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Sleepyreader319 chapter 10 . 2/25/2013
Love it! Carolyn and Daniel make a great couple!
Lady Musket chapter 10 . 1/1/2013
OMG! I loved reading this fanfiction! Well writing and great story! But I were wondering what happened to Julia... I like her a lot, and in the end she's a vampire too! I just think would be interesting show her up.
athousandroses chapter 10 . 10/21/2012
Nice story! I enjoyed it :)
Kingdomalith chapter 10 . 10/20/2012
That was a freaking amazing story.

I just got and re-watched the Dark Shadows movie, and this fits into it very well!

The characters are all practically in character and their same- amusing selves XD

I like Banks and Daniel! They're very well made OCs and I enjoyed them being in the story.

By the way, since we're talking about characters, did you purposely name the "bitch" Chris Hargensen and her boyfriend Billy Nolan after the characters in Carrie by Stephen King- that Chloe is going to appear in the remake of? XD because if you did, then that is cool.

Great story! I loved the werewolf transformation in it as well, it was very well done!
TorontoBatFan chapter 10 . 10/10/2012
Nice wrap-up to the story. At first I didn't think Carolyn would go along with Elizabeth when they drove Daniel home. Then I realized she might not want to leave Daniel to face Elizabeth's questions on his own.

Was Elizabeth talking about secrecy behind parental supervision in reference to their relationship or Daniel telling his family that he's a werewolf.

Elizabeth appears to have coping skills like no other person. She's able to be parental and lay down the law even when it comes to Carolyn's moonlit prowls. LOL I think Banks is definitely the better choice. I somehow think Barnabas would be intensely bored if he had to do it. (I mean, he'd spend the entire night chaperoning a pair of werewolves. I suspect that'd get old quite quickly.) Plus, as Carolyn sees it, she'd be changing back at the end with Barnabas there and her without any clothes on.

Again, the scenes with David were very sweet. It highlighted how much closer they've gotten since the film. Now they can dig at each other and know there's no malice involved. (BTW, you should edit in David getting to say "I told you so!". LOL)

Aw, that was sweet that Daniel brought Peter along. He'll probably find Collinwood fascinating. Now, would Daniel have told his family EVERYTHING? i.e. That Barnabas and Victoria are vampires...There are ghosts at Collinwood...etc

I like how Carolyn sees all the difficulties the family faced with Angelique as a trial that brought them together and essentially forced them to realize that even though they might be freaks, they're still a family.

The wrap-up was a little hasty but nice. I laughed at the idea of the family get-togethers. Mainly, I was trying to imagine Barnabas trying to make polite, casual conversation with people who're not used to him and not looking too weird. LOL

Are you planning any other DS fics? Maybe something with Barnabas' POV as he adjusts, post-film, to his new place in the family with the 20th Century Collins'.
oracle33c chapter 10 . 10/9/2012
lovely end to the story, very sweet, liked the character development, carolyn and daniel were very well rounded, developing their romance gradually was a nice touch, reading how carolyn grows, maturing from a typical angry teen to being more involved with the family, even becoming more like a big sister to david, all good, i hope to see more stories coming from it, the further adventures of this little wolf pack
EleKat chapter 10 . 10/8/2012
Awesome! Please update soon! :)
TorontoBatFan chapter 9 . 9/14/2012
Well, you really surprised me by posting again so soon. LOL

This was a good chapter.

I really liked the scene with David and Carolyn on the beach. Again, it highlights how despite their ragging on one another, they clearly love each other. And David was able to fool Victoria? That can't be an easy thing to do. LOL (Not only is she sharp, but she has enhanced senses that could probably let her know if someone was asleep or not -rate of breathing, etc.)

David definitely had a point in telling her that Daniel being a werewolf too would make it easier for her. (A point he missed was that she wouldn't have to worry about making excuses at full moon.)

The part where she ruffled his hair was simply too cute. And David seems to be maturing as well, by trying to look cool and say he's waiting to say "I told you so."

And...I was right. LOL Daniel is indeed the other werewolf. I wonder about this other pack that tried to forcibly recruit him. How did he meet them if they wanted him in their pack that much. Was he bitten before they tried to recruit him, or was he bitten specifically FOR that reason? I wonder if they're connected to Banks' old pack? (I mean, how many werewolf packs can be running around Maine?) Why do I have the feeling they might show up in Collinsport to cause more trouble for Daniel? (At the very least, they won't be expecting Daniel to have his own pack now, and that it's backed up by vampires. :-D)

Nice bit of their first night together after changing. Would that count as a first date? The playful wrestling would have different connotations if they were still in human form. LOL

Victoria's gotten good at tracking down Carolyn in the morning. Of course, I'm guessing that she instinctively heads back to the Collins estate as the night begins to wane, so Victoria wouldn't have far to go. Did she find Daniel's pants as well?

And a very nice romantic little scene there on the couch. I presume Elizabeth got her keys so she could drive Daniel home. I can imagine that would be a slightly tense ride for him, as Elizabeth might start to grill him. LOL BTW, I liked the touch of Barnabas being so good at getting David to go back to sleep.

Looking forward to Chapter 10. :-D
TorontoBatFan chapter 8 . 9/13/2012
Sorry for the delayed review.

Cool chapter, as always.

I imagine being a dinner guest at Collinwood is an interesting experience. I can visualize Daniel undergoing questioning on a rotational basis. LOL

Nice that Barnabas didn't say anything embarassing. I have this image of him, David and Victoria doing a "dress rehearsal" that day.

The kiss scene was nice. Daniel really had some courage to try that, after acknowledging she could deck him.

It was really a shame Banks had to ruin the moment for them. Talk about timing -he not only misses dinner by coming late, but he tackles Carolyn's date just when thery were about to have a moment of truth. Well, Daniel can't say that you don't get entertained at Collinwood.

I liked Carolyn's burst of temper when she saw Banks was still there. A nice touch -that you can still add in- would be that Carolyn notices that Victoria is only using one arm to restrain her, and even though Victoria is so waifish looking...her one arm is like a steel girder. (Sort of to show Carolyn being a bit in awe of how strong Victoria is, now that she's a vampire. As strong as Carolyn is, she realizes her strength -at least in human form- can't begin to match Barnabas or Victoria.)

I loved Victoria punching out Banks. (She should perhaps invest in getting a heavy punching bag and setting it up in her room. Pounding on it would be a good way for her to let off some steam.)

I liked how Carolyn realized that divulging too much without being sure would make her look crazy. Although, it seemed to me that she was about to reveal her secret to him the other night before Banks made his dramatic appearance.

Well, on to Chapter 9. :-D
oracle33c chapter 8 . 9/10/2012
wonderful as always, keep it up, just love where this is going, you have a very good flow in your writing, look forward to more
EleKat chapter 8 . 9/10/2012
Awesome! please update soon!
TorontoBatFan chapter 7 . 9/6/2012
Again, I like how Carolyn is confiding in Victoria. It's most natural, as she would feel that there are certain things she wouldn't feel totally comfortable about discussing with her mother. As well, Victoria is far closer to her own age and has enough detachment that she talk as Victoria's friend as well as aunt.

I like how Carolyn is worried about Daniel's reaction to meeting the entire Collins family at Collinwood. I suspect that might be a bit intense for someone not used to it. (I get the feeling that Carolyn, even though she loves and accepts her family now, is still able to grasp how weird they look to outsiders.)

Is Banks coming to dinner on Friday as well? That passage was a little confusing.

So, Carolyn is starting to suspect Daniel might be some sort of supernatural creature as well? Now, I would think that she'd piece things together. (Daniel may well be something supernatural...He has a familiar scent...He shows up with a wound the morning after the events in the woods...)

Nice scene of Carolyn not disturbing David's conversation with his mother. Now, that tingle she felt...Do others in the house (i.e. Elizabeth and Willie) feel it, or only the family members with supernatural abilities (Carolyn, Victoria and Barnabas)? BTW, in that passage you had Carolyn recalling seeing Laura once, but in the next sentence it's only David can see her. That kind of contradicts itself.

Now, the part with Willie...I don't recall them having any verbal sparring in the film. In fact, I don't remember them even having a scene alone together.

Nice scene with Daniel at school. He really does seem to bring out her lighter side that she seems to keep hidden. The bit about him being territorial...Now, that's just the truth screaming at her. LOL

Wow. He kissed her at school...That'll set the gossip mills going.

I don't think Elizabeth would address him as "Mr. Levine". I mean, he's sixteen and a friend of her daughter's, not a business acquaintance. She'd want him to feel a LITTLE comfortable in the house. LOL (Thus, she'd address him as Daniel.)

David thinks the house isn't that interesting? Huh? The house has ghost, secret passages and -possibly- a stairwell that is a time portal. LOL If the cable-tv ever goes on the blink, they can entertain themselves just by going through the house.

I figured with Mrs. Johnson apparently gone, the family would all help out with cleaning. I have this image of Barnabas hanging on the wall, washing the upper windows. LOL

Heh. I liked Carolyn's mixed feelings about Barnabas meeting Daniel. I'd have thought though that Victoria would've warned him beforehand about what he should or shouldn't say.

Oh, so Daniel saw a glimpse of Laura too? (I presume it was Laura, as Josette's spirit apparently merged with Victoria when Barnabas turned her.) Nice bit with Victoria surprising him. I guess -if my hypothesis is true- he'll have figured out that something's off with her.

BTW, I like how we're getting how outsiders find Collinwood somewhat strange.

What was Daniel going to ask her? Was it about what he's seen in the house so far, or was it about the previous week when the moon was full?

I have a feeling Carolyn will be ticked off that Barnabas a) approached her without her noticing...again and b) that he may well have interrupted whatever Daniel was about to tell her.

I'm definitely looking forward to Chapter 8 now. :-D
TorontoBatFan chapter 6 . 9/2/2012
Another great chapter.

I like how Carolyn feels like she doesn't need to have Barnabas and Victoria acting as bodyguards around her when Banks comes to Collinwood. I suspect she feels that not only does she understand him better due to them both being werewolves, but she also feels she's no longer a child who needs looking after.

As for the next full moon, it would almost another month until the next one.

Again, I really like how David and Carolyn are being shown here. They're coming across like siblings. (Of course, just because of family circumstances, their relationship is more like brother and sister than cousins.) Carolyn is determined to protect him. It's interesting that David is acting towards Carolyn very much the way she's acting towards Barnabas and Victoria; he wants to be able to handle his own problems and stand up for himself, rather a more powerful family member doing it for him.

David teasing her about Daniel was really sweet. It shows just how much improved their relationship is. And the way he seems to make her mad now comes across like a real little brother/big sister relationship. He teases her just to get a rise out of her, while she knows that it's really meant for fun.

Her cuts are gone after three or four days? She really does have accelerated healing abilities.

The scene with Elizabeth meeting Daniel was priceless. I can completely see Elizabeth -knowing that Carolyn is likely interested in him as more than a friend- wanting to get a read on him herself.

Heh-heh. It appears that Carolyn has another vulnerability after silver -being embarassed by her mother talking to a boy she likes. LOL That was a very realistic sounding scene. Carolyn should look on the bright side...When it comes to potential embarassment, her mother is nothing compared to Barnabas. (You should have her worried that Barnabas will -on their first meeting- point out to Daniel that Carolyn is at an age where she needs a husband and has good birthing hips. LOL)

It was good that Carolyn could hear Daniel not listening to his "friends" comments about her. Hmmm. He sensed her presence...Another clue. LOL

Nice that Carolyn feels "off" because Daniel has affected her personality. She has always been a direct, headstrong person. (It's clear she gets that from Elizabeth.) However, he seems to have softened her somewhat, and it's making her nervous. I wonder if she'll see if he has the same sort of scars that she has on her shoulder. LOL

Looking forward to Daniel meeting Barnabas. (aka "Meet the Vampires" LOL)
TorontoBatFan chapter 5 . 8/28/2012
Cool chapter.

Sorry I didn't review before, I was getting my own up. LOL

I liked Carolyn's irritation at someone being able to sneak up on her. She's used to having the most accute senses and it woudl naturally irk her that someone is able to get past her.

I somehow see her and Victoria making it into a game in them always trying to sneak up on the other, to test themselves.

I did like how Carolyn is amused by Barnabas' continuing difficulties with modern slang. It seems they've developed a good relationship.

Elizabeth's going into the cannery on a Saturday?

Banks seems like an interesting sort. Maybe Elizabeth can find a position for him at the cannery.

The other wolf is Carolyn's age? And she's still not putting the pieces together? LOL I wonder what her scan will pick up.

Looking forward to Chapter 6. :-D
EleKat chapter 5 . 8/26/2012
Awesome! Please update soon
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