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PunkRoseBlitz chapter 2 . 8/29
Hi there! I told you I would be reading this! The first chapter is full of mystery, and I would love to see that in more of this!

And oh my, what a lovely lemon this is. :) Anya's stubbornness is so adorable, but Sub-Zero managed to get through that, didn't he? ;)

My Golden Retriever and Yorkie kept nudging their heads into my phone and hand while I was reading this, so I might have laughed too much when there was some parts I find adorably funny. XD

I'll be reading more! :)
Reptaliator chapter 17 . 8/21
Reptaliator chapter 16 . 8/21
yeah no I'm not at all trusting you
Reptaliator chapter 15 . 8/21
fuck no man let her live and let her and kaui Lang live happily again
Reptaliator chapter 2 . 8/21
yeah you did a good job but please explain what chapter one is about. Also your flaw with the ... um... intimate scenes is you focused too much on how they felt and not what they looked like
artilyon-rand chapter 4 . 8/19
now now he is Sub Zero ,he above pretty jelousy ,he can annoyed but not as young man
Guest chapter 38 . 8/14
Serves her right.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/13
You did very well.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/12
How heartless am I to actually respect what they just did. So skillfull. Oh Bi-Bi, you grew up so fast. 3
Guest chapter 2 . 8/12
mmm I know Lemon as a lesbian pairing. Nevertheless, I think this sceen was fine. It contributes to the story while not getting to outragious. :)
KynthiaOlympia chapter 13 . 4/1
Frost is Sarah! I knew it... well I had suspected in an earlier chapter, but the little exchange kinda confirms it!
KynthiaOlympia chapter 12 . 4/1
Oh my Elder Gods shiz just got real! I literally was contemplating killing Frost, and you should now that when your audience wants to do things like that; that you have a great story and have perfected the personalities of your characters. Great Job!
Poe's Daughter chapter 44 . 4/11/2014
To the guest reviewer, Outspoken:

I appreciate your heartfelt story, and I agree with you. Pitbulls aren't born mean. They're MADE that way by ignorant, cruel, and evil people. I am so sorry that you had that experience. That wasn't right, and I won't begin to make excuses for your idiot neighbor. Sadly, that's how people are: self-righteous a**holes.

I wholeheartedly understand where you're coming from, and as you've guessed, I really only meant those pitbull comments as a way to describe Frost's personality. However, I have a story to tell too, and I suppose subconsciously they inspired me to describe Frost the way that I did.

My brother and his now ex-wife brought home a pitbull, and to be quite frank, they didn't take care of her properly (which is a different issue entirely). From the get-go, she was aggressive and mean. They didn't make her that way, she came by it naturally because I don't think she was ever properly trained. Ironically, her brother from the same litter was the sweetest, goofiest dog I ever saw. I wish my brother had brought that big lug home instead because he was a great dog.

At the time, my brother and his wife were living with my parents, and because I couldn't have pets in my apartment, I was forced to leave my black lab with my parents too. His pitbull inexplicably started attacking my lab, who was an old dog, blind, and increasingly frail. She had cancer too, so that didn't help matters any. The attacks on her grew worse and worse, to the point I asked her vet about it. The vet warned me that pitbulls do that sometimes, and that I needed to get the pitbull out of the house as soon as possible because for whatever reason, she saw my dog as a threat and would not stop attacking her until she succeeded in killing her. I told my family this, but they said I was being a drama queen and trying to stir up trouble. So the pitbull remained in the house. And as the vet predicted, the attacks kept getting worse.

Then, one morning, I got a phone call saying that my mother was being taken to the hospital because the pitbull had attacked my dog, and my mom, trying to break it up, got badly bit up in the process. I was told to come get MY dog as quickly as possible because she was dying and needed emergency treatment too. I got there, and I will tell you that it looked like a crime scene. Blood was splattered everywhere in the kitchen, even on the cabinets up high. It looked like someone had been murdered in my mom's kitchen. And MY poor baby was gravely wounded. I had to pick her up because she was too hurt to walk. The vet had to perform emergency surgery to reattach her ear because it was hanging by a thread, and she had to sew her up in several places. My dog spent a week in the doggie ICU just recovering, and she very nearly died from her wounds. And I will tell you that I have never been so angry at my brother in my life, and we very nearly cut ties because of it.

My mother had to have several stitches. She probably shouldn't have intervened, but if she hadn't, I knew my dog would've died for sure. It was a senseless attack. My lab was the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world and wouldn't hurt a fly unless someone was coming after me or my family. She got along great with most dogs. Except this particular pitbull.

While my mother was getting both of her arms stitched up in the hospital, I called animal control and had them remove the pitbull from the house. They put her on quarantine for rabies, but when she came back clear my brother surrendered her and they put her up for adoption. My dad later told us that a rancher adopted her - oh, yeah right - so I'm pretty sure they wound up euthanizing her. All of it was so senseless. If only my brother had trained her. If only my family listened to me when I told them about the vet's warning. If only...

So, mine is a not-so-great experience. So, again, when I described Frost like a pitbull that wouldn't let go, it was not to incite mass hysteria against pitbulls. It was merely to describe a very distinctive trait that, you can't really argue, is accurate. When they see a target that they want out of the way, pitbulls latch on and WON'T let go. I'm sorry if you found that offensive, but even though it's oftentimes an unjust reputation, pitbulls have that reputation for a reason.

However, that being said, I do think people tend to get rather reactionary about pitbulls, and they don't use logic and reason. They know that pitbulls have the reputation for being aggressive and vicious, which I dutifully acknowledge is not always the case. Again, I cite this pitbull's brother as an example. He was a sweet dog who, like my lab, wouldn't hurt a fly. And I can also cite my current dog (my lab eventually died of cancer). My current dog is a pitbull mixed with Great Dane and black lab, and she's a sweetheart. A big, dopey sweetheart. But she definitely comes in handy when it comes to scaring away the religious missionaries who like to harass me on a regular basis (I spray and spray but they just keep coming back). She has the deep, resounding pitbull bark, and even though she'd never hurt them unless they were trying to hurt us, that bark is enough to keep them from coming to my door.

So, I appreciate you bringing this issue to light. I personally think that if you're going to own a pitbull (or any dog with a reputation for aggressiveness - doberman, rottweiler, etc.), you need to educate yourself as much as you can about how to train them and exercise them properly, and how you can protect yourself and them from ignorant people. When we brought my current dog home, I was mildly worried about it because if anything happens, even if she's innocent, she'll automatically be condemned solely because of her breed. So I take great care in making sure that nothing happens (like her getting out of my yard and running loose around the neighborhood). She's had all of her shots, she's licensed, and she's trained. I make sure she gets plenty of exercise because pitbulls are energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise to keep them from getting violent. Plus, I don't hit her or do things to make her mean. I show her plenty of love and give her lots of praise. I think that's the duty of every responsible pitbull owner.

Anyway, thank you very much for your review on my story. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to share your experience in order to raise awareness :)
Outspoken chapter 32 . 4/10/2014
I really do love these stories. You're an amazing writer.

However, I do have one problem to speak about. The comment about Frost being like "a pit bull" because she will keep attacking until something is dead, really bothers me. It's the second time that you've used the word "pit bull" to describe an aggressive killer.

I know that you probably don't mean it in a horrible way, but it's not awful thing to say.

I had a pit bull, whom I loved very dearly, and he was the sweetest dog I've ever met. He loved people, obeyed as if he did not know how to disobey, and even shared his food and doghouse with the neighborhood stray cats.

I was walking my pit bull one day and a neighbor asked me his breed. When I told the man proudly that my best friend was a pit bull, he reprimanded me for housing a "man killing beast" and warned me that my loyal companion was a mindless killer that would turn on me one day, because that's what "all pit bulls do."

He ended up writing up a bullshit petition to make me get rid of my "mindless killer" before he got loose and "ripped out their childrens' throats."

The petition did nothing and I was allowed to keep my companion. Two weeks later, I got home from work to find my beloved best friend an inch from death in my back yard.

The vet was able to conclude that my baby had ingested an extreme quantity of poison. He died shortly after arriving at the vet. Poison was something that I absolutely did not keep in my house. I have pet cats, rats, and guinea pigs, so I did not keep any sort of poison on my property.

My neighbors, police, and my vet were sure my dog's death was at the hands of my pit bull hating neighbor or one of his mindless followers. No one was caught because there wasn't enough evidence to prove anyone was responsible.

The worst thing about it was having to explain to a five year old little girl that her best friend wasn't coming home because people thought he was going to attack and kill everyone in his vision.

I volunteer at a pit bull sanctuary now, but I never got another pit bull because I couldn't bear the thought of losing another beloved pet at the hands of bigoted jerks.

Moral of the story is that even if you don't mean anything by your comments, it will always fuel mindless propaganda that weighs heavy on the hearts of pit bull owners. These wonderful dogs will always be the victim of undeserved prejudice and comments comparing them to mindless killers only serves to fuel the bigotry.
darkassassin224 chapter 45 . 4/10/2014
Wow... I'm both impressed and pissed.
What happens next?!
Will Kuai Liang survive?!
You are my new favourite FanFic writer.
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