Reviews for Blue Memories
Wolfgrowl chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Poor Larkwing! Where was Jayshadow in all this? DX At least they kept up the tradition of kit-attacks.
Prin Pardus chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Abloobloobloo. ;-;

That's the sound of me sobbing. Does this please you, o Ruiner of Lives and Depresser of Many? DOES THIS PLEASE YOU?

Srsly grrl u r lik the most amazein thing in my lyf.

Even more seriously than that, don't ever stop writing. Like, ever ever ever forever. Because you are such a special lil gem and even though most of your stuff is totes heartbreaking, it's always worth the read because there's beauty in the sadness.


I was pretty sure it was Copper, since the only other kitty of mine in any sort of stable relationship is Cedar, and soemhow Cedarfeather doesn't feel like your ballgame.

At first I figured Larkypoo was dead, but of course she wasn't. Of course you wouldn't let her off that lightly, you awful-terrible-horrible-amazing-thing. As soon as Minnowkit popped up, I knew something was wrong, and losing her memory just made the most sense since they were both elders (although I'll admit, Minnowkit puzzled me at first since I have one of my own xD).

And his plan, agh. I think you give Copper more credit than he deserves, because his plan was just so perflectuous with their history. Of course that would be what jogs her memory (aside from dumping her in some slush, that mighta worked too...but there are obvious issues with that). And then when she /remembers/ and just repeats his name because it's what she has to hold on to, my heart splintered into a bajillion pieces and was scattered across the cosmos because if there's anything Copper has trouble doing, it's lying to those he cares about, so this would tear him up inside even more than losing the one he loved so much ever could.

And "Together" and he luffs her so much and she loves him even more I'm sure and they just love each other and it took so long to get them together and push them to that point and the feels were so good but now there is nothing but sadness where my heart should be. DD:

And oh nooo, did he bury her next to a sapling in the hole where they admitted their feels? Agh. I didn't even realize that on the first read-through. Now more pain, more sad. Copper is just such a sweetie pie with you. In rp he seems to handle their romance as kind of a joke (not in the depth of his feelings, of course, but they have a teasing relationship and it persists even though they're romantically involed now) but here he's grown up and matured, and while it still has that touch of fun (like with the den-thing, which was not 'fun' in the traditional sense, know) he's much deeper about it now and sweeter and I lurve them both so much. ;-;

And then he lets himself go because they have to be together for all times and I'm reaching for a tissue before I snot all over my pretty sheets (enjoy that image, it's my tiny revenge).

This is so lovely, and what's more, you wrote it all so quickly! Usually I know you tend to chew on your one-shots a bit, but this one was much faster and it didn't hurt the quality of it at all. Quite impressive.

I can't really say anything more that I have already. Honestly, when you posted the quote I thought immediately of Cedar, because he's a very plain-Jane down-to-earth common sort of dude, whereas Copper can be a lil snide when he thinks he's in the right and very much wants to play the part of the hero. It's lovely to see that he's matured past that, knowing that he doesn't have to go down in history to have a good life.

Amazing, Shimjim.
Baboonaiih chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Wow... Just wow... I'm getting emotional. If it would have went on I think I would have cried. Very well done, very well done indeed.
Stormeon chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Depressing. ;-;

I love how it sorta started out really sweet with old Copper and his grandkits, attacking the leader's den like old times :3

Thennn.. You throw in the whole Larkflight thing D: Alzheimers? I hope this isn't her RP fate :'(

Then when you think it can't get worse: The ending. Lark dies? D: *Sniffle*

You're never allowed to get inspiration from The Notebook again! Totes.

Poor Copper ;-; You evil monster Glimmer xD

Good work! 8D
on the backs of angels chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Shimmer. As always you have outdone yourself. This is so beautiful. I'm still crying. :'3
Shadough chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
Oh God. OHGODOHGODOHGOD! *dies a million times* I'm crying. Seriously, my mom thinks something is wrong. Don't do this to me! Dx T_T Poor Copper.
*dies again*