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AceofHadeon chapter 4 . 4/29/2013
Hello! Now that University is done, I have a bit of time to indulge myself in great fic. Love this chapter, by the way.

**So, he has this cockroach attitude as well? No matter how often you two get stomped dead you get up again, huh**
She has a good point. Chris and Wesker are determined to survive, no matter what. Although, at some point one wonders what survival is worth if it just means plodding through the hellworld they live in?

**And once she realized how dangerous and infinite his loathing was, she feared he could feel the same for her. **
Even when you think you've tamed the wolf, you can never turn your back on him. If you do, you invite him to lunge. And you can never, never run. He has her pinned just as much as the Organization thinks it has him.

**"Although I heard sociopaths were familiar with faking emotions, so it might be a fascinating experience",**
Ah, but there comes a point when even sociopaths don't see the point in faking emotions. She's faking them as much as he is now.

**His words made her feel so small and soft like the butterfly he compared her with; so easy to be broken and stopped.**
Beautiful simile. Very accurate.

**Wesker was like a rabid animal and Ada knew she had to treat him as one; his actions were unpredictable and so were his intentions. **
Right now, they are a bit unpredictable even to him.

**"And I will succeed."**
This is the epitome of Albert Wesker. He will keep fighting to the end. Never give up, never surrender. That's a lot of what I admire about him.

**"Why are you so eager to win?", she suddenly asked and for the first time she was genuinely interested in the contradiction he was, "And what is it you will get?"**
Victory is its own reward often.

**There was something about the icy cold pupils that seemed to pierce her very being when she tried to oppose him.**
He sees through her facade easily. Those eyes... Look into the Void, and the Void looks back.

**Still, behind her cool facade was something else and it made Ada question her decision of changing conversational partners.**
Something tells me this "pilot" is a LOT more than she appears.

**Nightmares were no unknown territory for her, after all.**
Seems everyone in this world has them. The whole cast shares that similarity, though often they are the source of each other's nightmares.

**there had been no bomb to detonate within her, he had cut off her head with her own knife after ripping out her intestines.**
Effective. He got the job done. Sometimes not having anger or a grudge makes a person even crueler. Cold efficiency and brutality are at work.

**"I'll go check on Captain America, don't want him to set anything on fire again."**
Hah, good comparison. Revived, living partly in the past, with his own agenda...

**it was his attitude that made him appear dangerous.**
Not just "appear." He feels he can take all comers in this situation, and he knows Ada isn't going to try anything.

**He couldn't be sure of it and so it was just reasonable he acted this way.**
Likely he's lived most of his life in a state of completely appropriate paranoia. It's what's kept him alive.

**"If you die, I have no function anymore, if I die, it proves you are not reliable. Either way, we would both end up dead at some roadside."**
They're chained to one another. We shall see how this influences them. Who will become more like whom?

**The things he did were so contrary to his ideals and he had failed to notice that up until now.**
Excellent observation.

**"They say gods do not hate. Does that make you a hypocrite or the devil, I wonder?"**
Most gods I've heard of hate rather strongly.

**You're like a cornered dog, you just bite, bite, bite. You want to see the world burn, that's it."**
The world is already burning, Ada. The dog that keeps biting keeps living.

**Wesker seemed to be slightly disappointed as he looked at her and only years later, when she realized he had been talking about the evil of humankind he was the proof for, she would find the reason for it.**
He is, in a way, the epitome of all that's wrong with humans: Cold, narcissistic, motivated by the desire to win at all costs, above all other creatures in pride. And he is without apology. I like that about him; he's honest in his own way.

**To declare I am a devil or a dog or a monster- that excuses you to query your own views, doesn't it.**
Good point. When we declare something a monster, we can hate it without examining WHY we hate it. All too often, for us "evil" is just something or someone that's opposed to OUR ends and desires.

**"You flatter me. Humans tend to address me as 'empty', a conviction is more than most expect I own."**
Excellent way of showing that he does not consider himself human.

**Wesker, however, looked less relaxed, it was like every muscle of his body was tensed; he was ready to jump to his feet and kill someone if he had to. **
He knows what to do when someone attacks him, but Ada's tactic here is confusing for him. It's like her humanity puts him ill at ease.

**"What is it that haunts you after all this?"**
Ada is getting to the root of the matter. What haunts him is what drives him.

**That was one of the main reasons he still didn't know Albert Wesker was alive. Another one would be the simple fact he would not believe it.**
Seems Chris has developed some sense over the years. I like that you've made Chris more human. It's ridiculous that a person could go through as much as he's been through and not suffer some ill effects.

**Chris knew he needed to talk to a person he could trust and although he knew his sister would always support him he longed for a conversation with Jill. **
Just like Ada wants to talk with Leon. Everyone wants a confidant, someone who can relieve some of the strain of constantly watching one's back.

**Of course, that did not mean it was time to hesitate or relax. "As soon as possible" was equivalent to "now".**
Being "called to the principle's office" is always an exercise in trying to prepare for the unknown. That's especially true in Ada's situation.

**"A wonderful day to you, too." Davis waved him goodbye in a taunting manner, but left the door open as Doyle left.**
Davis is an interesting fellow. I feel he's far more dangerous than even Ada knows, however.

**"Your parents, I am afraid", he said.**
I always did wonder about Ada's family. What kind of upbringing did she have to make her the woman she is?

**That was not the point, however; she was needed because Wesker talked with her instead of just cleaving her head open.**
Another marketable job skill. However, he makes himself seem more of a monster to the Organization than he really is. They will underestimate a madman.

**Three of the Organization's agents shoved the black clothed figure of Wesker into the cell roughly and kicked him in the knee bend to force him onto the ground. Their movements were fast and precise, but also brutal as they cuffed the man's hands behind his back.**
He knows to bide his time. He's transcended a lot of his earlier pride. He knows what matters and what doesn't. His submission now will gain him more in the future than any struggle.

**"What does he see in us, I wonder?", **
Opportunity. Tools. Food.

**"What does he see in us, I wonder?", he replied, ignoring her question. Then he turned to face her and seemed serious about what he said.**

Hah, Davis thinks he can control Wesker? The man needs to do a bit more homework. He's in for a nasty surprise.

**Nevertheless, all he was was an empty shell of a traumatized madman, he was not worth the trouble.
He looked up and looked her straight in the eye.

Then he smiled.

He knew, of course.**

When a foe underestimates you, he's already lost. Wesker sees the big picture as clearly as he sees through the facades around him.

Once again, excellent chapter!
bloody raptor chapter 7 . 2/2/2013
I wounder if she'll succeed?
bloody raptor chapter 6 . 1/14/2013
I wounder if the person at the end of this chapter is Jill. I can hardly wait to find out.
TaishoTears chapter 6 . 1/6/2013
Loved this chapter! Really looking forward to more. Hope that we get some more written from Weskers point of view. _
TaishoTears chapter 5 . 1/6/2013
The story has been good so far... This chapter was written in a odd way though... Way too poetic, too descriptive... I had a hard time telling who was the main character in each part... This chapter reads more like poetry than it does a novel... Other than that, well done.
littlevamp chapter 6 . 12/28/2012
Wow, things are really starting to get crazy lol Figures Wesker would leave Chris with the Tyrant haha Their conversations were great, I must say. Nicely done:) Hopefully nothing worse happens to Jill:)-Lil V
bloody raptor chapter 5 . 11/20/2012
I take it it was Ada's parents that were killed. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.
AceofHadeon chapter 3 . 10/24/2012
**His time had come at last. All the struggles would pay off in the end, once this last trap played the missing link into his hands. The test was ready to commence.**

A new player in the game? I'm intrigued.

**It was progress.**

You know what they say: progress is just driving off the cliff FASTER.

**The monster inside him was growing stronger... and hungrier, by the second.**

Now I'm extremely intrigued. Could he be a counterpart to Wesker?

**Everything was going according to plan.**

Mm, famous last words?

**A few years ago, he would've killed anybody sacrificing people for a cause, but now he was certain it was the right thing to do. **

This is a very effective way of showing how the constant fighting has taken a toll on Chris. He hasn't escaped unscathed. His attitude is resembling Wesker's a bit now - ready to sacrifice others for a cause. Chris is becoming what he hates.

**And when they fell... bioterrorism would eventually turn the world into a giant habitat for tentacle creatures and cannibals.**

Bit of a fitting end for humanity, in a sense. Or at least that's what Wesker might say. Cannibals and tentacled creatures rather reflects humanity's true nature.

**If he succeeded here, he would get support in finding Jill.**

Looks like they know how to play Chris.

**What if Jill simply did not want to be found?**

I wouldn't blame her. It's interesting that Chris has this thought. It shows how his attitude is changing, becoming, really, more realistic.

**Chris panted and felt the blood run into his mouth,**

The ambush scene is well done. Felt like it could have come from the games!

**It was then that Chris realized those people weren't soldiers at all, maybe except for Jessica.**

Seems all parties involved in this fight are running low on resources. They're killing themselves as they battle each other.

**"I killed you."**

Loved Chris's reaction to see Wesker alive again. Very realistic. Poor Chris, just when he thinks he might have a chance, his life just took a plunge.

**"In hell, old friend, is nothing left for me to fear", Wesker responded quietly,**

Good answer. He's already spent a few years in hell on earth. He's pretty much faced all its tortures.

** People like this self-proclaimed idealist chained him to the world with their stupidity- he needed to do something about it.**

He'll be around for a long time, then. It's fitting that Chris, who "killed" him, gives him a reason to live.

**It will all end well... everything's going to be alright... what a beautiful fake promise.**

It will end well for someone, just not Jessica.

**Jessica caught him off guard as she assaulted him, throwing him onto the ground and landing on top of him.**

His thoughts about Chris made him vulnerable - ironic but appropriate. The turmoil and ambivalence Wesker feels when it comes to Chris is fascinating.

**after several month without practice he now struggled with the most common tasks in combat.**

It's good that you have him showing his age and vulnerabilities. He's not superhuman, after all. It makes his struggle that more compelling, too.

**Maybe it was recklessness that could be explained by the confusion the doubts had caused, but it was still dangerous.**

Wesker's not the only one who's distracted. I like how you've portrayed him working through his discovery of Wesker's revival.

**but he found himself unable to feel anything. It was a protective mechanism of his mind to keep sane and he had grown accustomed to it. **

Seems to be the going thing. It really is the most realistic and rational response to constantly seeing such atrocities. Some of the characters are better at it than others, though.

**Unlike any of the corpses he had seen this day, this one was clearly killed in a fashion he had never seen before.**

He has to take his frustration out on something. Jessica's a suitable enough target as any. Chris no doubt appreciates that this could have been him.
AceofHadeon chapter 2 . 10/21/2012
**Those human eyes made fun of her, trying to lull her into a sense of false safety.**

His red eyes always reminded me of the Eye of Sauron. In a way, the normal eyes are worse than the viral eyes. As a human he can be far more unpredictable and dangerous, I wager. Windows to the soul, perhaps.

**Wesker knew to turn her feelings against her far too well, with that oh-so-sophisticated words he connected one insult to another, destroying the balance to send her tumble and fall.**

His most effective weapon always was his wit. He understands people so well, understands how to ferret out their weaknesses and use them against the individual. I like that Ada is perfectly aware of this and knows to try to avoid that territory. It's a losing game, though.

**Wesker too was playacting. **

I like that you pointed this out. Both Ada and Wesker are on unstable and unfamiliar ground. If either makes a misstep, the other will pounce. Even if they attack each other, though, they're only defeating themselves since they're ultimately under the power of the heads.

**They might be human, but still filled with the overflowing boredom he deemed to be appropriate.**

Very authentic! It's understandable for someone who thinks himself worthy of becoming a god. And he genuinely is smarter than most people.

**Wesker did not joke, nor did he lie to her. **

I love that even after spending 3 years in a drugged state and having just been revived, he's on top of his game of verbal chess. He knows the stakes and his position. His mind and will are ready for the challenge of regaining his former power, even if his flesh is weak.

**"Oh dear, never forget I am the one preserving you of those tortures",**

Hah, so in a sense Wesker is keeping her alive by cooperating, and she believes she's keeping him from tortures. They're both each other's best hope and worst danger.

**"Oh dear. How much closer can the surveillance get?"; Wesker asked in a resigned voice, "Escaping your nightmares, fleeing outside to steal a final look at the stars- just to see their eyes hiding in the skies."**

Amazing line. It's especially poignant from the man who wanted to become a god. Now the god is mortal, the pawn of an omniscient organization - again.

**"Tell me, does that scar still bring back memories?"**

Wesker takes her failure and throws it back in her face, just as she wanted to do to him. They're a good match for this sparring session.

**It felt good to be in control, for a brief, delicate moment. It felt like surviving.**

That's what she has to believe, anyway. It's sort of like having the control, the freedom, to decide what execution method you'd prefer, though.

** Due to the constant confrontation with people like her it had been only an inconvenience to deal with her; her death did not mean much to him.**

I like this reaction; it rings true for Wesker. After all he's been through, he has to be used to them.

**he understood what connected them.
Fear... is closing the gap. **

Yes, they're both in the same boat now. They'd best start rowing rather than trying to shove each other out.

**Drugs caused this light-headedness to spread his wings in his mind, clearing his vision so perfectly.**

Especially true of morphine. It makes you just. Not. Care.

**but it felt less like a human act if he had a reason.**

Indeed, genetics alone don't make someone human in the emotional and psychological sense. For him, humanity is weakness, thus he can't accept any trace of it in himself. Still, the ghosts of the past, of the dead, haunt him. But not for long.

**I am the virus, dear... you should know by now. **

Great line. And he always has been the virus.

**He saw 'bitterness' and 'repression' and it made his chin harden to feel the resignation. There had always been people trying to analyze him, failing miserably.**

Ada's unconsciously analyzing and describing herself, it seems. They say we dislike in others what we see in ourselves. Wesker sees people as things to be studied and dissected, however. His clinical detachment gives him an advantage when twisting people's emotions.

**It was certainly easier to keep these demons in control once they had been set free than to fully stop them from approaching.**

When humans try to become more than human, they only become more like demons. In a sense, he is the epitome of humanity: proud, power-hungry, capable of cruelty without a second thought, independent, deceitful, concerned only with his own survival.

**Dorian Grey picture that shielded him from the outside world. It kept away the humanity; it was the attitude that felt closest to be being the right.
William had once called him 'chilly' and that was right. Wesker was the cold, the dead, the empty. And he sure as hell loved being like this.**

Perfectly put! The living dead, virus or no.

**"But I do not shoot unarmed civilians unless they try to eat my brains."**

He's already done more than that, dear. He's infected your consciousness with fear, doubt, regret. The virus isn't in the DNA this time.

**It's what they had taught him.
It's what they had wanted him to be.**

Manufactured. Both by Umbrella and, unwittingly, those who fought him.

**Wesker grabbed her wrist and squeezed **

Nice way of showing his power to the readers.

**Wesker was disgusted by the thought of it all; the whole American Dream was propaganda for a race for death, a race with no finish line.**

Very authentic reaction for Wesker. He's right, too. It's futility in the end.

**He has to have notice... it's like seeing an old photograph.**

Preconceived notions and biases affect a person's perception of reality. Underestimating people can cause serious lapses in observation. I like how you used this.

**Wesker didn't have anything at all, no home, no friends and no lover.**

It shows Ada's character that she believes, even if it's just subconsciously, that everyone should desire these things. Wesker doesn't have them, because he doesn't think they're important. He has himself.

** I can't get under his skin anymore, there's nothing left to hurt.**

Inhumanity, aloofness, and apathy are wonderful things when it comes to avoiding the pain of verbal barbs.

**"Voices, my dear? Once I have cleaned the world of another human's worthless existence, there are no voices left to cry with. They all stay silent, forever." **

He's slowly working through the last vestiges of his resurrection. He's left death behind, now, and with it the voices of the dead. The ice is returning, recreating the sociopath. I like how you show his progress this way.

**Never allow yourself to trust someone whom you are useful to. Their lies are the easiest to justify."**

Since they're closest, they're also the person whose knife will do the most damage in your back. This fits his opinion of loyalty, too. There's no need for it in his view. It's a liability.

**A few weeks with him and their exhausting talks would probably drive her to kill herself. **

Reminds me of Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs. Nice.

**"Oh, I do care", he replied, smirking, "I would cherish every second of it. And about that other problem..."**

Well, he did want to achieve global saturation, right?

**God, how much Ada hated that man.**

Hah, she should. He's right most of the time, after all.

Erg, this was kind of a rambly review. Hope it makes sense. Also hope the quoting doesn't bother you; it's how I do a lot of my reviews.
AceofHadeon chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
The premise of this fic is fascinating. The opening is gripping as well. Starting with a description of the new world as Wesker perceives it gets the reader into the fic's mood right away.

You've done a splendid job conveying Wesker's shifting consciousness, shattered thoughts, and struggle with the drugs and reality. The procedure to revive him has done more than just bring his body back. He was, on the inside, a lot like the undead. Hunger drove him, though it was a hunger for power rather than flesh. Then again, he desired to feed, as it were, off the world, so perhaps that hunger's not so different?

In a way, his body and soul have swapped places. Before the lava baptism, his soul was scarred and vulnerable while his body was strong and nigh perfect. Now his soul has revived, emotions have begun returning whether he wants them or not, while his body is weakened. With the virus gone, he has a lot of adjusting to do. He's been born again, but to what end?

Ada is quite authentic too, IMO. She controls her feelings toward Wesker as she works for the heads. Ever the flawed mercenary... Selfish fear and fearful selfishness indeed. She has a right, on the one hand, to hate Wesker, but on the other hand, she was the one who first decided to work for him. She always tries to use her employers, and now she's reaping what she sowed as they use her.

Chris's position is a lot like Ada's: trapped by his masters into serving in the never-ending fight. He's a pawn in the game. It'll be interesting to see how his weariness with the world and his many losses affect his actions.
bloody raptor chapter 4 . 10/20/2012
I'm getting the impression Ada may gro to prefer Wesker like this, rather then what he is going to be like when he makes a full recovery
littlevamp chapter 4 . 10/19/2012
Nicely done. I thought the conversation between Wesker and Ada was very interesting; the two just bicker about everything lol Love it. They make a great pair. Can't wait to see what the Organization has in store for Wesker. Update soon.-Lil V
littlevamp chapter 3 . 10/8/2012
Oh, the suspense! lol Good chapter; sad to see that I've reached the bottom of the page X( lol I like how Wesker and Chris are sort of reunited again; I had a feeling Wesker wouldn't end him there. I mean, really, he had so many chances in ALL the games the two were in to do that lol they belong together, to chase eachother forever...well, maybe not anymore since Wesker is "dead." lol But I thought this chapter was awesome. HOpe to see more Wesker/Chris interactions:) And that was cold of Jessica to turn her back; made me kinda sad. Poor one gives the guy a break lol Update soon! :D Best wishes!-Lil V.
bloody raptor chapter 2 . 9/10/2012
I can hardly wait for the next chapter
littlevamp chapter 2 . 9/9/2012
Awesome:) I think the way Ada and Wesker are portrayed is spot on. I'm glad you have lots of dialogue though; it bugs me when people write only descriptions and little to no dialogue. You wrote both:) yay. Update soon:) by the way, will there be any romantic or any type of feelings developing? I know it probably wasn't your intention, but the way they speak to each other sounds flirty lol in a good way, like that's the norm for them. Of course, maybe not, since Wesker really dislikes Ada lol just a thought...

-Lil V
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