even if never completed im so grateful and the Ranma-chan/Kodachi fan girl has never been this blessed.
Seth chapter 4 . 12/27/2015
Good story I hope you pick this back up and continue cause this story has been written well so far
sarista wow chapter 1 . 12/26/2015
So, I have to say this is an impressive fic, and not just because of the impressive length of its chapters.

You take a meticulous look at the time, the setting and underlying logic of the surroundings that many authors just ignore and make them 'work' for the story, which adds a great deal of immersion.

I do feel Nabiki is a bit overly aggressive/foolish but she seems to have cleared up on that front recently which helps.

The way you've managed to spiral a minor episode plot point and a singly minute scene in a fight really drives home the very basis of the 'for want of a nail' situation and all the ensuing changes work well.

At times Ranma has seemed a bit... overly nasty to those outside his/her current issues, such as Kasumi, but given the circumstances and Ranma's growing vexation this is explained fairly well.

The tone is certainly harsher than Ranma 1/2 usually is, not only between the characters but also in the writing itself such as in regards to the injuries sustained in combat. This adds a good level of immersion and is handled well without slipping over into being simply grim.

It does feel a bit strange that Genma and Soun seem so, calm, at the moment, though they have made efforts this is true, and them taking a back-seat is honestly kind of nice given how unfocussed they could be in canon as well.

The characters pretty much all feel like themselves, it just so happens that Ranma and Akane, compared to canon, "start" in moods fitting their worst day and circumstances and their own issues never allow them to truly calm down. This works, its in character given how stubborn they are, the situations don't feel contrived and they do an effective job of moving the overall story along.

Ranma's reflection on friends was especially poignant and sad, I'll be deeply curious to see how his/her interactions with Ukyo go should she/he arrive.

And Kodachi, my, my you have done a wonderful job writing and expanding on her character in this fic, Her introduction, her burgeoning friendship with Ranma and just how much they both clearly 'want' it is conveyed magnificently without Kodachi losing her more malicious edge. Her reaction to the curse and effectively being lied to made sense and its nice to see she's dealt with it, but of course Ranma won't be won back so easily given how prickly she/he can be and the long distance approach is even less likely to succeed. Though I was under the impression Kodachi didn't know about her fathers... craziness.

What you've chosen to do with Xian Pu is also a unique twist. Heh for a moment I thought she was swearing herself to Nabiki for 'saving' her which could have been fun, but this is by no means bad and works quite well with the Amazon laws as we have seen them. Her perspective is rather beaten down which makes sense, she's lost everything and has had her pride cut to ribbons. Maybe she should have tried training in some of the ancient Amazonian technique before trying Ranma again XD

Akane is hard to review in this context as she's being unpleasant, but she and Ranma are basically having a persistent argument over their 'traditional' spat/insult campaigns. Her flaws are definitely clear for all to see, but we got to see some of her strengths in her efforts to train and win her match against Kodachi which was nice. I'll be curious to see if she gets some development in the future.

Overall, this is a very impressive story and I found it to be an immersive and exciting read.

Best of luck with the next chapter!
Spokavriel chapter 4 . 12/25/2015
So your pre-readers have become they who should not be named? Seems a bit odd you would trust people you won't even say. ;)

I like that the friendship was mended by talking. I bet Nabiki is going to be criven completely insane by this turn of events. Perhaps so much she'd fit right in as a bride for Tatewaki.

Why am I imagining Kodachi and Ranma-chan both ending up Shampoo's effective shield sisters even though she no longer sees herself as an Amazon due to her defeats.

You now Ranma isn't just going to be able to strike out and find a dragon. Heck even the head tailed orochi might not be the right kind of dragon to control the hair curse. So some research into this problem might be needed and I really only see Kodachi or maybe Nabiki in that situation. Neither one really has the motivation to go into that kind of work yet. There is also a possibility of Kulon should she come around and decide it would be better for her grandchild to have a husband than a mistress.

Just imagine Ranma's disappointment if a dragon is found and defeated but still ends up the wrong kind to even have a whisker. Maybe even the Dragon becoming a pet for Kodachi since that could be fun. All depends on the nature of the Dragon which I think would be fun to eventually find.

Looking forward to what happens next.

Don't forget Puff the Magic Dragon has hair but no whiskers.
Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Dude chapter 4 . 12/11/2015
Love it!
FuryouMiko chapter 4 . 12/11/2015
Wow, can't believe I didn't read cpt4 when it came out. Good chapter. Poor Shampoo... So cute though. Just need to get some more of that language barrier down. :D
Rune Tobor chapter 4 . 12/5/2015
If I could write I'd do a divergence even earlier. The table Akane used when she hit Ranma for the first time?
I'd have Ranma take it away and brain Akane with it. Then I'd have Ranma say how honorless Akane was and that since Akane lacked honor the pact to have them marry was voided.

That would put everyone on notice to behave.
Sure Genma and Sound would just make a new deal but Akane would be out of the running.
Nabiki would think twice before scamming him or she might be attacked.
Kasumi might choose to be the one matched with Ranma, but maybe not.
Ranma will declare the pact valid only if both men are not honorless.
The arrival of Ukyo will expose Genma as the scum he is, voiding all his deals.
This causes Soun to turn on the panda.

What happens next?
You choose.
Rune Tobor chapter 3 . 12/5/2015

Operation humble the amazon is a GO!
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