Reviews for A Friendly Demonstration
Phoenix81 chapter 58 . 11/15
Hi, I have enjoyed this story so far, but will you be finishing it? Will Harm and Gill get married? Will Mattie actually walk again and get accepted into Annapolis as planned? Will Harm and Gill have any kids, as it's something he's always wanted?
steamboat chapter 58 . 8/11
Delightful! It's truly a joy to read an update about our friends across the pond! Thank you for sharing!
Billy Lewis Jr chapter 53 . 6/28
Love this story have read it three or four times if i had to guess who the next Jag will be. I would say Harm and if he is what will that mean for him and Gill ?
angelscatie chapter 58 . 6/22
Great chapter
Guest chapter 58 . 6/14
Once again, THANK YOU so much for continuing to update your stories. I look for updates at least once each day. You are my favorite author because the way you handles Harm's different relationships in your stories. Please keep writing!
Jeneral2885 chapter 58 . 6/13
ok chapter
steamboat chapter 58 . 6/12
Sweet chapter! Mattie, Gill, Jen, Julia, Hawkes, and now Heather? Wuite the harem Harm is developing huh? Lol! really enjoying your story!
TnJAGAz chapter 58 . 6/11
Another chapter nicely done.

Looking forward to more,
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 58 . 6/10
Great to finally see an update!
Well, this Heather looks like she can hold her own, that's good, she'll need that strength when dealing with Mattie. And Harm and Gill are about to start settling into a life of cohabitation. that's gonna be interesting... :D
Oh, Julia, you klutz (er, that's the only word I could think of, probably doesn't apply). Never, and I do mean NEVER admit at work, especially not in the military, that you're bored or have nothing to do! xD It can happen too quickly you'll be painting the stones around the flag pole or even painting grass green or blue :P
zats chapter 58 . 6/10
Enjoyed the chapter. Don't know about Heather yet, only time will tell. Can't wait to read more.
TootsLogan chapter 58 . 6/10
So great to find an update of my all-time fave when I finally had internet access today. (Doesn't take much to keep a girl happy in the highlands of Papua New Guinea - just regular power and internet!). Really enjoying the developments in Harm's and Gill's relationship. I'm also wondering how the Admiral is going to be when he comes back on board on Monday. Could be an interesting time ahead for Harm.
Heather seems like she'll be a good match for Mattie.
A great read...many thanks.
ad694 chapter 58 . 6/9
Thanks for the new chapter to a very good story.
Saissa chapter 58 . 6/9
Mattie, you are allowed to say the word "loves" you know!
Sarai chapter 58 . 6/9
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 57 . 4/22
LOL, not even lawyer speak can make out racing for something it's not. We have a bet who would be fastest... that's racing in it's purest form. Street racing they call it and it's illegal. Many times ends in crashes.

Guilty. bang. 1 year of time in prison and loss of wheelchair license.


There's nothing like a cameradrie bond between two land-lubbers even if they're from different countries and services. ;-)


Looking forward to what comes next!
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