Reviews for Knight Down
Acadia chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Wow. That plane crash scene was exciting and a bit too realistic. Yikes!

I love how you portray Nick and Nat's relationship. She offers him support and acts as a conscience for him, somthing LaCroix and Janette never do. I hated that stupid Last Knight episode, so I'm glad you disregarded it. My friend, NewLaCroixFan, loaned me the dvds and suggested I read your stories. Best call ever. The show is fantastic and your stories rock.

I realize this isn't a story in you Father's Truth series, but I hope you do more of those,too. Also, would you consider a story that focuses on Nick and Janette's relationship? They've loved each other for eight hundred years, after all...

So I look forward to more of your fabulous writing. Thanks for sharing this!