Reviews for The 475th Annual Quarter Quell
Philippa chapter 35 . 1/23/2013
It's been ten days since you updated, I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I need those final three chapters DDDD:
SeekerDraconis chapter 35 . 1/17/2013
Finally, someone that deserved to die, did! Not trying sound mean but, Emiliana really had it coming. :D

Oh noes, I knew this would happen! The Reuben-Neon love team would meet a tragic end, just like what happened with Jade-Douglas. I'm excited to see how Neon will fare in the Games without anyone by her side.

Only three chapters to go!
Fluteorwrite chapter 35 . 1/15/2013
Do you know how hard my heart was pounding during this chapter!?
I mean, I figured something was up with Emiliana and Lotsear (I'm so glad my baby lived through that short battle)
And Reuben died and I screeched because Neon's alone Dx
Mindnight Ink chapter 35 . 1/14/2013
Great chapter! Lotsear and Emiliana's fight was awesome! And the scene between Neon and Ruben was so sad :'(
Can't wait for the next chapter!
shakakid chapter 35 . 1/14/2013
Heya it's me again!
My reaction after finished reading this chapter: AAAH EMILIANA AND LOTSEAR! AND OMG NO REUBEN DIED. NEON. POOR NEON. WHAT. ASDFGHJKL. *takes a deep breath*
Okay, first, I'm pretty glad Emi died. I mean she's a betrayer and cruel kind of person. I know Emi is a hard to be kill but Lotsear did it anyway! Well well good job :D

Reuben died :( awh poor Neon. She seems so sad and depress about it. Yeah it must be hard for her :(
shakakid chapter 34 . 1/14/2013
Hay! Sorry for the late reviews but hey i'm here now :)
OHGOD. Talon burned to death in fire O_O Omg. That's an intense way to die. And...really painful for sure. RIP Talon.
Oh well, Carter and Jade tried to help her at least.
NOOOOOO. Don't die Scamp :'( I mean it's too soon for his death aaah! And btw Hunter killed Vance too, which is pretty reasonable I guess. But still, I'm still sad that he killed Scamp. :(
I think Neon and Reuben were doing all right so yeah :)
nb1998 chapter 35 . 1/13/2013
That was two big major character deaths but I guess all of the tributes left have became major characters. How many tributes are left now? Toro, Lotsear, Pyralis, the little girl with him, Neon, Carter, Hunter and Jade? Unless i'm missing someone but I think I've remembered all of them. I'm glad Emiliana's gone although she did play a vital part and she has just showed how much of a threat Lotsear is. And then Reuben's gone.. that was also a shock to me but we will now see Neon's vulnerability.
androidilenya chapter 35 . 1/13/2013
Good for you, Lotsear! You didn't get caught in Emiliana's trap. But that's two couples gone in one chapter! Sad. I liked Reuben if only because he and Neon were so cute.
Still like Lotsear. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Mindnight Ink chapter 34 . 1/12/2013
Good chapter. Aw, Talon died. Well, I knew that was going to happen soon.
Insanitywriter chapter 34 . 1/12/2013
oijwfiwhefoaweifyweoneuifoaw ebfiwejrfoweufoj! GAAAAAAAHHH WHAT DID I TELL YOU! -_- I knew it! See why i hate Emi! I can't stand her guts! she killed ALLY AND TALLY! and know she's gonna try to kill Lotty! -_- I can't believe i actually thought she might be serious, but you know what SHES JUST A BITCH! *sings in the tune of 'im just a kid'* I'm still freaking out over how she burned her ALIVE! and HOW DARE she talk about Ally while she's killing Tally! MANICAL BITCH! DIE DIE DIE! cause i've been hating you for quite some time time time! I wish i could bash your head in with a rock rock rock! I think that it's best if you just DIE! DIE! DIE DIE DIE DIE! (Taylor swift remix up in this bitch!)
*sighs* SMH... Carter and Jade are TOO nice! They could've gotten killed! Good to know their are still some SANE people... well semi sane people -cause you gotta be pretty fricking crazy to run into a fire!- left in the area...
OHMGEEZIS! I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT MUTT HAD TO BE EVIL!... well atleast to people he doesn't know... but gaaahhh HUNTY! soo bruttal! I'm sad that you killed Vance! he anit done nun to nobody!... that i remember... and he was cute! *sniffs* VVAAAAAAAAAANNNNCCCCCEEEEEE!... but i guess... NO! no excuses!... wait... he did stab you with a knife in the shoulder... DANG how much more can your fricking arms take! ggaawwwddd! you're like fricking muscle man!... but ugggh... i think i need some time to think this over *sits down on random rock and watches Torro run by* Oh yea... but if you kill Torro it's over... GO FOR EMI! do ettttt!
AWWWWNNNN RUEBY AND NENE SITTING IN A TREE F-U... wait im sorry they're children... K-I-S-S-I-N-G! XD XD XD... sigh... they are sooooo cute! hehehe

sigh... soon it's only gonna be good tributes left... and if Hunter hasn't killed Torro I'm still going for him!... hmpf... stupid people routing for Emi *shakes head* I still dont see it... i never likedid her from the start... nope, zip, nadda lolz... and then i guess after hunter i'm routing for everyone BUT Lotty and Emi *nodds head approvingly*
SeekerDraconis chapter 34 . 1/11/2013
Oh my god. I feel so bad right now for Hunter, having to kill a little kid. But then again, that little kid's pet mutt almost killed my Hunter! I mean seriously, how could a Capitol mutt be some tribute's pet? I thought they were designed by the Gamemakers to kill the tributes.

Go Hunter! Go Toro! Go Jade! Go Lotsear! I will be rooting for you guys. :)

I swear, if a girl tribute wins in this story, I would never eat Nutella again lol. Come on, a girl Victor would be seriously cliche. Almost always a female tribute wins the Games. Boooooring. I really want Hunter to win. But that would be biased, cause he's my tribute. So I guess either Toro or Reuben, then. Or even Lotsear! Damn, I just can't bear to see either Emiliana or Neon winning. :x
CalliLily chapter 34 . 1/6/2013
Getting close to the end! RIP Vance (Who I never really remembered) and Talon (Who I loved) I dunno who I am rooting for now! Maybe D3... Maybe. Maybe D7.
Another great chapter Squin! Keep up the good work and update soon.
nb1998 chapter 34 . 1/6/2013
Woah another two dead, we can't be too far away from the end now. Emiliana's cruel, but Talon should have realised that a while back while Lotsear was just stupid enough to fall for her trick. It's a shame Talon died but there is others I like better. And then Carter needs to stop trying to be the saviour and realise of he wants to survive he needs to save his own life. Hunter has really went down on my likability scale after killing poor little Vance but atleast Toro is still alive. And then Reuben and Neon are also doing fine.
androidilenya chapter 34 . 1/6/2013
"All the competitors left are the strongest..." Yeah, Neon, that tends to happen when you get far enough into the Games. But ReubenNeon is super cute!
Emiliana killing Talon was really, really intense. And original. I don't think I've ever seen a tribute killed that way. It was kinda scary. And now I'm afraid for Lotsear... Emiliana is someone I can see winning for sure.
Oh, and Hunter showed up. And killed Vance's pet mutt. And then Vance. Ah well.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
goldie031 chapter 34 . 1/6/2013
Nice chapter. I can't wait to see what happens!
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