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Calyapple chapter 11 . 4/15
I love this story 3 Instead of making dinner I was reading this for the 100000 time and is still absolutely wonderful. Please don't give up, you are an amanzing writer.
Booklover1800 chapter 11 . 4/14
My computer decided to play Jar of hearts by Christina Perri when Katniss was presented with the red ribbon from Peeta, along with her negative thoughts. I suggest that no one else make that mistake, cos it just gives an emotional overload.
I am amazed at how much you have written in ONE chapter. It's amazing. It's taken me... 3 days to finish it along with everything else I have to do.
I also love the 'old folk song' that you have evolved. The dreams that Katniss have are so fantasy filled but then relate to the story so well, showing off her day dreams. I just wish that she realises who her companion is.
Doing amazingly well,
Morttheghost chapter 5 . 4/13
Annoying auto post button
Anyway, please keep writing and don't let you amazing talent go to waste!
(Actually, re-reading all that, I sound creepy)
Hope to see(read your works) you again soon!
Morttheghost chapter 4 . 4/13
1 month to the most important exams of my life. I should be working my socks off. Instead, what am I doing? Reading this fic for the 5th time.
Way to get good grades!
Seriously though, this fix is awesome. Favourite chapter is CH 11 - simply for katniss' extreme selective intelligence RE the token: she can work out it's from a seam girl but not that it's HER handkerchief, and for the orange scene.
I will not presume to know about your personal life, but I hope there is nothing too bad going on at the moment, and that you are no longer depressed. Life goes on, whatever happens. You seem an incredibly skilled woman (I assume woman[youngish] due to your writing style and he fact statistically a
Morttheghost chapter 3 . 4/13
1 month to the most important exams
SanjaFantasy chapter 11 . 4/12
Awesome u
Booklover1800 chapter 10 . 4/11
This story is amazing! I love the detail, and I think its a brilliant idea! It would be so cool if you could write Peeta's POV of his life in this story, like what he thinks, and in the games his thoughts before he slept, but it would be a challenge. It would be amazing if you could do this, but i understand if you don't.
Your an amazing writer,
manderz1424 chapter 11 . 4/10
Oh why do I always forget to check if a story is a WIP before getting attached... Wonderful story. I just wanted a quick read before going to bed, and instead, I stayed up way too late reading your this. I haven't nothing new to say that hasn't been said a million times by the other posters, so basically just wanted to say great job, and PLEASE don't abandon this work!
Lochhaas1013 chapter 11 . 4/10
I have read multiple reviews to try to find something that hasn't already been said, and all I can say is I agree with them ALL. This is breathtaking, almost excruciatingly sensual, beautifully paced, ethereal in its seamless use of folklore. It is transcendent writing- so flawless that I was almost drunk on it when I finished. . I couldn't bear to pull myself away from this world; is it weird I feel so giddy for Peeta and Katniss and their fairy tale life together? I hope you update soon! :-)
Regina chapter 11 . 4/10
Oh god. I just finished rereading this fanfic again and I have to say, it's still my favorite. I remembered some things I forgot and I squealed like 10 times while reading this, not even going to deny it. The way you use words to so vividly describe Katniss' dreams or the abundance of food and gifts Peeta provides for Katniss makes me truly feel as if I'm there. I think we all know the visitor is Peeta, with him crying at the pillow and the ribbon in her hair. I'm wondering if he'll wear the ribbon the next day though I doubt it. Silly Peeta, tell the little oblivious girl it's her you love! I've read your Previews to Ch. 12 on tumblr and love the bridal clips and of course Katniss talking to Peeta about his sweetheart and her black hair. We waited 4? Months for this chapter I believe so I'm hoping the next will be approaching soon. You may be my favorite author ever, like beyond Suzanne Collins or JK Rowling or John Green.
Can't wait for more everlark in the future.
MissRose727 chapter 11 . 4/10
I cannot explain in words how much I lobe every word written in this story. I also cannot express clearly enough how much my heart will in turmoil until the completion of When the Moon. I've read many, MANY fan fiction, even writing a few of my own in a dofferent fandom, but none compair to the poetry and beauty and spellbinding awe you strike with your words. Please don't abandon this story, there's too much perfection to leave it half completed, leaving Peeta without his happily ever after with Katniss. Who, by the way, is so frustrating at times I just want to shake her and yell "He LOVES YOU, you blind little girl! Not someone else!" But thats the power of the mind. If the logic doesn't present itself in a way the mind can accept and understand then it will make all kinds of excuses to make a situation plausible. But still...HANG IN THERE PEETA! She won't be blind forever.

Again I beg, please dont lose faith in this story. I nearly cried when I saw the authors note because I knew that I had to wait for who knows how long for another update. Please don't make it much longer, my heart can't handle it lol!
emeralgreenlove chapter 11 . 4/9
I have gone ONE day without reading this beautiful tale since I found it and I'm going crazy. I need more. Please PM if you can to let me know if you will continue. You have such a beautiful way of writing and omfg, they kissed, but that's not even what makes this story Sexy. I love the way Peeta treats Katniss like a queen and oh gosh, the foot kissing, and the pregnant with fawns, and the pregnant with the sun's baby (if you haven't noticed I kind of really love the idea of Katniss pregnant). I was a little disappointed when Peeta didn't present Katniss with the picture of K pregnant with fawns because I want to see his translation of Katniss's dream-he is a pleasure to read about though and I suspect that you'll bring up the fawns thing up again.

I love the scene by the fire where Peeta and Katniss share an orange. I really appreciate that Peeta and katniss aren't being M-rated yet because every little action between them has so much more value than if they exchanged affection all the time. I wanna marry your Peeta haha.

I love the fairy tales and the songs and the backstory-it's all breath-taking.

I'm waiting for Katniss to stop being so oblivious and for the moment when he and Katniss have a conversation where he tells her about his hopes for a family. I think he's adorable enough where Katniss would re-think marriage and children just because he would let her know in such a sweet way (and she's always imagining him having little kids so it fits the bill!). He's such a good person. I love him.

I keep forgetting that they're 16 and it's probably because (1) Peeta behaves and is a MAN, not a boy and (2) even though P. mentioned school, they're not going to it nor do they have a tutor. It's convenient to the plot and come on, they know more about surviving without school that they would ever do with it, but I just wish you would had acknowledged that (I may have skipped over it, so if I did, I'm sorry) and why doesn't Peeta send for Mellarks&Everdeen families to join them on the holiday. I understand why he wouldn't want to be close to his mother, but-if I were in this situation, I would at least want to see Prim since she's like Katniss's own kid.

So I just finished reading your tale yesterday and I was so sad[it was over for now]. Now I'm going to re-read it and go in search of another fairy tale twist story (which you're really good at writing), so if you have any suggestions from your own set of stories or ones you like, please PM me a list if you have time, and the longer it is the better! Keep writing!:)
Kath chapter 11 . 4/9
Oh my gosh, that was brilliant and beautiful. Your writing is so vivid and enchanting, with the folklore weaved seamlessly into Katniss' and Peeta's story. Thank you for sharing - it was a New Year's present wrapped in a soft, white ribbon.
Lady Aurora Nocturne chapter 11 . 4/8
I just found this delightful story. Love it so far, but how dense can Katniss be? You'd think she would get a clue when she sees his district token, not to mention all of the sweet things Peeta does for her and the obvious hints that others drop. Please please please post another chapter soon!
Mechcat chapter 11 . 4/8
What can one say after that? Magical indeed. More please!
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