Reviews for A Drink They Call Loneliness
Lyrical Ballads chapter 6 . 3/18/2013
Wow, it's over! This was so unexpected, but everything wrapped up so perfectly and it all feels incredibly satisfying. But still, I can't believe it's over!

And this chapter was AMAZING. Every chapter was amazing, but this chapter in particular was just... wow. I seriously need to come up with a bigger vocabulary to describe these things, and I'm so in awe of this chapter, and this story, and just everything.

For some reason I really love the first paragraph, where it mentions Beni's dreams. The fact that he never has good dreams really says a lot about Beni, and it really demonstrates what a sad person he is. And then there's the part with Siobhan sleeping against him! There's something almost breathtaking about that part, because it's so rare to see Beni in this kind of situation, and yet it's sad because he seriously has no idea how to react when something that's actually pretty good falls into his lap. He might never get the chance to have another nice moment like this and instead of enjoying it like most people would, he chooses to throw it aside and step all over it.

Also, there's this part: "Why was she so terribly, so disgustingly pathetic? How could any person be so desperate and lonely?"

These lines are brilliant because they completely, utterly describe BENI HIMSELF, and Beni doesn't even realize it. But of course he WOULDN'T realize it, being so shortsighted and selfish, and it only makes the situation even sadder. I can't believe this story!

Rick's appearance in this chapter was another fantastic moment. I actually kinda forgot about Rick the entire time, since he never appeared prior to this scene, so I was a little surprised when he showed up, but I'm so glad he did. And Siobhan's parting lines are brilliant. And everything is brilliant. And I should stop right here, because I'm just going to end up repeating myself a million times because everything is wonderful and I adore every line and there are SO many things I'd love to quote, but then I'd just end up quoting the whole chapter.

Oh, but wait, I have to mention the bra! I looove the whole bra-under-the-bed deal, because it's like a part of Siobhan is still lurking in his apartment, reminding him of all the things he COULD have if he wasn't so unpleasant. I could seriously write an essay on this story, that's how much I love it, but I'll end this review at last by saying that this was a fantastic read and I'm going to miss Siobhan. I love all your characters, but Siobhan is particularly loveable.

Fantastic job, as always! :)
xmusecliox chapter 5 . 1/16/2013
I like this story, your Beni is so interesting and such a cynical old goat. I feel sorry for Siobhan, but the more Beni is repulsive you can see why she's drawn to him because they're both alike. As I read it was ready to hit him over the head and make him say something nice to her, in the end he's probably right, she'll be better off not going to her Mother but you wish he would dress it up a bit lol
Lyrical Ballads chapter 5 . 1/15/2013
The dynamics between Siobhan and Beni are unbelievably fascinating. This story is constructed in such a simple way, and yet it's so deep, and at the end of each chapter I'm left more intrigued than ever before. You've done a magnificent job portraying Siobhan's loneliness; it really comes across strongly, especially in this chapter, and it really contrasts sharply with Beni's self-centered nature.

When Siobhan says, "We all have to belong to somebody," it's like Beni is in denial, as if it's impossible for him to believe that concept because the world has rejected him so many times, and I found this chapter incredibly sad for both him and Siobhan. Beni obviously isn't a likeable person, and he makes no effort to make himself likeable, but getting thrown into the streets by his "father," who isn't even his father after all, had to have messed him up. At least Siobhan has spent her life hoping that her mother will want her, but Beni doesn't have that kind of hope in his life. He only knows rejection, and it shows through all of his words and actions.

What really makes this interesting is the type of person Siobhan is. She seems so... soft, I guess, and kind of innocent. And yet she's spending her time with Beni, telling him personal things about herself, and I guess she feels strangely connected to him because she knows they're both alone. She probably feels a connection with Rick for similar reasons, but I think it might be stronger with Beni, because Beni is really, seriously alone, unlike Rick, who at least makes friends with very little effort and can fit in just about anywhere, no matter how different he is from the people around him.

The most powerful line is definitely the end, though: "Isn't this the way 'grown-ups' lie to make themselves feel important?"

It's just... WOW. In a good way. I'm so eager for more of this!
Lyrical Ballads chapter 4 . 12/13/2012
I was thinking this would never get updated, and then when I least expect it, an update arrives! I was seriously so excited when I saw this in my inbox.

I love how some of the pieces are starting to fall into place with this story, though there's still a lot of mystery, and I'm so eager to see where you go with this because so many different things can happen. But I guess I should start at the beginning.

So, I'm going to assume that Siobhan was a virgin when she slept with Beni, since her words suggest that she's never been with a man before. I wasn't expecting this at all, but I love it, because it makes Siobhan's situation a lot more desperate, and I just love the whole concept of a woman having her "first time" with Beni, of all people. Unless I completely misinterpreted the whole thing and this isn't her first time, but I think it is.

Still, though, it's really interesting that Siobhan would sleep with Beni just to get the Star of David so her mother will see it. There are probably other Stars in Cairo that she can get her hands on for a less unsavory price, but she chooses to do this sordid deed with Beni. It's obvious that she's lonely, but how exactly does she feel about Beni? This is such a fantastic, mysterious relationship!

I had a feeling Beni wouldn't give her the Star, because seriously, he's Beni. Why would he? It's still horrible of him, though, especially when Siobhan is so desperate and lonely, and it's fascinating how he completely dismisses family like it isn't important. I remember how interesting it was when he mentioned his father in the previous chapter, and I wonder if he'll reveal any more tidbits about his past. I hope so!

Also, Siobhan's lines do a great job of summing up Beni here: "You're just an awful little weasel, and you're bitter because everyone knows so and nobody cares for you." Beni definitely needs to hear the truth about himself, but whether or not he actually listens to Siobhan remains to be seen, I guess.

I'm also wondering if she's still planning to stay at Beni's place after her little spat with him. I love how all the chapters are open-ended, but it makes me so impatient for more! Hope to see this updated again soon-ish!

And in response to your review on Beautiful Little Fool, I should probably scold you for never reading The Great Gatsby, but instead I'll just say that it's a wonderful book and you should definitely read it if you ever get the chance! The Beautiful and Damned is pretty amazing too. Actually all of Fitzgerald's novels are incredible. Have I mentioned that I'm crazy about Fitzgerald?

I'm also crazy about Beni with a wife. I can't stop giving him wives. And kids. I just want to give him an infinite number of wives to see how he reacts to each of them.

(Also, as an aside, it's such an awesome coincidence that you have an English degree, because I also happened to get my degree in English! Though I am currently doing nothing with mine, but still, it's awesome.)

Anyway, this has been a long, kinda ramble-y review, but I absolutely adore this story and I think it makes some fascinating points about Beni and what makes up his personality. I'm anxious for more!
Nelle07 chapter 3 . 10/5/2012
Interesting so far!
Lyrical Ballads chapter 3 . 10/4/2012
AN UPDATE! I'm so excited! I love this story. And I always get "Piano Man" stuck in my head every time I read it, which is awesome because that is such a great song. And this is such a great story. I am starting to babble now, but this is just the excitement talking.

Anyway, on to the review!

I love the description of Beni's apartment building, and how everyone who lives there despises him. On one hand it makes perfect sense, because Beni doesn't bother to make himself a likeable person, but on the other hand it's incredibly sad that he lives among people who treat him like he's a leper or something. It makes you think, oh wow, no wonder he can't maintain relationships with people. No wonder he shut that door on Rick at Hamunaptra. It's just... wow, so sad. And so very Beni. And yet I'm wondering who's more at fault here - Beni for being an unpleasant person, or his neighbors for treating him the way they do. Maybe if people were just a little bit kinder, Beni wouldn't be such an ass, but of course if Beni wasn't an ass, then people would be kinder.

Also, I really miss writing these in-depth reviews that analyze Beni. Your stories are always so thought-provoking and they really make me think hard about his character. I love it!

And I love how the Star of David factors into this story. Why does Siobhan want it so badly? I can't believe she's willing to sleep with Beni just to get the Star, but that's what makes this so fascinating. And the history behind the Star is even more fascinating! This line is great:

"After learning that I was his and making me get circumcised, he gave me this stupid Star."

I like how completely unemotional and off-handed Beni is about his past. Using words like "stupid" to describe the Star and saying that he was "Twelve, eleven. I don't know." and so on. His language suggests that he really dislikes talking about his past and that he hates it when people ask him about himself, which ties in with the theme of loneliness and being alone. Beni's so closed-off from other people that he isn't comfortable talking about himself at all and you've done a great job of portraying that.

I'm so eager to see where you go with this story. Can't wait for more!
Lyrical Ballads chapter 2 . 8/22/2012
Hooray, another chapter! I was hoping you would continue this and I'm glad there's more, because this is a really fascinating story!

Wow, where do I even start? There are so many parts I love that I might as well reference the whole entire chapter, but that would get pretty tiring, so I'm gonna try to narrow it down.

First, I really love these lines: "Beni didn't like being told he didn't understand something. He'd heard it enough, every time he learned a new language. People were always telling him he didn't understand something." This is such a wonderful little tidbit about Beni's character. He already doesn't have much going for him as it is, and then you add the issue of people treating him like an idiot on top of that. It KIND OF gives him an excuse for disliking people in general. Kind of.

Also, a woman actually requesting to sleep with Beni is pretty fantastic. Since that probably doesn't happen to him often. And better yet, the woman happens to be someone who's close to Rick, which is always fascinating. What's even more interesting is the fact that Siobhan admits that she finds Beni revolting, and yet she's still willing to sleep with him. Is she just incredibly desperate or is there something else going on here?

And wow, what does she want with the Star of David? Another part of the chapter that I absolutely LOVE. Beni's collection of religious pendents is such an interesting part of his character (and a significant one as well, since there's a whole scene in the movie that's dedicated to it) and I'm really glad you included his Star of David as part of the plot. I'm so curious about it now!

I am so completely in love with this story. Update soon? :)
Lyrical Ballads chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
Oh my gosh, a new story! And you referenced a Billy Joel song! I LOVE Billy Joel. And Beni is involved! I should really stop shouting things and get to the review already.

I like how the major theme of the story is the issue of being alone in the world. It fits so well with Beni, since he's obviously a drifter (or at least I've always assumed he's a drifter, since I can't imagine him as anything else) and it makes sense that he resents Siobhan (and wow, Gaelic names are so much fun) because she's really no different from himself. Beni is so selfish, so closed-off from other people, that he can't handle the idea of having something in common with another person, and yet I think he and Siobhan kind of "click" in a way.

What's interesting is that Beni (unknowingly?) says things that solidify the fact that he and Siobhan have something in common. He insists that Rick is NOT Siobhan's brother and that she has no family, and I feel like he's ironically talking about himself without even realizing it when he says: "You're a stupid little girl no one wanted, and you're alone."

Replace the word "girl" with "boy" and you've basically got Beni. It's so fascinating.

Basically this was yet another perfect fic! :)