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VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 57 . 4/22
LOL, not even lawyer speak can make out racing for something it's not. We have a bet who would be fastest... that's racing in it's purest form. Street racing they call it and it's illegal. Many times ends in crashes.

Guilty. bang. 1 year of time in prison and loss of wheelchair license.


There's nothing like a cameradrie bond between two land-lubbers even if they're from different countries and services. ;-)


Looking forward to what comes next!
zats chapter 57 . 4/22
Things are moving along with the relationship. Look forward to reading more.
Jeneral2885 chapter 57 . 4/22
boring...waiting for fun
steamboat chapter 57 . 4/21
Delightful chapter! Really loved the party scene in Mattie and Ginny's room when the entire family showed up! Gill will ALWAYS be daddy's little girl! I think the one they have to worry about is granny! Lol! Keep up the excellent work!
TootsLogan chapter 57 . 4/21
What a delight to be able to read the latest update in this fic over breakfast. Had to laugh over Mattie and Ginny being sprung whilst racing their wheelchairs - could so see myself doing that at their age. Prince Harry might want to recruit them for the Invictus Games! And I really, really, really loved the bit about Starbucks (had me grinning and chuckling for ages - they fell flat here in Australia because they failed to do their homework. We'd had a vibrant Expresso coffee culture - courtesy of the impact of the European migration after WWII - esp. Italians - since I was a teenager - long before Starbucks first started in Seattle...). And - I'm really looking forward to seeing how Gill's family respond to her decision to move in with Harm. Might be a couple of interesting scenes coming up there... As always, well done and many thanks for such a quick update.
Sarai chapter 57 . 4/21
ad694 chapter 57 . 4/21
I can stop see Mattie racing wheelchairs. Again, very enjoyable, thanks.
TnJAGAz chapter 57 . 4/21
Nicely done - like the wheelchair racing ! :D Bravo on the whole chapter! :D
angelscatie chapter 57 . 4/21
Great chapter
Saissa chapter 57 . 4/21
I thought Harm was an old fashioned kind of guy? So why isn't he thinking about marriage? Does he not love Gill enough?

Immigration shouldn't matter too much. She wont go back to US until he gets posted back there. I'm sure the US Navy knows all the shortcuts to all the immigration rules.

It was good to see Gill's parents again. Haven't seen them for quite some time. Am also glad to see Mattie is back in a good frame of mind. Good enough to have a wheelchair race.

Good chapter.
TootsLogan chapter 56 . 4/20
Great update of my all time favourite! So pleased that Harm has finally begun to make it clear to Gill that he wants a long-term relationship (and, being the incurable romantic that I am, I'm hanging out for the eventual proposal and all that follows...). I think this pair are good together. Loved Harm's embargo on "Cosmo" - brought back memories of a teenage daughter (who now has teenage daughters of her own to have the self same conversations with! Payback is so sweet!) Wonderful insights into both Jen and Julia with their conversation with one another, too. Hanging out for the next instalment.
angelscatie chapter 56 . 4/18
Great chapter. Keep up the great work and update soon please.
Guest chapter 56 . 4/18
Cute ... Please post more as soon as possible ... Can't wait to see what happens next
Guest chapter 56 . 4/14
I have NOT put in a review for the last couple of times you have updated your ongoing stories but it is NOT because I have not read them. THANK YOU for continuing to update them. They are the ones I first look for when I check this page and I often have reread them so please keep updating them as you can because I am sure I am not the only reader who thinks of you as their favorite author!
jpstar57 chapter 56 . 4/14
Nice to see Harm & Gill moving forward to that big step. Thanks
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