Reviews for Sherlock: Give Me A Label (I'll Make Confetti)
Katelyn0Marie chapter 62 . 4/23
I am Alex; Alex is me.
Katelyn0Marie chapter 45 . 4/21
I HAVE READ LOTS OF FANFICTION BUT THIS IS LEGIT THE BEST like you've made me love Teen!lock and even mystrade. I LOVE YOU OMG
Katelyn0Marie chapter 32 . 4/20
Katelyn0Marie chapter 9 . 4/15
This has officially made me ship mystrade.
Guest chapter 105 . 4/15
Is there a way for you to send me a link to your tumble?
Guest chapter 104 . 4/15
You cannot do that, you cannot make sherlock hug Greg and think I'm not going to ball like a baby! Ugh, fluff is the worst/best!

WLRmadZLRE chapter 102 . 4/12
ps can i please pelase pelase request some MAJOR RIMMING like ultra intense rimming would be great
BakerStreetKid chapter 105 . 4/12
So sad to see this fic come to an end! I have loved every chapter I would love to see the johnlock one and prehaps one set a few years later? Thank you for writing this! -Bakerstreetkid
Miss Ruddock chapter 105 . 4/12
I can't believe it's over
I mean
This story has meant so much to me over the last three years, and I kinda feel like those boys have become my friends, my babies, my constant companions... I think of them as people I know and love, I recognise songs as "oh hey Greg loves that" or "Mycroft would be so annoyed right now" and as much as I was waiting for them to find their happy end, I really didn't want to see this day, to see them grow up and go out into the world and...
I'm happy we'll still be hearing from them, and in the meantime I'll just be re-reading more often than is strictly sane...
Thank you so much, you deserve the world
Merthurr chapter 105 . 4/11
I put off reading the last two coz I didn't want it to end. I can remember finding the story and getting hooked, and god this has been an amazing ride, I can't believe it's been nearly 3 years. You are amazingly brilliant. This was the one which got me hooked on Mycroft and Greg.

Thank you for everything
Jade x
Guest chapter 105 . 4/9
Awwwn i love this fanfic... this... i don't lie, is my favorite!
I love the smut of this fic and everything !
I started to read on ao3 and well... i finish here.
I will waiting for the johnlock's side. And sorry if sometimes i don't type very well... is because english isn't my first language but i want to support with comments ... (:
Greetings! And well done.
ladytokyo chapter 105 . 4/9
Sniff it's done. I don't think I was really for it. Ahhh thank you for writing this story, I absolutely love it. I can't believe it's over.
jaz chapter 105 . 4/9
I need the johnlock way and also a one shot when they grew up , please ;)?
Violentfrost chapter 105 . 4/9
It was a perfect ending :)
Dead Hero chapter 105 . 4/9
No, this can't be done! FUUUUCK. Oh well, can't wait for the Johnlock!
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