Reviews for The Perils of Innocence
Purple 'N' Blue Wings chapter 26 . 1m ago
this was brilliant! more soon please!
lipasnape chapter 27 . 49m ago
Thoroughly confused here. That is good, I guess ;-)
Collin Oshea chapter 27 . 3h ago
Good chapter, keep up the good work.
supernlp chapter 27 . 5h ago
Yay! an update at last to a much loved story!

What is wrong with Dumbledore and his headache? Is it just natural - old age or something more sinister - potions-related?

I have no clue what happened in the last scene? Has Sirius chosen this moment to return to pranks or something else is going on?

Looking forward to more... and oh yeah.. loved it!
peruvianprincess chapter 27 . 6h ago
Thank you for continuing the story. It's too good to abandon!
Apok chapter 27 . 8h ago
It seems that Dumbledore knew about the true secret keeper, but had his memory sealed. With Peters discovery it started to surface, hence the headache, and Sirius shouted some sort of password to release the seal.
Lady Sabine of Macayhill chapter 27 . 9h ago
Great chapter. I wonder what's happened to Dumbledore. Obviously the whole incident with Sirius Black's arrest must have something to do with it. I can't wait to read what happens next.
Eliana34 chapter 25 . 10h ago
J'aime ton histoire mais ta préférence pour Hermione se voit trop. Elle à l'air beaucoup plus puissante que Harry qui ressemble plus à un personnage secondaire plutôt que le personnage principale.
Hermione fait les sort facilement sans baguette (la scène avec Draco et Neville) tandis que Harry quand il en fait c'est toujours en tenant la main à quelqu'un d'autre.
J'aime aussi Hermione mais il devrait être plus facile de faire de la magie sans baguette pour Harry vu qu'il a plus de puissance magique.
kinglugia chapter 27 . 10h ago
noylj chapter 19 . 11h ago
McG: such a nice kind woman. Always so wonderful with children. I sure she'll impress them all.
greaves chapter 27 . 11h ago
Oh but this is delightful! I just started today in one massive read-through, and I'm enjoying it very much. And what on earth is going on with Dumbledore and Sirius? Some kind of trigger phrase? I'm going to hazard a guess at sealed memories since Dumbledore's been having headaches, seemingly prompted by mention of Pettigrew and Black.

I adore Minerva's supportiveness and take-charge attitude, and Amelia Bones is a treat. I love the spotlight you've given to Dean since he tends to get neglected in a lot of fic, but he's really a fascinating character. But I'm really enjoying the camaraderie among the Muggleborn students, and I think it's reflective of a lot of thoughts I've been having lately about the ultimate unsustainability regarding Rowling's 'revolution' against Voldemort and pureblood ideology: Why are there so few Muggleborns in the Order/resistance and why is Dumbledore leading the charge? I have a difficult time believing that any systemic and lasting change could come from a movement consisting mostly of purebloods and halfbloods. They ought to have been the allies, not the movers and shakers. But apologies for the minor essay, I meant to say that I think this is a problem you address in an interesting way. Harry, Hermione, and Dean are very savvy, and make sure to be connected to the other Muggleborn students (and their parents, which I find wonderful). They're overall very sensitive and intelligent and I'm so looking forward to seeing where you take this.
RedRangerBelt chapter 27 . 11h ago
That was way cool. What was Sirius's shouting about and why did it make Dumbledore keel over the way he did so suddenly and without warning? Did Sirius's getting a trial have anything to do with Dumbledore's headache and feeling the way he did? Does Dumbledore plan to somehow get Harry away from his friends and have him make friends with people who are totally loyal to him?
RRW chapter 27 . 12h ago
What did Dumbledore have a stroke or something?
tenchifew chapter 27 . 13h ago
Glad to see a new chapter of this very interesting story.
Thank you for writing.
sfjoellen chapter 27 . 14h ago
well i didn't expect that! what have you done?

your writing is good, plot is good, characters likable and well presented. this is one of my current favorites, good to see it updated! thanks for writing!
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