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gummysaur chapter 52 . 8/24/2015
wow! i just read this and it took me a few days and i wanted to save my thoughts until the most recent chapter. this story is amazingly well written, and it's taught me a few new words to use in my own writing! i totally get your desire for reviews and it doesnt feel like begging at all...a work as big as this deserves reviews, and publishing a chapter only to get little to nothing is always an awful feeling.

as good as it is though, i do have some criticisms! for one, i don't understand what the shippings are; for example, i really dont like miles/franziska but im a huge sucker for miles/phoenix, and it's not really clear whats going to happen; miles/lana? miles/maddy? i get that it adds to the mystery, but it's always good to warn your readers in case they dont care for particular ships.

another thing is that i feel as though phoenix and edgeworth's relationship isn't portrayed "correctly". i might have a bias, since like i said before i like p/e, but i feel like phoenix cares edgeworth much more. for example; in your story, when nick's mom told phoenix about the "demon prosecutor" article, his reaction was: "who? miles? that weird kid who's dad got shot in the courtroom?" considering phoenix became a lawyer for miles and even sent 57 phonecalls and loads of letters, this seems like a bit of an understatement. it doesn't line up with the "canon" bits in your story; the fan-written flashbacks portray phoenix and larry as almost regretting becoming friends with miles and almost forgetting him after he left, but then you also include real canon conversations that dont line up. phoenix has an air of "miles? i dont care about him" and then two seconds later he's like "miles, why did he ignore me? did he forget me? i need to save him" kinda the way he is in the games. again, that might just be me!

all that aside the story really is amazing! it's great to see a slice-of-life edgeworth fic-and something that takes place right after Turnabout Goodbyes, to boot! i absolutely adore all the chapters addressing edgeworth's fear of elevators-chapter 8 was my favorite-and i cant wait for more updates!
tezmilion chapter 52 . 8/21/2015
I've been busy for past several weeks, so I finally got some time to sit down and re-read this new version of yours.

And I really want you to know how much I thank you for writing this marvelous fic. It just gave me all the Edgeworth-feelings back and I think I'm falling in lover all over again.
Mihoshi 2.0 chapter 52 . 8/17/2015
Ok, I probably need to play the case again, but why is Miles going to the evidence locker? I remember when Chief Gant asked him to take something back to the prosecutor's office, without the knowledge of a "surprise" in his trunk.
Next, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING! I've been waiting for this. Pheonix' last case (for now) with Edgeworth is coming soon; as well as the end of this story *sniff* *sniff*.
JordanPhoenix chapter 52 . 8/15/2015
Miles would look dead sexy in a penguin suit methinks! God I hate Gant! Maybe Miles' victory will make Manny eat some humble pie? (nah!)
Poor Miles, he's just a self-loathing, angst-filled ticking time bomb... :(
Inkblot0Blue chapter 1 . 8/10/2015
This was one of the first stories I read in the AA fandom and probably one of the best. Your work has since been an inspiration and now I return to it to remind myself of how good it was. Carry on writing!
Mihoshi 2.0 chapter 51 . 8/6/2015 close!
Miles poked his nose out of his shell, took a whiff, and popped back in again. He's lonely; that was a no brainier. But still, it's progress- even if Edgeworth's doesn't remember it.
I wonder what happened during that meeting Phoenix went to!

Also, looks like we're almost to the beginning of case 5 of PW:AACAN'T WAIT!
Mihoshi 2.0 chapter 50 . 8/6/2015
YAY! Miles is getting back to normal; slowly but surely. I wish I knew what was on the back of that business card, though. Technically, that would be one of the last loose ends to tie up.
OK, time to kick this slow party into high gear- with PHOENIX POWER!
Mihoshi 2.0 chapter 46 . 8/6/2015
And now live come to another one of your stories. I've been reading this one since Saturday; no I haven't reviewed until now. I just wanted to get a real clue into Edgeworth's psyche; seeing your view on how the realization might have made him react afterwards.
Man; he is really f***ed up! How can he not rely on his friends and allies in his time if need? What's the timeline since he found out who the killer really was, a month? A month of inner turmoil, self-loathing, grief, and believing friendship is a worthless necessity; while at the same time, using his friends to help him when he sees fit.
He can't go on like this; I'm surprised he hasn't fainted because of hunger, or that his friends haven't called for an intervention.
Please "SAVE MILES"!
JordanPhoenix chapter 51 . 7/25/2015
Yay! Now that you've seen DD, THE ultimate 80's chick flick, you'll get all my references to it in my stories in a whole new way! :)

Also yay - a much needed Phoenix chapter! Can you tell I love this guy?

OK this was great- drunken Edgeworth is hilarious, and I was giggling insanely at the stapler and the pencil dialogue! I can never, ever guess what you have up your sleeve - but am confident it will be awesomesauce!
JordanPhoenix chapter 50 . 7/23/2015
Nope, never a boring moment with your tales, milady. Great chapter. Poor Edgy! OF course Nick wants to be his friend, because Edgy is freakin' awesome! I hope he comes to that realization soon enough! That being said, bring on the Phoenix! We need some boy-banter! :)
JordanPhoenix chapter 49 . 7/21/2015
Number one...I love Edgy's taste in music. I always saw him as a lover of classics, and CLASSICAL, but timeless crooners still fits my head canon. Secondly, I love seeing flashbacks of Franzy and Edgy as's SO cute! This was short but sweet :)
tezmilion chapter 36 . 4/28/2015
Is there any reason why you keep saying that Edgeworth is fat?

Franizska always says it, Phoenix said it too, and you mentioned it in your other works such as Rainfall. Edgeworth has enough amount of self-hatred already and he certainly doesn't need to add "I'm fat" on his long list of issues. I actually LIKE your fics a lot, I really do, but whenever I read it those fat-comments just appear over and over again; it doesn't look like funny joke anymore. It's just uncomfortable.

And if that's what you actually think about Edgeworth, I can provide countless "official" arts proving that you are wrong.
4321 chapter 12 . 12/9/2014
Christ. Even the baseball mitt has a tragic backstory. I don't know why every single work for Ace Attorney is so stressful a read. I need sleep. You are doing the Lord's work by providing this riveting an entertainment source to the public. Truly.
Ersatz Writer chapter 4 . 8/25/2014
This fic makes me so happy like you don't even know.

Please update. Keep up the good work. It's great. I need more. Even if I'm nowhere near the end. I love this. The origami scene completely melted my heart. You're a great writer. Loving it!
Pergjithshme chapter 46 . 5/9/2014
Ahhh...flashforwards...things make more sense now.

I'm having Gumshoe feels :((((((((
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