Reviews for The Perils of Innocence
Alifromfl chapter 33 . 9/20
I love this story. I hope someday you come back to finish it.
broken5pieces chapter 33 . 9/19
Aww too bad we can't experience d hold ourselves.
broken5pieces chapter 17 . 9/18
"You mean Muggle clothes? Why would you want to?" She pointed at Hermione's jeans. "Those things look so uncomfortable!"

Lol I feel the same way dear.
Dude chapter 33 . 9/8
Author's note: not abandoning this story! will still update!'s been a year
BenRG chapter 32 . 9/3
Or maybe he knows the Patil family? Not beyond the bounds of possibility!
BenRG chapter 31 . 9/3
It's pretty good that Harry hasn't ever thought of any offensive power applications. If he'd ever seen The Return of the Jedi, I think that we might have got Force Lightning-cooked troll!
BenRG chapter 30 . 9/3
This happens a lot with Apparition. I'm not sure the exact mechanics but I suspect it's to do with what is effectively a wormhole event horizon collapsing too soon. A quantum-width guillotine blade.
BenRG chapter 28 . 9/3
Neville, look up Barnabas the Barmy. A couple of Muggles finally worked out how to do it about 30-odd years ago.
BenRG chapter 27 . 9/3
I wonder... Many loyalty oaths are bidirectional. Is Dumbledore being punished for failing to give one of his Phoenixes the loyalty that he owed them?
BenRG chapter 26 . 9/3
Snape always needed to look at Harry and not see James. It is, in all probability, the most difficult thing anyone could have asked him to do.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore (if he's smart) will be working on some nice, passive and non-confrontational ways to rebuild the trust Harry and his group should have in him. In all probability, in them he has met the next War's League of the Light and he must get their cooperation by their own will if he wants things to go in any direction other than 'bloodbath'.
BenRG chapter 25 . 9/3
Thus, with one misplaced wandless and wordless Finite, Dean Thomas changes the path of destiny. I doubt that anyone will record it, preferring to use it to embellish the legend of The Boy Who Lived.

Poor Harry though! This will be, what? His second Order of Merlin since he was 15 months old?
BenRG chapter 24 . 9/3
Okay, so obviously a wandless and wordless Finite tends to do weird stuff to transfiguration.

Also: Oh HONESTLY, Ron! You're the pureblood, have you never heard of Animagi?
BenRG chapter 23 . 9/3
Given what they've done to the compartment, it's going to be very hard to persuade Ron that Harry isn't (as the books promised) some kind of super-wizard.
BenRG chapter 22 . 9/3
You know, Hermione would really do well in Slytherin. She's played McGonagall like a harp!
BenRG chapter 21 . 9/3
"What? Your family can trace your lineage back to the time of that Corsican rabble-rouser Bonaparte? The Finch-Fletchley family can name ancestors that stood beside Arthur Pendragon and Myrdin Emrys at the Battle of Dawlish Warren! You don't even classify as new blood to us!"
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