Reviews for The New Mews!
apandas327 chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
Name: Jasmine "Jazzy" Lewis

Age: 13/14

Personality: She's bubbly, energetic, nice, caring, hardworking, and outgoing. She's loyal and loves to make friends. When she gets mad she gets even. Sort of a sadist and prankster. She loves to prank the other Mews. She's popular but hates it.

Likes: dancing, playing the piano, art, food (especially cookies) reading, music, spending time with family and friends, the color teal, animals

Dislikes: clowns, puppets, red, unfinished book series, bullies, sand, dresses, shopping

Hair Color and Hair Style: brown hair with blonde highlights. her hair is always in a pony tail. it reaches all the way down to her butt

Eye Color: teal

Mew, Human, or Alien: mew

Animal(If your a mew): red panda

Mew Name: Mew Bamboo or Mew Jazzy

Who you are in the anime: Mint

Girl or Boy: girl

Normal Outfit: dark skinny jeans, brown knee high laced-up boots, and dark blue button up

Mew outfit: red-orange high-waisted shorts, tube top that has white outlining, and ballerina flats with the ribbons going all the way up to right under her knees. She has a white garter with red-orange outline and armbands with half of the mew pendant on each side. Her hair is in a high samurai pony tail and is reddish-orangish-brown

Mew Mark: a black bamboo plant on her left shoulder

Weapon: red-orange sword with a white ribbon on the handle and a gold heart on the middle of the silver blade

Super Move: Ribbon Bamboo Slice-sends a powerful slice of air, hopefully knocking out the enemy

Bio:She was born in America and lived there until she was 10. She moved back to live with her grandparents in Tokyo, Japan when her parents died in a car crash. She can speak Japanese, English, and Mandarin. She is an only child. Her grandparents are the traditional Japanese, but she has some freedom. She loves to dance and play the piano, but she can't sing, AT ALL. She dances all types of genres, especially hip-hop/breakdancing. She is smart and has the top grades in her school. She hates being popular being she doesn't have real friends. Her only real friends is her pet cat, Milky. In her free time she likes to draw, dance, and/or read.
Mew Blaze chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
Name: Allorea (Lori) Shīfōmu

Age: 14

Personality: Lori is cold heartless jerk who doesn't care what you say, do, or think. At least that's how she is to every other person, besides her deaf mother. She seals herself up so no one will give her sympathy about her mother. She hates to seal herself up but she does because she's also afraid that friends will betray her or she won't have enough time to support her mother. She desperate for human interaction positive or negative and since she's not very friendly she usually gets negative interaction like getting into fights. She very desperately needs a job that pays good.

Likes: Carrots, birds, fire, speed, brownies, her mother, peaches, chocolate, rock music.

Dislikes: being a Mew (it takes away from time to help her mother), people trying to be her friend, being alone, asparagus, dogs, cats, people pitying her, being ignored, country music.

Hair Color and Hair Style: (will be put in sections)
Style- spiky, reaches mid-back, bangs cover left eye.
Color- Blue with seafoam green bangs and small red streaks all over her hair. In Mew form her hair is red with blue bangs and seafoam green streaks.

Eye Color: Red. In Mew form seafoam green. Left eye is blind, in Mew form left eye can be seen out of

Mew, Human, or Alien: Mew

Animal: Flores/Wallace's Hanging Parrot

Mew Name: Mew Seaflame

Who you are in the anime: Zakuro

Girl or Boy: Girl

Normal Outfit: Lori wears the boy's version of her school uniform because, as she puts it, 'skirts aren't her thing.' So her normal outfit is, white tight fitting t-shirt with black leather jacket. She wears faded skinny jeans and neon orange high top sneakers with neon green laces.

Mew outfit: She has a seafoam green top that exposes her stomach, thin red straps hold the shirt and there is now a thick red line on the top. She has a short skirt that is blue and in has a red stripe on the top. She has two wrist-high red fingerless gloves with her Mew Mark on the tops in seafoam green. Her boots are the same as her Super Mew Outfit. Her hair reaches her waist. She has two green Flores Hanging Parrot feathers behind her ear and she has the green wings and tail of her animal. Her choker is made of small green feathers.

Mew Mark: two red feathers lit on blue fire located on the bottom of her right foot.

Weapon: a magic wand with a red orb, a blue handle, and seafoam green streamers that hang down from near the orb.

Super Move: she charges her attack then shoots red bubbles that when they hit the enemy they burst in a blue flame. She yells 'Ribbon Seaflame Burst!'

Bio: she grew up in New York with her deaf mother who could support them until Lori was 10. She then started to look for someone who would employ a 10 year old. She got a job at a shady nightclub because she could deal quickly. One day she was accused of not dealing correctly by a sore-loser, he pulled a knife on her and sliced her left eye, he was quickly restrained. Her left eye was permanently blinded so she grew her bangs over her eye to cover it so no one would notice at first glance. Because she's American she can fluently speak English and she can also speak Japanese fluently. She never knew her father so she took her mothers last name.
Asdfghjklzcxvbnmpoiuytrhacked chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Oc Info

Name: Katerina Rodriguez

Age: 16

Personality: Katerina is stubborn, caring, adventurous, random, scary and athletic. Once she sets her heart on something there's no changing her mind. She does what she wants and this often causes her to get in trouble and end up on some wild, crazy adventure with the other Mews. She loves her friends and would put her life on the line just to keep them safe because they are the most important people in her life besides her mom and older brother. So, it's best if you don't mess with her friends and family because she gets really scary and unpredictable.

Likes: Gymnastics, Dancing, Fast Cars, Singing, Shopping, Hot Boys, and small animals.

Dislikes: Bullies, Being bored, Small spaces, Being hated, and Know it alls.

Hair Color and Hair Style: She has naturally wavy light brown hair that she usually wears down. When she is in Mew form her hair is green with dark green in a high ponytail.

Eye Color: Hazel/green

Mew, Human, or Alien: Mew

Animal(If your a mew): Boa Constrictor

Mew Name: Mew Shadow

Who you are in the anime: Lettuce

Girl or Boy: Girl

Normal Outfit: She usually wears a red and black, off the shoulder crop, with black skinny jeans and black high top sneakers with red laces.

Mew outfit: A green corset top with a zipper in the front with a slightly darker green, lace, ruffled skirt, black shorts, a green garter and black ankle boots. She has a black bow tied into her hair like a headband. Her Mew pendant is attached to a charm bracelet on her left wrist.

Mew Mark: a flaming arrow

Weapon: A Black bow and a white arrow. That has black flames surrounding it.

Super Move: Cold Nightmare- The arrows flames turn black and it causes the enemy to be trapped in their worst nightmare and temporarily paralyzing them.

Bio: Kat usually a shy timid girl who's not used to having friends because of her fathers job causing then to move a lot throughout the years. So when Kat's parents told her Japan was their final move she thought it was time to come out of her shell and pursue a new personality. Kat usually goes back to being quiet and shy when her parents are around (and they barely are) because she doesn't want her father to despise her anymore then her already does. As she was growing up she always noticed her father was never pleased with her even when she got straight A's in school he never even acknowledged her accomplishments. She knows her mother can't help in fear of being scolded herself but Kat understands and puts on a mask to hide her pain. When Kat got to Japan she hoped this would be a new start for her and she is starting to see that is exactly what it's becoming.
xXxAllyRoarsxXx chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Name:Ame Shingetsu
Age: 12
Personality:She's quite clever and doesn't talk much. But gets embarrassed and acts like a fuss if someone says something embarrassing to her (what's your cup-size?).She a quiet bookworm with no social skills, which made her lose her friends but get more popular at school. She Headstrong, Cold, Reluctant and even Hostile will get grumpy, cross her arms, and won't speak for hours. She is extremely petite, cold. Most of the boys in her class admire her because of her beauty and passive personality, while the girls are annoyed by her because of her arrogance. She "fake-cry" when People Her Ignore
Likes:Blueberries, calm auras, reading, studying, keeping her health good, Rose, cake, sweet things, Tea ,cell phones, technology, Reading , Drawing , sleeping, lighthearted/classical music , Playing the Violin/Piano , To scare People
Dislikes:Stupid people, strawberries, comics, Thunderstorms, idiots , Bodies of Water
Hair Color and Hair Style: Ame has wavy dark blond hair, with long bangs hidden behind a thin black hair-band with a small ribbon in the middle attached to it. Her hair is so long that it goes down to her mid-thigh . In Mew Form Ame has very long Pink Hairkept in 2 ponytails Which is Curl at the End
Eye Color:Teal color Eyes , In Mew Form Their a Pretty Shade of Purple
Mew, Human, or Alien: Mew
Animal(If your a mew): Red Wolf
Mew Name: Mew Raspberry
Who you are in the anime: Mint
Girl or Boy: Girl
Normal Outfit:Besides her school outfit which is a black dress with gray detailing and corset. She wears black Knee High socks and black Mary Jane shoes. She normally wears Grey Dress that stop in the middle of her thigh with a short leather jacket with short sleeves and long black lace sock that stop a little over her knee with some black Flats and a Black Plaid Head Band with a Bow in the Middle.

Mew outfit:Black and Purple Corset top plaid dress(stops a little bit before her knees) that lace up in the back and has a large Purple Bow in the back with a black lace choker her mew pangent is on it and black lace gloves and Purple Combat Boots .She also has Red Wolf ears and tail in the correct spot

Mew Mark:On the back of her right sholder a Paw print with a Heart next to it

Weapon:A Scythe with a Red and White ribbon tied on the pole Call Heart Attack
Super Move:Ribbon Nightmare - A Thousand White Flowers Appear in the Sky with sharp Stems and Attack Enemy enemies .Then her Scythe ribbons grabs enemy and For Her to Slice them A Thousand Time
Bio:Ame was like any other cheerful schoolgirl. She spend her time taking good care of her body, mostly because she wanted to grow up healthy. She loved all kind of sports, including tennis, baseball, football etc. Into her mom died when she was 10. She lives with her Father and Nanny (Katio ) because her mother died And one of her Brothers( Rento) Is on a Business Trip and the other one (Ren) in College . Her father's not home at all the only time she see him is on Christmas she doesn't mind because she has Katio he like a 2nd father to her. She come form a very Wealthy Family .
Shadow's party girl 96 chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Name:Kiki Willow


Personality:Kiki is nice,sweet and a great friend to all. She can get mean and a little rude when she's can also be naive at Minto she doesn't like helping much.

Likes:being with her friends,charming cute boys,playing pranks,and nice people

Dislikes:Rude people,bullys,getting hurt

Hair Color and Hair Style:Long black curly hair,she has some bangs pulled back back behind her right ear.

Eye Color:aqua blue eyes,and voluminous eyelashes

Mew, Human, or Alien:Mew

Animal(If your a mew):Red Fox

Mew Name:Mew Cinnamon

Who you are in the anime:Mew Minto

Girl or Boy:Girl

Normal Outfit: A white dress that come's almost to her knees. She wears a skull hair clip that has black ribbons. She also wears black dress shoes.

Mew outfit:a tight-fitting red sweater-vest with a black bowtie,a dark red mini skirt,baggy also wears the mew necklace and arm bands and the leg band all in red and black.

Mew Mark:a red fox head on her right shoulder blade.

Weapon:a guitar

Super Move:Ribbon Sonic Tune,it blast's out sonic waves that cause's the target great pain if listening.

Bio:Kiki was born and raised in America,she is visting her father,her parent's are divorced and her father is rich,in never really had friends as a child so she doesn't know how to react to things like speaks english mostly and can speak Japanese,she sometimes slips into english when she is angry and yelling at mother was a fashion designer and her father was a CEO of a large company. She is a only child.
I'm a Nerd and Proud chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Name: Kiti Suzume

Age: 9

Personality: sweet, playful, funny, understanding, childish and fun to be around

Likes: cupcakes, manga, T.V, reading, making friends, hanging out with friends and making sure everyone is happy even if she isn't

Dislikes: bullies, not smiling, people not smiling and the color gray

Hair Color and Hair Style: cherry pink in two pink tails

Eye Color: purple

Mew, Human, or Alien: Mew

Animal(If your a mew):

Mew Name: Mew Cherry

Who you are in the anime: Pudding

Girl or Boy: girl

Normal Outfit: jeans with a shirt with different sayings on it, black boots

Mew outfit: her hair becomes red in buns, her eyes become pink while in a short dress which is red. Her boots are pink, a pink/red garter, matching armbands, a red and pink choker that holds her mew pendant

Mew Mark: two small red cherries were Ichigo's was

Weapon: pink rope with cherries all over it. Rope of Hope

Super Move: Ribbon Cherry Treat, ties up whatever it can

Bio: Kiti goes to Ichigo's school, never talked to Ichigo but watched her. Her life wasn't the happiest one but she loved making friends. Her father died and her mother was killed. She had a little sister she looked after and still does. When she becomes a mew mew she doesn't want to but when she gets a job at Cafe Mew Mew she does. Kiti will do anything for her sister: Burakkuberī.
Riasia chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Name: Adrenor Itaki

Age: 16

Personality: Adrenor is the most rudest thing you ever met. He thinks that humans are the most discussing this in the world. He likes to mess with the mews and absolutely enjoys watching them suffer. He thinks that he is all that and he is perfect.

Likes: Being mean and rude, quiet

Dislikes: Everything else

Hair Color and Hair Style: brown hair tied in a ponytail

Eye Color: Yellow

Mew, Human, or Alien: Alien

Animal(If your a mew):N/A

Mew Name:N/A

Who you are in the anime:Kisshu

Girl or Boy: Boy

Normal Outfit: A shirt that exposes his mid drift, baggy shorts, and sandals.

Mew outfit:N/A

Mew Mark: N/A

Weapon: A long curved blade with a poison point

Attack: He attacks the target and cut the target. Then he uses the poison point to poison the target.

Bio: He is an alien. When he was six he was taught to fight and he helped took over different planets. When he was twelve he helped kill some captives on ship. He then was known for being the meanest kid. He has no real family.

Hopes this helps you! :)
Littlespottedcat chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Name:Rayne Summers


Personality:likable, funny, and intelligent no on knows what her opinion is on anything

Likes:chocalate, and tigers


Hair Color and Hair Style: Black short turns white long

Eye Color:blue

Mew, Human, or Alien:mew

Animal(If your a mew):snow leapord

Mew Name:Mew Snow

Who you are in the anime:Mew Zakuro

Girl or Boy:girl

Normal Outfit:anything

Mew outfit:white zakuro outfit

Mew Mark:on the heel of her right foot

Weapon:Snow scepter- a white scepter with a black heart

Super Move: Ribbon Blizzard- snow freezes target and then the ice explodes damaging enemy

Bio: she was in a foster home for 10 yrs