Reviews for Fishcake Chronicles
Kay chapter 16 . 11/15
if you hate it then rewrite, stop being a wussy about it.
Kudos chapter 16 . 11/15
I share a similar belief, that I am writing for my enjoyment and any reviews are simply a bonus.

Perhaps, some time down the line, you'll revisit this for a rewrite and do it the way you want not the back-seat writers (reviewers). These Videogame!Naruto plotlines are quite easy to Gary Stu, but as that is the case . . . go nuts and have a blast with plot devices you normally wouldn't touch.

Cheers mate!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/14
u can always come back to it, take a break n do other things, maybe read a bit of Naruto stories u may find it gets u interested again in this. reading ur own stuff helps too
Mahaad chapter 16 . 11/15
...dammit. *sigh* Alright, me, suck it up and get to the review. Ok, first off, congratulations on the book, if it's out; and if not, good luck with that, I hope to read it. What's the title, if you don't mind me asking? Second, FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-Nope, nope, wrong thing. Second, good on you for spotting your stumbles, and deciding that they deviated too far from your plot/plan. Third...uh, think you'll ever do a rewrite? I love this damn story, and it's one of the only... well, was one of the only active VG!Naruto stories.

Well, I'll go poke through the rest of your stories, again. Have fun, enjoy your day, peace, love, and bacon!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/13
I write fics myself from time to time, so i might have a word of advice.

It's fine to have an overpowered character, but you have to define what your goal is for that character. Actual "Fights" only works on the REALLY stupid strong enemies, and you can just write the enjoyable roffle-stomp battle in an almost comedic fassion. Have people FREAK OUT over how strong they are. How your characters respond recursively to the attention their strength would draw can be hilarious as well.

Generally fics with overpowered characters need conflict derrived not from outright hostility, but on the political/emotional/subtle level. Being able to blow up a mountain is all well and good, but it doesn't do you any good when your enemies are stealing your ramen just because they can.
Or your being forced to babysit because a noble wants the "Best" (Nor does it help in actually babysitting. It does help however making any attempted assasination attempts hilariously ineffective.

At any rate, just my two cents, but refocusing the "genre" from a kind of Shonen action/adventure to a bit more of a comedy, or outline your conflicts with a different focus might be a good way to find a path.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/13
I would suggest that you write the whole fan-fiction next time before posting and then just post it daily without reading the reviews until the last chapter.

So you are true to yourself and be able to see the thoughts of others without being clouded by them.
Kejmur chapter 15 . 11/15
To be honest it's a shame you put the story on stop. I think personally it's well written and I enjoy it, because it's probably the first VideoGame! Naruto story where he actually acts on dark side. Maybe rewriting is actually good idea, but personally I would keep everything untouched before Wave Arc (as I feel this is the main issue here). That's all and thank you for the read so far ;).
jupimako chapter 16 . 11/14
T.T I'll miss your story. Thanks for what's here!
Crotch Cricket chapter 16 . 11/14
Well, thanks for the good story.
QuantumZero chapter 16 . 11/14
Maybe a remake?
NaruHarem4ever chapter 16 . 11/13
Well I cant speak for everyone else, but I personally enjoyed what was put in front of me. So thank you for an amazing fic, even if you think it wasnt very good. Just remember, an author is their own biggest critic. Keep up the amazing work!
BloodTrinity chapter 16 . 11/13
You do what you think is best fer ya, komrad. It was fun while it lasted, didn't realise there were polls tho.
First Guy chapter 16 . 11/13
This is sad..

Well, everything has its own start and end.

Better enjoy it while it last.. i think.

Thanks for the story..
Guest chapter 1 . 10/3
Ignored hinata -200
So basicialy game is ordering him who naruto must like?
jonesboy chapter 12 . 10/2
I like the story you shou continue
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