Reviews for The Traveler
frostedglaze chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
This was fun, but...I want to know what the baby would be!
tsm0836 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
Thank you for writing and sharing your words. It has been a fun read.
Leibeezer chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
I'm sad that this story is over, I'm really going to miss it. I hope there will be a futuretake.

PS: Are you going to post the epilogue to Crushing soon?
stephi910 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
so glad edward's ok...was worried with the shots to the leg that they might have to take it...but the jump to the ending def surprised me, didn't see it coming so soon...really hope you decide to write something more for them in the future.
allrain chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
thank you for writing a wonderful story.
i am hoping you will write a futuretake would love to know if they had a boy or a girl adain thanks for sgaring this story
pipelynn chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
this has been such a fun ride! have love this sweet couple, hot older edward, and smart bella. would love to see them again sometime after the baby comes to see what it is! thanks for writing.
kiwisrock chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
Wow! Awesome! Thanks so much Hun!
Was an awesome ride...may they live happily ever after!
sujari6 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
Lovely story with a great ending.
lanigirl96003 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
great ending
kittiekatz34 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
aww man i was hoping we would find out what they were having. i loved this story right from the get go. gonna miss it...
shaz308 chapter 33 . 2/4/2013
Glad they got their HEA. Looking forward to more of your work, thanks.
manda2784 chapter 32 . 2/3/2013
Oh thank goodness he's alright! I'm so glad Bella being "taken" at the airport was about Edward and not a kidnapping/hostage thing. I can't wait to read more!
sheilagilger chapter 32 . 2/3/2013
I aam really enjoying this story. Thank you!
robfans chapter 32 . 2/2/2013
aawww they are having a baby.
RACHIAN chapter 32 . 1/31/2013
Just found this story today and it's great. I was reading TLRH and went looking for it and decided to check out the rest of your profile. I am shocked that they would pull that story and not this one-don't get me wrong- I am against pulling any story, but this one is so much more graphic! I was reading it at work, you should put a NSFW warning! I was getting hot and bothered! Yeah, hot smexin and the exciting world of finance don't mix, at all! :-)
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