Reviews for Trust in Me
punainentaivas chapter 29 . 7/24
One of the best fics I've ever read!
kassc chapter 29 . 7/15
aww that was well worth the wait. I love this story- brilliant writing!
pacotacolol64 chapter 29 . 7/5
aww I loved it!
Elite-chan chapter 29 . 6/26
the wait was worth it!
mixmax300 chapter 29 . 6/14
Awwwwww this chapter made me feel all warm and bubbly inside at the end! I always love some Royai! I was a little confused because I haven't read the other chapters in a long time but yeah I vaguely remember the story. I really enjoy your writing and I'm glad I've been able to read your work. I'm excited for the ending because I know it will make me happy! Write on!
freebird2992 chapter 29 . 6/14
As always your writing is beyond amazing. I am so excited for this! He finally did it and I couldn't be happier. I'm almost dreading the next update to see it all end. Almost. But I'm left with so many questions! Will he find out about the apartment? What about Jill? Will riza ever face Marcus?
But I love it, I really do. I always thought sakel had other motives in the story.
Can't wait to see what happens next!
antimoony chapter 29 . 6/13
I yelled when I read my e-mail saying this fanfic was updated! I'm so glad, and waiting for it did worth, this was beautiful! Looking forward to the end of it, thank you 3
waddiwasiwitch chapter 29 . 6/13
Excellent action sequence. Really enjoyed this chapter.
SwampThirtyFour chapter 29 . 6/13
I could smell a little Deus Ex Machina, but it wasn't too bad. Nice, fluffy ending. I liked it. Keep up the good work!
Fan chapter 28 . 6/10
Binge read your story in two days, I'm a bit ashamed of myself but ehh, it was worth it. I really like how realistic your portrayal of memory loss and PTSD was. A lot of weaker writers would simply have all her memories rush back when she hugs Roy or something stupid for the sake of the plot. But you didn't rely on that sort of thing. Of course your realism makes me a bit depressed too because Riza is certainly cold to Roy and her friends sometimes, not even realizing they are her friends. I also liked your OC's, especially John. Keep writing please, and don't forget to finish the fic, don't leave us hanging. I definitely need some closure after being a spectator to this pain-filled fic. Thanks for writing this, I know it must be a lot of work.
Shikabane-Mai chapter 28 . 4/30
I started reading your story two nights ago and I have been hooked ever since! This story has been a rollercoaster but oh so thrilling. I was initially surprised how much build up you included before Riza was kidnapped but appreciated it very much. I cannot believe how long Riza and Roy were separated. I was so happy when they reunited and was very glad when you didn't have them get together or cheesy admit their feelings. I love that Riza is still oblivious to the fact that Roy was talking about her when he said he had a special someone. I can't wait to find out who is working with Victor and I really hope Riza doesn't move out. I can't wait for you to update! This is one of the best Royal stories I have read. You have fleshed out a very good universe.
Naam chapter 28 . 4/14
Please Update 3
An Ace of Spades chapter 28 . 2/7
I don't know if I ever really told you how much I adore this story.
In no way whatsoever is it cheesy. It's realistic in the fact that mental illness is a huge issue that Riza can't just "shake off", and I love how there's no bullshit about the power of friendship or magic being able to heal that, no matter how much Mustang and the team love her. This also has a gorgeous mood to it, solemn and saturated with regret. It's just, I can't even fathom how in fresh hell you could do this. It's leagues beyond my own writing and planning, and I just wanted you to know that this (and you) is honest to goodness so fabulous.
Fangirl2013 chapter 28 . 2/2
(to lazy to login) Gah! Riza needs her memory back! Im loving your story. I cant wait for the Grand Finale!
mixmax300 chapter 28 . 2/1
IM DYING ON THE INSIDE! Wow I haven't been reading fan fiction in such a long time but I randomly decided to check out any updates. I quickly recognized the title of this but I just couldn't remember what this one was about because I had read so many different fanfics. So I binge read the entire thing in about 2 days. In fact, it's about 1:30 AM and I just finished reading all of it. I must say that I was not disappointed at all. But I do have so much tension and energy that you built up with your strong writing! I can't wait for more so please update soon so I don't have to re-read the entire thing again because wow that took a long time! There's so much angst between Roy and Riza, it's killing me! You are a strong writer and I really hope you update soon! Keep up your great work!
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