Reviews for Little Berry
Boys-Love-Yaoi chapter 15 . 5/10
Soooooo... they are here to kill Grimm and take Ichi...? And I have to say that it's a bit strange to see Urahara this careless !
Anyway, I was intriged by yur story, and I like it.

duchessme chapter 15 . 4/29
Thought the others have a change of heart and will protect ichigo.
Love the story
waiting for the romance and for ichigo to return
Alexzandria747 chapter 15 . 4/18
This is reAlly good i cant wait for the nest chapter
HollowfiedWolf-In-The-Shadow94 chapter 15 . 3/24
please continue story its really good so far and I would like to know what happens
Blackrose Fighter chapter 15 . 3/10
Are you gonna use the method Aizen used to remove the stone out of Rukia just like in the show or are you going to do something different? Also, will anyone reference the fact that Ichigo turned into a kid just like Nel did?
SoulMore chapter 15 . 3/5
Guest chapter 15 . 3/2
Ahhhhh! D: Cliffy... :3 But I liked it all. :) Good description of Grimmjow's possessive cat instincts. I loved the "fishy" part... could really hear his quiet and sad little voice... So kawai that it was just between the two of them, while they were practically snuggled together. Damn they are just adorable in moments like that. So personal and united in those little moments.
And now, you are busy with the dreaded... life.. Gah! Well, I will happily wait for more, weeks or months. :) JB
kenni-bun bun chapter 15 . 3/2
*shakes head sadly* poor grimmjow, just getting thrown away like that. And I would've thought nel was a little smarter than that.
Deathstarling556 chapter 15 . 3/1
Uh, oh! Thank you for the update! I can't wait to see what happens, though I have a feeling ichi is going to be making an apearance...
Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo chapter 15 . 3/1
Nu Grimmy! D:
SoulMore chapter 14 . 2/25
Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo chapter 14 . 2/24
D: uh-oh~...
Junichiblue chapter 14 . 2/23
Well I'm glad you wrote it. Cute title too. *smirks* Grimmjow's his usual self... sort of stuck in limbo while waiting for this all to be sorted out so he can fight ichi... pfft yeah right. He's so done for. (man I had this sudden image of them sort of getting Ichigo back to normal, but for some reason it doesn't go quite right, so he gets his teenage body back but with the little kid mentality still.
Pffffft... oh dear... sorry sorry... O_o continues...
And I like that we have a new question... why isn't the Hougyouku brighter? hmmmm... This peaks my interest.
And a good set up... a good, what's about to happen? / cliffy moment at the end.
Deathstarling556 chapter 14 . 2/23
Sorry, I'm too lazy to login, anyway! Thank you for the update! It was very enjoyable and I'm glad that you kept it!
kenni-bun bun chapter 14 . 2/23
Just..."old man" why is he so cute?! I'm glad you didn't get rid of it.
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