Reviews for God's in His Heaven
forever fan chapter 3 . 8/25/2012
Wonderful job as usual and a lovely ending to this part of the story. I did wonder about the "darkness defeating the light" part of the premonition - and in Cholmondeley's case that is what happened. And it makes sense that Trelawney would have some guilt over what happened - glad the Angel helped her realize it was his decision to do what he did - and not to speculate on the workings of the mind of God. A very apt way to wrap up the story.

I know there is more to tell about the expanded Everett family and their adjustment to the new arrival. Can we expect more?
forever fan chapter 2 . 8/19/2012
Nice chapter - I enjoy how you include the details of the storm, where all the family members are or will be, and of course - the high spirits of little girls! Smooth working both stories that are happening at the same time (Death of the Unicorn and God's in His Heaven) to come together.

So sweet about the third doll joining the sister dolls in the dollhouse. Never too sure if it's all Trelawney's imagination as she plays and works things out for herself or if the dolls are really talking to her. More Figalilly magic?

Great job - looking forward to more!
forever fan chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Aw...I love new baby stories. So sweet how Daddy has all of the realizations a "new" daddy would - and how different this baby's entrance into the world - and his life - is from his other children's. Very instructive story too - you make a great case for both home birth and breast feeding. I wish all children were seen as precious and were as loved as this.

Sweet story - looking forward to the rest of it!