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Aurea08 chapter 4 . 1/11/2015
Name: Aurea

Nicknames(if one): Aras, Ar

Age: 15

Birthday: 26-12

Powers: Fog, Aura control (meaning she can practically destroy someone's aura, but since demons don't have one...)

Alliance: team Okami

Appearance: Violet eyes which change colour depending on the mood, long, thick brown hair that goes halfway her back, and a loose shirt (a bit like Waka's, but without the Pom-poms) and loose pants, and no shoes, only black socks. She always wears a blue, wooden bracelet, to power her aura. If she loses it, she will weaken considerably.

Height: 1.76 meters

Weight(not recommended): 61,5 kilograms

Personality: Autistic, so not very good at communicating, but can bring messages to others with her aura. If you piss her off, though, you better hide under the nearest rock and make your getaway when the coast is clear. She can run really fast on four legs, and usually walks that way too. She almost never talks, and has a black sense of humor (if someone falls off the stairs, she laughs).

Strengths: She is really fast on four- and two legs, has razor sharp, nearly vampire like teeth that can ingest Healthite, which can stop all pain, or Possulon, a deadly venom. She can talk through auras and can control them as well. She can transform into a horse with wings.

Flaws: She is heavily scared of fire, and nearly traumatized if she sees it. She will lose control and run away like hell.

Dislikes: Anyone who asks her out, parties, disco's, anyone who insults Waka.

Likes: Waka, food in general, grass.

Residence: No-one knows... Let's just assume Shinshui field.

Known relatives: She almost seems to be her own race...

Other: She has wings, but they can only be seen at night, so at the time the moon is out, she usually stays out of sight, but always stays near the group because of their strong auras.

History: She always appeared on Shinshui field, where she apparently lives. She has been seen flying, although that was never confirmed. Her trauma with fire comes from the day Agata forest was on fire, when one flame hit her between the eyes.
Reclusive Dork chapter 6 . 12/15/2014
Hmmm. you could put shikeiyotogi as a traveler.
zeldasheik555 chapter 3 . 2/16/2014
Name: Hikari
Gender: Female
Nickname: Hi-chan (close friends call her this) or Hikari-san
Age: 18
Birthday: June 18
Powers: Fire, Ice, and Psychic user and she can turn into a wolf
Alliance: Team Okami
Appearance: Violet and blue hair pulled into a side ponytail, light purple t-shirt like top, black pants, pink jacket that is long on the back, but short in the front (jacket only worn in the cold) Snow leopard mask (only worn on special occasions
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 meters)
Weight: 130 lbs (58.967 kg)
Personality: Fun and out going, but will get serious when there are demons around.
Strengths: Can read minds really well. Because Hikari is autistic, her abilities are better then others. She is a smart gal.
Flaws: Can read minds really well (This can cause Hikari to get information she might not want to hear), Gets mad easily around demons (Autism is part of that), powers go out of control sometimes.
Dislikes: Yami, sour foods
Likes: Kagu (bff) Kurow (Boyfriend, don't ask) sushi
Residence: Kamui, right outside of Wep'keer
Known relatives: All relatives are dead
Other: Hikari is an autistic Oina
History: used to be a servant of Yami. now serves Amaterasu.
Orochi's Child chapter 5 . 2/16/2014
I understand. I hope you can come up with ideas.
AlphaGirl chapter 2 . 6/22/2013
Sorry about this when I was making this character and thought it was going to be a goddess but turned into a traveller!XD Sorry hear is what it has to say by power:
Power: Swordsmen ship,marshal arts,celestial brush powers
Sorry again I got confused XD
AlphaGirl chapter 2 . 6/22/2013
Name: Kaili yaroshi






Appearance: light brown waist long hair,emerald green eyes,short thin figure


Weight:45 kg

Personality: she is a happy-go-lucky,fun loving and playful girl,but can be serious if provoked and wears her 'heart on her sleeve' you mite say

Strengths: she knows how to fight and take care of herself and will do anything to protect the innocent

Flaws: she gets distracted easily and can get too over confidante in a fight witch makes her underestimate her opponent

Dislikes: rude people,perverts,snobs,demons,losing a fight,
Likes: poncles,wolves,cherry cakes,painting,adventure

Residence: kamiki village

Known relatives:(none)

Other: (none)

History: she was found at the age of five in front of the moon cave unconscious and half-dead. She was found by mr. And mrs. Orange while they were going to pray for an end-less era of peace and was taken back to the village and nursed back to health. When she was 18,she went travelling to find her real parents,but after 2 years of travelling,she went back to kamiki to see what changed while she was gone. But on the day of Orachi's return she was lucky to be siting under the sacred tree to be speared of his curse and that is when she met Amaterasu and issun (lucky for him she knew he was a poncle and not a bug the moment he said something)and joined them on their adventure.
Reclusive Dork chapter 2 . 3/10/2013
Name: Shikeiyotogi

Nicknames: Deathwatcher(Real meaning of name), Shinigami.

Age: he looks around 20

Birthday: wouldn't you like to know?

Powers:Umbral brush, divine instruments

His Divine instruments range from Masks(Shield), to Chains(Ranged), To Scythes(Power weapon).

His Brush, the Umbral Brush, comes with six Brush gods-not including himself.

Shikeiyotogi's brush power is the New Moon power, which Turns day into healing Night with Divine power(Draw a circle with an X in the Sky)

The Six Umbral Brush gods are as Follows(all umbral brush gods have the same color scheme as Shikeiyotogi-black with silver markings):

Kujogami, the god of destruction, a Bear with the Destruct power, that can create a timed explosion. (Draw a Circle with a rectangle inside and how many Seconds you want it to wait)

Inari, the god of thieves and travelers, a Fox with the Passage power, that can allow you to pass through solid objects or walk on Non-solid objects(like air-but there's a limit to how far you can in one stroke) (Draw a Triangle on yourself or others who need it.-or use White holy smoke to create a path in the air)

Fuugami, the god of the Black Wind, a Raven with the Tempest power, that can generate a powerful wind that can either Curse or Clean. (Draw a Loop over a line)

Kajigomi, the god of demonic Flames, a Lion with the Wildfire Power, that can control flame and transform it into the black flames of truth. (draw a Flame or a line from a flame)

Kibagomi, the god of Blades, a more Bulky dragon than Yomigami, With the Beast Claw and Crush Fang powers, That can cut through Stone or even crush Steel constructs.(Draw a quadruple parallel Curved Line, or draw two curved lines with a zigzag between them)

Dokuyomi, the god of Acid, a Snake with the Venom Bath power, that can doom enemies, or in large amplitude, Erase organic objects. No, It can't destroy stone, metal, or water. just carbon-based life forms, including plants. (Draw an X on an enemy, or fill in the area to be destroyed.)

Alliance: Divine(good)

Appearance: He looks like a pure black Wolf with Silver markings in his animal form. He has long messy black hair, Silver Eyes, and A black tail & Ears. He wears a black tight-fitting hakama and haori, and a tattered Black cloak that flows when there is no wind and simply screams 'Epic'.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 175

Personality: Serious, but is easily humored by the perils of others. mildly sarcastic at times.

Strengths: Always finishes the job and does even more. I mean, he's the God of Death. he has to have a surplus.

Flaws: he's too easily humored by people saying "I can't have DIED!" or stuff like that.

Dislikes: people who resist passing on for a very long time.

Likes: Amaterasu(he admires her ideals... and details), pretty girls and Mochi.

Residence: He doesn't really live anywhere, but he owns a house... an abandoned looking house.

Known relatives: none. his family is very secretive, he's the only one who has a fame-gaining job.

Other: he's secretly a minor pervert. hey, he''s lonely.

History: ...He helps the dead pass on.

I notice you only use -terasu names. That's not good. Amaterasu is a Unique goddess, give them unique names.
lady of zsgolla chapter 2 . 2/3/2013
Name: sakura

Nicknames: little cherry

Age: 15

Birthday: december 31

Powers: celectial paintbrush(celestial/ relaxed form) control of demons( when mad/ demon form)

Alliance: the gods and waka
Appearance: tall and skinny black hair and lines across her face in a swirl as a demon, brown hair any other time. use of wings (crow like)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 130

Personality: over protective of the gods when facing danger, loyal and fierce when agrivated

Strengths: singing and calming people down

Flaws: she is a demon and lowers her own worth when talkig to others

Dislikes: her parents and evil in general.

Likes: the moon and night time being included and needed

Residence: tao headquarters (second in command)

Known relatives: yami ( lord of darkness) nintails. ( so called lord of ryohima.)

Other: her guardian gods are kabegami, to help her stop putting herself down and yumigami.
History: she apeared on the celestial plain as a child and fled and survived the demons attack with waka and shiranui.
boudicafireheart chapter 3 . 1/29/2013
I don't know if this is possible, but could you please rename "Darkterasu" to "Kanaterasu" or Shiniterasu"? Honestly, I think it's kinda weird when people combine English words and 'terasu. No offense taken, I hope. 8U
starlightangel823 chapter 15 . 1/25/2013
Hi! I have 2 ocs that are brother and sister. One is good and one is evil. If you only want one of them, i am willing to change the back story for you. Here they are:

Name: Sutaterasu

Nickname: Suta

Age: Looks 16 in human form. She is a star goddess.

Birthday: January 1st.

Powers: She uses mainly magic. She has psychic abilities and can read the future in the stars.

Alliance: Team Okami

Appearance: Wolf form: She is pale blue with white markings, in the shape of constellations.
Human form: She has pale blue hair with silver highlights. It goes to her mid-back and she keeps it down with star gems in it. She has sea green eyes and a star swirl tattoo under each eye. She wears a white with blue Miko outfit(similar to kagu's, just swap out the red for the blue).

Height: 5'6 in human form. I wolf form, she is slightly smaller than ammy.

Weight: 110 pounds.

Personality: She is naturally kind. She is calm and collected in serious situations, but normally she is the 'younger' one who is always trying to keep everyone smiling. She can be somewhat of a klutz/spazz in human form in normal situations. She is always trying to lighten the mood and stay optimistic. She tries to become friends with kana.

Strengths: Her bravery and loyalty to her friends and her psychic abilities.

Flaws: Sometimes she can get too emotionally involved. When someone she cares about gets hurt, she feels like she failed. She is very hard on herself and is always striving to be perfect. She is also trying to help save her brother, but she knows she has to put the fate of Nippon over her own happiness. She is always following what the stars tell her. She always feels afraid and burdened with her mission, but she hides her discomfort, not wanting to trouble anyone.

Dislikes: When someone is sad, especially children. Pessimism. Being treated like a kid.

Likes: Her friends, anything sweet, meeting new people. Stargazing/ cloudwatching. Making good luck charms.

Romantic Interest: None at the moment.

Lives: In the star temple.

Known Relatives: Her older twin brother, Kuratou.

Other: Uses star septer in battle. Gift from her father.

History: She was born and raised by the old late star god. When the time came to choose a new god/goddess, he chose Suta even though she was younger. When her brother ran away, she did everything she could to find him, but by then, the darkness had already got to him. Suta has been living in her temple for years,gazing up at the stars, figuring out the destiny of the worlds, her job as the star goddess. When she hears of the events unfolding and her brothers involvement, she leaves her post and goes to join the battle to save the world and to try to save her older brother.

Name: Kuratou

Nickname: Kura

Age: Looks around 16 or 17. Same age as Suta.

Birthday: January 1st. Same as Suta.

Powers: 2 dark Katanas (Best move: infinite sword attack). Power over darkness and shadows.

Alliance: Searan

Appearance: Human form only. He has dark grey hair cut short to the shoulder. He also has red eyes when evil. Before he joined the dark side, his eyes were bright blue. He wears a black and red male samurai uniform.

Height: 6’

Weight: N/A

Personality: Wicked heart filled with jealousy. He is angry because his sister became the star god and he didn’t. He resents his family. He has a heart filled with hate. He gave up his wolf form and his status as a god and became a demon to become Searan’s guardian.

Strengths: His infinite sword attack. Can weaken others abilities for a short period of time.

Flaws: Weakness to light ( i.e. Sun and star powers (Suta) )

Romantic Interest: None.

Live: Searan’s cage as a guard outside the place.

Known Relatives: His younger twin, Sutaterasu.

Other: Carries a good luck charm Suta gave him.

History: Lived as a star god with his sister until their father passed away, giving his power to Suta. Filled with feelings of betrayal and jealousy over his little sister, he runs away. Searan finds him and lures him into darkness where he becomes a demon, vowing to protect Searan, denouncing his place as a god. He carries around a good luck charm from his sister in secret, his bond with his sister still aching at his darkened heart.

Here they are! I hope you like them! Any questions just PM me.
Orochi's Child chapter 15 . 1/22/2013
Are you still accepting OC's if so
Name: Ariana

Nickname: Mizchu

Age: 17

Birthday: 9/26

Powers: Control over water

Alliance: Orochi, Demons

Appearance: Pale skin, blue hair(really water), blue clothes

Height: 5'9

Weight: Keeps it a secret

Personality: Evil, cruel, intelligent

Strengths: Master of Stealth and hand to hand combat, can tell opponents move ahead

Flaws: Arrogant, takes to much pride in self

Dislikes: anyone calling her kappa, gods, poncles

Likes: blue, ogre liver stew, spreading terror,

Residence: Moon Cave

Known relatives: Orochi(father)

Other: Tends to keep to herself, yet at the same time likes to work with others

History: Born to the demon father Orochi and a non demon mother, she took up after the water head. Due to her constant training, Amaterasu never got to fighter, after the Moon Cave was destroyed and her father defeated, she rebuilt the Moon cave in the outskirts of Nippon and plots to destroy the gods, rule Nippon and bring back her father.
Zora Princess chapter 14 . 10/8/2012
Thanks! I was confused ... Looking forward to the story!

See ya- Zora
Vulaan Kulaas chapter 15 . 10/8/2012
Hi! Do you still accept OCs? D

Name:Hoshi. (Means Star)



Species:Human/Demon(Kitsune) hybrid.

Appearance:Due to her being both,she has two forms.

Human:Long black hair,silver eyes,tan skin. She wears a gold kimiono that doesn't show her chest and is torn at the bottom so she can run without tripping over it. She's barefoot when she's not in villages or cities,along with the fact she's 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 190 pounds.

Demon:She's a Kitsune so she can shapeshift between her forms at will. She has 2 tails as of now,her fur is black with a golden tint and she has her silver eyes from her human half. She's 4 times smaller then Ninetails,and she has a copper star on her forehead. She's about 300 pounds in this form.

Personality:Spunky,mischeivous,a spitefire,and loving,she's someone you'd like to be around. However if she gets angry...You better run for the hills as fast as your legs can carry you. Luckily she doesn't get mad often and it doesn't last long,depending on what happened.


Skills:While human she can cook,is a very good swordswoman,can plant,and can sing unless she's her demon form she's a deadly fighter,can run at a quick speed unless she's wounded,and can swim.

Weaknesses:Can't swim in her human form,doesn't have a lot of edurance in her demon form,talks too much,and her mouth will get her into trouble. Also when in her forms she can't understand what creatures are saying. So while human she can't understand demons and vice versa.

History:Was concieved when a female Kitsune in her human form seduced a human male as a dare by her comrades. (She hated humans as most demons do) After finishing her job,she slit his throat and went on her way. Months later,she gave birth and died,and the infant was found near Kamiki Village. She lived there untill she was 16,when she found out what she was she left to protect the village. She's now at Taka Pass and is living in the house that the Cutters used to live in after it was rebuild.
XxDrMcCoyxX chapter 4 . 10/6/2012
Name: Kitchigami

Nickname: Gumi

Age: 12

Birthday: 29, August, ?

Powers: In god form, her powers include able to make a water spout, and a rideable wave. In human form, she can make a small version of waterspout, like raising water from a cup.

Alliance: Doesn't know where to go.

Appearance: In her little girl form, she has short hazel hair and aqua blue eyes. She has a pastel blue kimono and she has a pastel yellow bow in her hair. In her god form, she is a relatively large teal snake, that has aqua eyes.

Height: As a little girl, about 4 ft 3 inches. As a snake, she is 4 ft long.

Weight: She's never measured.

Personality: Quiet and sweet. She thinks everyone deserves better than her because "no one likes the snake".

Strengths: She is fairly flexible and is very fast. She is diligent and can change a lot of peoples minds. In her snake form she can add the slightest bit of poison into the water she creates.

Flaws: Sometimes her generosity has her on her knees. It takes a lot out of her to out in some poison into things, because the poison comes from her blood.

Dislikes: Bugs, loud noises, the dark.

Likes: Stars, animals, swimming, listening to the river flow, sunlight.

Romantic interest: None, at the moment.

Live: Kamiki village.

Known relatives: Mother, Father. (We never find out their real names. Only Kitchigami really ever calls them and she always calls them "Mother" and "Father".)

Other: She carries a small brush with blue paint on the tip. The paint never goes away, as it's her celestial brush. (I forgot to mention, Usagami has one too, but it has yellow paint on it.)
Zora Princess chapter 2 . 9/28/2012
Okay, two questions (I hope these don't seem rude, they weren't meant that way at all). One, why did you put Sun next to Sakura on the accepted list (thank you soooo much for accepting her!)? I'm sorry, I'm curious. Two, I don't mean to pry, but why didn't you put a bio for Kura? When I said you could change her if necessary, it was because I'm terrified of trying to make you accept a sue, so I figured if she was a sue, you could you could balance her out if she was. Sorry if there was confusion, and I would appreciate if you could answer my questions.

Also, I forgot a couple things in Kura's bio. She wears glasses, so it would be kinda bad if she lost those, and she's kinda clumsy if she's focused on something else.

Sorry for this, but between my curiosity and the things I forgot, I had to. Sorry for any inconvenience.

See ya- Zora
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