Reviews for Triangle
Melanie chapter 1 . 6/17/2015
I doubt you will look at this(its been years since the story was published...) but here I go :) I consider my self a big raerob shipper, but i absolutely loved this story :) Your word choices and phrases were beautifully written and I enjoyed the plot. These stories make me give other bbrae stories a chance :)
Caprichoso chapter 1 . 8/5/2014
My, my... you've got something fascinating here.

There are some parts of this I *love*, and others that make me pull back and think they could have been stated a bit more delicately. The overarching theme, though... I love it.

There's no need to apologize for Raven's behavior. She did what she wanted to, with consenting adults. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and her reasoning, however misguided, is plausible.

As for Robin, he's... largely himself here, though a touch more humanity in a few spots wouldn't have gone amiss.

The real treat here, though, is the way you shape language and make it your own. "A mobile nihility" is a brilliant turn of phrase, and there are more like it. This story's going on the favorites.
Concolor44 chapter 1 . 5/6/2014
Oh, I think we can ALL supply Starfire's role. Tentative. Not wanting to believe that Robin could be something so crass. Hurt ... deeply hurt. But willing to forgive.

Robin came across as ... INSENSITIVE? Is that all? He was emotionally abusive! Horribly so.

But then Raven wasn't being true to herself either. Poor silly thing. It's a damn good thing for her that BB is as tenacious as he is. I SOOOO relieved that they figured it all out in the end.
Danielle Dove Roth chapter 1 . 1/18/2014
I've always hayed robrae. I never liked it, besides; beast boy and raven were meant for each other. Complete opposites, yet exactly the same in many ways.
Yuri Hannah chapter 1 . 10/22/2013
This was beautiful! So much angst! I always did feel if Robin and Raven ever got together, it'd be a more physical relationship. Because Robin always has a soft spot for Starfire although I won't deny he is protective of Raven. He is an nervous goofball only around Starfire.

Choosing someone who loves you more than you love someone else seems like a better choice to me. Anyways I think this is beautifully written, and I am so jealous I wish I could write like you
Guest chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
You gotta finish this. That ending isnt an ending. This could be a really awesome story
Lissa.chann chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
7-LunaAbraxos-7 chapter 1 . 8/23/2012
You are very harsh on yourself for saying that you don't like this. It's well written and flows brilliantly. It's M rated but in a good way; suggestive but not overly explicit.

I really liked this as it showed the tension between the characters well, and actually I think that they're not OOC. Raven is caught between Robin who saved her from Trigon and who is very similar to her in that they're both very strong and determined characters. She's caught with BB because of the whole yin/yang thing, because he's very sweet and loving, but she can also see the sadness behind the facade that he often puts on. So I don't think it made Rae look like a (you know), you show perfectly how she is torn between them.

As for Rob being insensitive... yeah he was but it fits with the fic. Maybe because he sees her as a team mate and friend and not a lover?

Anywho, I loved it. I don't understand why you didn't want to post this.
marionnete chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Omg! This was so heart breaking I am actually in tears and I'm not sure why. I have never read a story where sex was not the thing that made the story and was all up in your face. This was too perfect.
TheDarkQueenOfRandomness chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
It was perfect. Couldn't have been better in my opinion.
Euripiditus chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Now this is my kind of fic! I loved the beginning. It was so dark and twisted. This should have been a multi-chaptered story because there's just too many things left unexplored. The ending just left me feeling cheated. You really should've involved the rest of the Titans in this. I can just imagine how betrayed Starfire would feel towards Raven. Can anyone say catfight? Mwahaha! Honestly, I expected more from you than this. Do not hesitate to continue. This needs a proper denouement. chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
ach, the feels! you know, i'm just going to stalk you on from now on for my dose of bbrae.

now, if i'm going to do this, that means you'll have to be prolific and write a lot more for teen titans than you already are. i know, it's a great honor that i confer here, but hey, someone's got to do it. and you've the talent.

seriously, like feels were all over the place on this one. the first half (with all the robrae stuff) dragged me down to a dark, dark place that i don't ever want to ever go to again. but then the epic bbrae stuff came in and flushed it all out of my system like some sort of super penicillin.

critique? um, other than finding misspelled words and grammar errors, i'm not very good. i felt that you built them in character for the premise you were going for. you put raven in a pretty dark place. she knew what she was doing was self destructive and basically didn't fulfill her in anyway except for the moment but she got out of there in the end so resolution! yay!

though the robin thing at the end was like an opening for all kinds of drama. was robin starting to get attached?

i was wondering where the heck star was in the middle of all this. heck, even cy! the big brother didn't weigh in and slap people straight seems kinda wrong. and was star not performing her gf duties (i type this in utter deadpan. you know what, disclaimer time- f4 in no way believes that it is a girlfriends duty to fornicate with her boyfriend. there!)? it sort of left me wondering.

though i suppose it makes sense for you to focus on these three for the sake of story. still, leaves me with questions! questions!

i don't know what you think rae came across as, but i just thought she was a drug fiend spiraling out of control. must break the mold! if guys can go around sleeping with people and not get flak for it, so can women! equality, damn it!

other than that, i liked it, despite the stomach churning robrae. i'm sorry but that pairing is just, no. i can see why people would support it, but the very thought of robrae makes me sick. that's right, i came in here knowing i'd be disturbed. i'm a, masochist? i dunno. i liked it. bye, i'll shut up now. )
BBRae4life chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
YAY! Glad she choose BB in the end.
Zanzibar Schlieffen III chapter 1 . 8/16/2012

The ending feels a bit rushed. Other than that, it was alright. Feel free to post more "M-rated" material up. You're not bad at writing such things. Next time, don't be so timid...