Reviews for PokéHearts: The Chosen One's Fate And Destiny
Zatch Bell-01 chapter 29 . 1/8
How about Gravity Falls? It would be funny if Ash encounters weird things while he's in Gravity Falls, Oregon.
Red Satoshi ketchum chapter 29 . 1/6
from those worlds would any girl fell in love with Ash cause well know Korra and the lead female from RWBY are going to have a crush on him
fanfic meister chapter 29 . 1/6
Pokeevee57 chapter 29 . 1/6
*nods* Great choice of worlds, can't wait! :D
Gojiradon chapter 1 . 1/6
Well, I hope things will go smoothly for the remake, if you remember an earlier suggestion I made, I'd really like to see a few of those ideas tested in this or other stories you may write in the future.
I'd like to help out in some way, not as a beta-reader, because I won't do so well, so I figured I could be someone you can consult with for continuity in the remake, I am pretty good at keeping tabs on what's happened in the story, and in some ways, can keep track of a timeline. I think that is what often hampers a story to a degree where their authors don't have a coherent idea to avoid slip-ups like saying something happened before, despite it not really happening yet...
WyrmTheFrostDragonSwordsman chapter 28 . 1/6
Actually, I thought the Summoning Gems were a great support mechanic in his Quest. If this were made into a game, such a thing would have been detrimental to Gameplay, or Ash would not be Ash in addition to it being much more difficult. I agree that many Summonings in the Games were unnecessary, and a bit silly, but Ash was never the type to do things on his own, because he's always had Pokémon and two other trainers to back him up. Also, he's not Sora, who literally forgot his own Parents. Even if Delia adopted him, she's still his Mother, and I do believe that Kairi would be just as welcomed in that regard. In short: The World of Pokémon is his home, and his Skills will always reflect on Pokémon Training. Even if he hasn't ever won a Pokémon League Challenge. That'll change at some point. Hopefully. Goddamn Plot Convenience.
TobiGB chapter 28 . 1/5
How about Afro Samurai?
Red Satoshi ketchum chapter 28 . 1/5
remake could be better mostly with some chapters look a little rush and hmmmm maybe you could make ash use his brain and guts when it comes to any new worlds that are fishy and strange cause not every people are nice when they meet a new person that came from a different world so Ash may have some heads when hes on a new world and the pokemon I feel they should just be left out cause mostly crossover fanfiction he is in they just have him with his Pokemon
masterart chapter 28 . 1/5
well, that okay remake better. but this year the company is making kingdom hearts 3 and i don't know whitch month they gonna releash yet but i'll keep update
Kingdom Infinity chapter 28 . 1/5
But Ash and his Pokemon are like butter and toast.
fanfic meister chapter 28 . 1/5
Well can't be helped. Wait for the future remake
Batthan the Dark Knight chapter 28 . 1/5
I understand.
gamelover41592 chapter 28 . 1/5
let me know when it is up
Pokeevee57 chapter 28 . 1/5
Okay! That's perfectly fine!
And I agree with you. Writers need to keep things less complicated for themselves as well. And don't forget, it's Blizzara. That way, you have less to spell. :D

Good luck on your rewrite, I am definitely looking forward to it! Especially since this was the first story I read on Fanfiction!

Really, good luck! Can't wait to see the events unfold!
Aoi Hyoudou chapter 28 . 1/5
Remake here we come! :)
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