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Guest chapter 10 . 8/15
StellaCartoonlover chapter 10 . 8/9
So, another hiatus? Anyway, I think your story is great. I was waiting for Babs to show up. Take your time with this story, but I hope you won't give up on it.
Nacho chapter 10 . 7/24
Please keep writing I have been rereading this for years. I love it but it needs to continue.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/19
this is amazing i love it you need to make more this incredible and your charachters fit so well an d spatacurally done just please make more and can you spill how many kids their is in thier group
Tilicia chapter 10 . 7/14
I loved this story.
It's a shame what happened to poor Tito.
I wonder if the heroes will know where they get explosives or Kid Flash and Red Arrow will try to contact robin.
I think you would see a little Red Hood interaction with buddies
Guest chapter 10 . 4/12
I love this
Guest chapter 10 . 3/29
Annnd I accidentally hit review before I was finished. Continuing on:

Thank you so much writing this story. I LOVED reading it. I really hope you might decide to update someday. It'd be pretty awesome to see Roy and Wally meet Dick, to see what Deathstroke's up to, to see whether Bruce will take in Dick and the others, and to see if they will be able to beat Two-Face and Black Mask.

Thanks again for writing this :)

- Dratias
Dratias chapter 10 . 3/29
Ok, can I just say this story was FREAKING INCREDIBLE? Holy shit man.. You know how to write a good book! I LOVE the way you're having Bruce help Dick out. Seeing Wally and Roy there was pretty sweet too. You've a terrific job with the plot so far. I can really see Dick trying to help out as many other kids as possible out on the street.

Also, YES! You've brought the whole family AND Babs in! Lovin' the brotherly relationship that Dick and Jason have. And Damian! When he is he going to confront Bruce? Also, you said you were thinking of doing a companion piece on how everyone met Dick, yes? That's be epic! We already know Jason and kinda Damian, but it'd be p cool to see how they met Steph and Cass.

I see you brought Deathstroke in. Does he have anything planned for Dick? :P

Anyway, you have done a FANTASTIC job on this story. Seriously man. It is awesome.
Monkey dragon chapter 10 . 3/26
nanytefa1 chapter 10 . 2/5
por favor no dejes esta historia,en serio me gusta y esta interesante,me encanta Dick Grayson,me muero por saber que pasa después.

También tengo mucha curiosidad sobre Damian,espero que hables mas de él luego.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/3
I enjoyed it a lot, can't wait for more updates
Lovepeaceandwar chapter 10 . 1/31
I feel like Robin is smart enough to deduce that Batman would figure out his identity after so many encounters. I love the way you write your characters. Jason-Damien-Dick have an amazing dynamic. I wish there was more Tim. Seriously... Why is he just hanging around?
Guest chapter 10 . 1/28
Anything for you as long as you don't give up on this awesome fanfic
Guest chapter 10 . 1/26
Yay vs Barbra is here thank you for adding the character, can't wait I love the way you wrote her she's perfect. Can't wait for more does she join in on the crusade
Guest chapter 10 . 1/20
Anything you write is absolutely wonderful, keep up the good work
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