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rlrct chapter 44 . 4/1
This was a wonderful update to one of my absolute favorite FFs. Jen and Julia are certainly a pair. Harm’s already admitted that he doesn’t stand a chance if the 2 of them gang up on him. Wonder what it would be like if Jen decided to pull Mattie into some scheme between the 3 girls.

Gill certainly had Sue going for a bit, although Sue had it coming. She’s been a quite the little busybody when it comes to interrogating Gill about her love life. Go Gill! Sue certainly got serious, though – and she may be right about the marriage part. Time will tell.

Fun is coming with the Mattie-maelstrom flying into town. I predict that Mattie and Gill will hit it off in grand style and Harm will be in deeper quicksand. The combination of Jen and Julia at the office and Gill and Mattie at home could keep the Yankee Captain in a permanent tailspin!

Great story and it’s especially fun to have the interaction of the different cultures.
TnJAGAz chapter 44 . 3/31
Good chapter, nicely done. :D Gill points out some practical points that need to be considered with regards to Mattie. :)
angelscatie chapter 44 . 3/28
Great chapter
ArmyDT42 chapter 44 . 3/28
Outstanding update. I am very much looking forward to seeing the long awaited arrival of Mattie in London. I think you did a great job with Gill seeing to Harm's needs regarding Mattie. I also enjoyed the banter between Gill and Sue. Another well written piece and making me excited for the next update.
DorothyOz chapter 44 . 3/26
Great update. I'm happy that Mattie is finally joining Harm in London. :-)

I liked seeing that Jen has decided to enjoy her life, and I couldn't stop laughing with Sue teasing Gill. Sue is smarter and knows Gill better than she shows. I like her!
steamboat chapter 44 . 3/25
Holy guacamole! The Brits party till 4 a.m.? That's about 6 more hours then I'd have given them credit for! LOL! Great chapter! I love the build up for Mattie's arrival in Great Britain and am really anticipating her meeting with Gill! I'm enjoying all the wonderful relationships you have created in this marvelous story! Thank you for sharing!
zats chapter 44 . 3/25
Enjoyed the chapter. Look forward to next one.
VisualIDentificationZeta chapter 44 . 3/25
My reaction upon seeing the update for this amazing fic in my inbox was to exclaim outloud "Yay!" :) You won't believe me how thrilled I am to see it back up.


"Oh! Isn't that just typical of a man!" Sue exclaimed

* * * All (Sue's actions on that fateful day) is forgiven and forgotten, ain't it right? ;-)


"Gillian Shephard, this is serious!"

* * * Took me back to that day of Johnny's award-giving and how against having anything to do with Harm she was. What would she think today of her actions, thoughts and motivations back then. :D


we've both got careers and what happens if one gets a posting to the other side of the world?

* * * Well, that isn't likely for HARM in the nearest future as he's just settled in.


Harm thought how very fitting it had been that it was Jen who had been sitting by the bed, holding Mattie's hand when the youngster's blue eyes had finally fluttered open

* * * Yes, yes it was. Jen was a pillar of strength. Harm was right to tell her on the show "What would I do without you?"


Fanastic kick-restart to this gorgeous tale, my friend, keep it up!
gunsbuster chapter 44 . 3/25
wow this incredible
jpstar57 chapter 44 . 3/25
Nice to read a happy chapter, thanks
Saissa chapter 44 . 3/25
Yippee - Thanks for the wonderful new chapter I woke up to, today.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Mattie and Gill do hit it off - because otherwise, this story will come to an abrupt end, if they don't.

I'm thinking, Gill hasn't met anyone from the London office except for Martinez, the driver, right? It's long past time she met Jen.

Gill, I'm not sure that Harm will appreciate you gossiping about their love life to one of the biggest gossips in the british military.

Interesting to see nosy parker Sue back in the story. I hope she does another quiet exit temporarily. I think the only other time I would be willing to see her, is maybe at their wedding. I suppose I can put up with her being one of Gill's attendants...

Cannot wait for more!
PS - NO errors - well done!
Guest chapter 44 . 3/25
Glad to see you are still updating this story. I follow the in progress stories and really enjoy them!
Jeneral2885 chapter 44 . 3/25
I'm still getting by Miss Rabb...not exactly a strong fan of Mattie. I woul have expected her to still keep her mother's name...

Sue is worse than the average British school girl (in my view)
TootsLogan chapter 44 . 3/25
Oh yes! You've totally made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wonderful update of my top favourite fic. So pleased Mattie's about to join Harm. Hoping she and Gill hit it off okay, although, knowing how protective Mattie is of Harm, it could be interesting for a while till she gets to know Gill and realise how much the two do love one another. Really enjoying the Harm and Gill dynamic.
anon chapter 43 . 3/8
I love this story, there aren't many of them out there that feature an original character as a romantic partner for Harm, and even fewer that go on for more than a few chapters. So, thank you for writing this! I hope that you'll find the time to add another chapter soon, as I'm eager to read what you have planned for when Mattie and Gill meet for the first time, and what happens after that of course! Please update soon.
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