Reviews for Kamen Rider Multiverse War: Casting Call
Guest chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
Name:Kazuki Kadoya

Age: 13(in middle school)


physical traits:white japanese skin,black short hair,glasses,in the morning wears school uniform,in the evening he wears white shirt n a long sleeve jacket,black pants n DC shoes...


Relations:has many friends,a girlfriend named rinko,has no parents n no siblings

Rider Designation:same as kamen rider decade but the latex is black n the armour is light blue

Personality:shy,smart n sometimes clumsy;funny

Backstory:he was an orphan,it happened when he was only 6 yrs old,his parents were driving when suddenly a bad guy shoot them from his car...which then created an accident...before leaving the incident he took a picture of the car n guy that killed his parents...his father was tsukasa kadoya...before his father passed away he gave kazuki a box n a key that can open the lock of the box...inside it was the decade driver n ride booker...he told kazuki he can only open the box when he was thirteen...he heard about a rider battle royale...he wanted to battle against the mastermind because of revenge(the mastermind is the bad guy)

What Universe they are from:kamen rider decade

Extra Info:kazuki was very smart n popular in his school...many girls want to be his girlfriend but he chose rinko who was his childhood best friend...when his thirteen birthday came...he remembered the box his father gave...after opening it...he trained using the belt but he never actually use the belt to fight against people...he likes eating ice-cream n likes to go out on a date with rinko n he has a habit of bringing his fathers camera n take pictures of nature but his pictures came out perfect
RandomificationChaotic chapter 1 . 11/20/2012
This seems like a really interesting concept. Though I do have my questions. Are we allowed to suggest more than 1? I have a few ideas in mind for this type of thing... Also do the characters have to be from a certain universe? Can they just be completely made up? If you could PM me some answers that would be great. Anyway, here's the application I'm going to submit for now.

Name: Scott Pilgrim

Gender: Male

Physical Traits: Brown hair, pale skin, a bit scrawny. Typically wears t-shirts and jeans. Also wears a beanie and jacket for the cold.

Affiliations: Neutral but is more inclined toward good.

Relations: Has a sister called Stacy, a girlfriend named Ramona Flowers and a ragtag group of friends (Kim Pines, Steven Stills, Wallace Wells and Neil Nordegraf)

Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Meteor

Personality: Is a bit clueless, naive and forgetful. He is crap with the ladies. He is sometimes stubborn and will not accept what wrong he did at times, even blaming it on other people. However, he realizes these issues as well, acknowledging his flaws. Not a very nice guy when angered. He also has a lot of determination and when really set on a goal, he will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

Backstory: Scott Pilgrim wakes up in the middle of a desolate field, not remembering anything but his name and his fighting skill. A strange device is next to him (the Meteor Driver). A mysterious person tells him through a hologram that there is a battle royale going on and, should he win it and best the mastermind, he will get his memory back. He then tells him there is an entrance test and a monster appears. Scott instinctively picks up the driver and transforms into Kamen Rider Meteor. He proceeds to destroy the monster and the person congratulates him on passing with flying colors. From then on, he participates in the royale.

Origin Universe: Scott Pilgrim vs the World (comics)

Extra info: The mysterious person is not working on the motive of getting through the royale. If any more information is required, such as the identity of this person, please PM me.
AndroMelos83 chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Kamen Rider Orga

Name: Laura Cadshaw

Origin Universe: Battle of the Planets (you did say all over the multiverse right?)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Half-Spectaran and Half human with a mix of German and Italian on her side plus is an Openroch.

Physical traits: Light skinned with short black hair and a frowning complexion, 5'7 height, grey eyes, a sixth finger on her right hand, and two scars over her cheek. Dresses mainly in male clothing as it gives her more freedom of movement.

Relations: A formerly living parental pair along with a brother who is in a coma.

Affiliations: Mostly good but does deviate.

Personality: She interacts well with humans but other species leave her nervous as she has seen only evil from other species save some Orpenochs.

Backstory: At the age of 16 Laura Cadshaw recieved a package which realed itself to be the Orga gear, mistaking it for her brothers gift she gives it to him and watches in horror as he is knocked out after putting it on leaving him comatized. Shocked she takes him to the hospital and learns her parents were killed by Spectaran troops. Rushing over to the crash site she gets attacked Kamen Rider Psyga who destroys her heart and believeing her to be dead leaves. She returns from the dead and activates the Rider gear and scares off the evil Kamen Rider. She travels on hoping to keep the contest away from home and has no desire to win but every desire to end the contest and is willing to give away her tool after she gets the cause of her misery and pain, Psyga.
Spark The Shadow Tiger chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
I want my character Spark to be Kamen Rider Strike
Tryingtowriteprostyle chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
You want the character name right? Okay, i can play this game with you. I just wanna be one of the first to know when you start posting this, cause this is hyper-interesting to me.
Name: Jason Seville

Age: 20

Gender: male obviously

Physical traits: about five nine in height, husky build, brown hair, hazel( brown with green) eyes and caucasian. Wears red and black predominately. Usually a dark red shirt with a black fire kanji on it, black jeans with a chain connected to the belt loops on one side for immeadiate self defense( quickly unhook chain, wrap around fist, throw punches) and black tennis shoes with grey heels. he also wears a black leather jacket with twin red stripes running down each arm.

Affiliaton: good.

Relation: Mother Juliet and father Davis, both age 41. Smart aleck little sister Karen( age 9) with same hair and eyes as Jason. Jason and Karen inheirit their hazel eyes from their mom and their brown hair from their dad.

Rider designation: Kamen rider Kiva

Personality: kind, good spirited, quick to help others, even if they only need a slight bit of help. In other words, a goody two shoes to a fault.

Backstory: Jason and his family are american tourists in Japan. While sightseeing one day, Jason sees a young boy get his foot caught in his bike chain right in the middle of the street and large truck is barreling down on the boy. The boy is too small and the truck cab is up too high for the driver to see him. Jason rushes out and saves the boy by freeing the boy from the bike then pushing him out of the way. However, as you might guess, he takes too long to save the boy to have time left to save himself. He takes a vicious blow from the truck which sends him fying through a glass window of a nearby store. Of course, he is immeadiately rushed to the hospital where his parents are informed via translator that he needs a blood transfusion and they have a correct blood type on stock. The doctors hurry to replace Jason's lost blood and one of the doctors feels there's something strange about the blood as they transfuse it into Jason but they proceed anyway, as time is of the essence. What they don't know is that blood belongs to Wataru Kurenai, the former kiva. His blood was taken from him by force in a plan made up by three evil fangires to create an evil kiva that could destroy the 'royal family' once and for all and put the conspirators on top. But, one of them, a bull themed fangire, was a huge klutz and messed when he tried to hide the blood bag, which was professional grade and marked to look like a regular bag of blood in case some one caught them. Anyway, the bull fangire tried to hide it a shipping crate until the 'heat' died down, but didn't realize that he had slipped it into a crate of preserved blood destined for the hospital Jason was sent to. With fangire genes in him, Jason recovered quickly. Soon after, he found out the reason for the famiy trip to Japan. They were moving their in a month's time, due to the dad's job being transfered, and they wanted tog et a feel for the country. One month later, Jason has unknowingy assimilated with the fangire genes in Wataru's blood and has effectively become half fangire as well. He's also studied hard and learned a fair bit of japanese, enough to get by in day to day conversations at least. once the strange spreading of the rider gear happens, Kivat comes to him, due to him sensing wataru's blood inside jason. Kivat tells about everything he will need to know about and then explains why he he needs him. Wataru has gone missing. Kivat tells Jason that he should be able to use the kiva powers since he has wataru's blood and begs him to use these abilities to help him track down Wataru. Jason, not being able to say no for aformentioned reasons, agrees to help Kivat. Shortly after, a komodo dragon themed fangire searching for Kivat, hoping to steal kiva's powers in wataru's absence, attacks Jason and his family. Jason transforms in front of his shocked family, fights and eventually defeats fangire with the darkness moon break. after explaing everything, Juliet and Davis come to an uneasy acceptance of the truth, but Karen thinks it's cool. She then effectively becomes Jason's wise cracking side kick. They follow all the information Kivat, the arms monsters and tatsulot have gathered and track down the source of Wataru's disappearance. A representative of the one responsible for the rider gear spreading appears before him, with the three conspirator fangires in tow, as they now serve the 'spreader' in hopes that he or she will give them what they want. The representative tells Jason to show him what he can do and sics the three on him. Jason eventually defeats them by quickly switching between all three of the arm monster forms. Impressed, the representative tells Jason that he has earned a spot in the rider battle royal. When explained to him what the battle royal is, jason refuses to take part, as he doesn't want to be forced to hurt good people who fight for the same reasons he does. The representative knows his master will want Kiva to play a part in the batte royal, so he reveals that the mastermid knows where wataru is and will only reveal that information if Jason wins the battle royal. As added incentive, the representative kidnaps Karen and quickly flees, eaving behind a previously prepared note detailing where to go in order to begin fighting in the battle royal. Jason returns home, discusses the events with his family, the arms monsters and tatsulot. All agree that Kiva must save Karen and Wataru, so Jason boards castle doran and heads off to war, his parents praying for his and Karen's safe return.

Universe: the world of Kiva

Extra details: Jason has a habit of attacking his enemies heads with high jump kicks. He also likes to walk away slowly, while his enemy( if it's a monster) blows up behind him, as he is a huge action movie fan and likes enacting that cliche' scene from almost all action movies.
Austin Whitaker chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
Name:Austin whitaker



Physical Traits(as in how do they look, how do they dress, hair color, skin color, etc.): 5'2, white, toned, dresses slightly like gentarou

Affiliations(are they good, evil, or neutral):good

Relations(friends family, etc.):girldriend(bethany), friends ( Dominic, Courtney, Kitty, Mimi, Gary, Shawn)

Rider Designation:Kamen Rider Fourze

Personality(like how do they interact with people, what personality traits they have, etc.): Like gentarou, but he actually think things through. can easily get pissed

Backstory(as in how they got to be how they are, how they found their rider gear, and their reason for wanting to battle the mastermind behind the battle royale):Dominic has been Austin's friend for ever, but never told him about the switches or his dad. when he is attacked by the zodiats he tries to become fourze,but is to wounded to do it. austin finds him and uses the driver to become fourze. along the journey they make friends with courtney(the space nerd) Mimi(the goth), gary(the infomaster/party dude), kitty(school beauty queen), shawn(the jock), and bethany( the girlfriend), Austin in the war to stop the riders from killing each other and to protect the ones he cares for

What Universe They are from(show/movie/comic/videogame/oc universe/etc.):show

Extra Info(optional):would like bethny to become the female fourze from the megamax movie
badgep chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
Name: Ryu Raikoho

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Physical Traits: About 5'10 short brown hair brown eyes slightly tanned skin

Affiliations: Chaotic Good

Relations: Family is deceased due to war only people he has is his teammates :Natsumi Sendo and Tala Okami

Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Kabuto

Personality:He is generally a nice guy but if you piss him off he has a sharp tongue and does not take insults to his village , friends or family very well

Backstory : Ryu is a ninja of the hidden leaf village who shaped into what he is by the death of his parents in the third ninja war that spurned him into working hard to live upto their memory as he and his village see's them as heroes. Ryu was on his return to his home after a successful mission with his team when out of a mysterious grey wall pops out what Ryu thinks is a overgrown metal bug that quickly attaches to him leaving him confused as hell until the bug begins speaking and it tells him what has happened and how it searched for a user and it chose him. the reason Ryu is even participating in this Rider War is to make sure his home stays safe

What Universe They are from: Naruto

Extra Info: Ryu and his team are B-ranked in the ninja bingo book under the name Team Storm which comes from their elemental affinites which they can combine into deadly combinations Ryu : Lightning Natsumi : Earth Tala : Water
World's End34 chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
I forgot to add that my OC wears high school clothes ( the one below with Ira Katsuragi)
World's End chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
Name:Ira Katsuragi


Gender: female

Physical Traits: waist length brown hair, teal eyes, fair skin, wears


Relations: older sister to Yako Katsuragi, Philip's sister figure/partner, half-sister to Sai

Rider Designation:Kamen Rider Double

Personality: kind, caring, courageous, ready to protect the people she cares about, outgoing, determined, reckless

Backstory: Ira found a mysterious young man named Philip 3 days after the death of her and her sister Yako's dad. WHen she found out the philip has no memory of who he is, she took him in and became a sister figure to him. One day, a dopant came by and attacks them. Philip gives her the double driver and three Gaia memories( Joker, Metal, and Trigger), and they both transform into Kamen Rider Double. Since then, the two worked together to protect the city from dopants, and find the truth aboout Philip's past and Ira's dad's death. REason to enter the battle royale is to find more about Philip and to protect her friends and family.

What Universe They are from: Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro

Extra Info: she usually acts like a tsundere, even though she denies it when someone tells her that she is (much to Philip's amusement, and Ira's dismay), she is a good cook, and a freelance detective. Helps the Katsuragi Detective Agency from time to time.
Toa Solaric chapter 1 . 8/24/2012
Hmm...I wonder how will this story goes?

Here is my OC

Name: Alph Lamperouge

Age: 17

Gender: male

Physical Traits: Look exactly like Lelouch (Look up Code Geass) but a bit musclely. He have blue eyes instead of violet

Affiliations: Good

Relations: Twin brother of Lelouch vi Britannia and older brother of Nunnally but he is unaware of their existences.

Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Kiva

Personality: Cold most the time due to the fact he is a loner and wish to seek friends but have hard time admit about it due to the fact he been living in the Geass Orders for a long time. Smart.

Backstory: Taking away as a baby when he and Lelouch were born to the Geass order to become a Geass user. He have a Geass which including the ability to control the elementals. He somehow end up meeting Kivat the third as they become friends and as for why he join the Rider Battle because he wants to see the outside world when his mother and V.V. won't allow him and also learned many secrets that include about Britannia's actions and etc which enrage him.

What Universe: Code Geass
Rockyweird chapter 1 . 8/24/2012
Can we submit more then one OC to your story
Gokai Slate chapter 1 . 8/24/2012
Name: Joshua Ferguson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Traits: A Caucasian Eiji Hino.

Affiliations: Good

Relations: Orphaned as a baby and adopted by the VERY wealthy Ferguson family, but has nobody to tell his worst fears or greatest hopes to.

Rider Designation: Kamen Rider OOO

Personality: Kind and generous, sometimes seems to have no important desires.

Backstory: Found the OOO Driver and all the Core Medals that he would need to have the following Combos in use through GataKiriBa; TaToBa, TaJaDor, RaToraTah, GataKiriBa, ShaUTa, SaGoZou, and BuraKaWani. His reasoning for joining the battle royale is so he can protect anyone who needs to be protected and find out where the Core Medals came from.

What Universe They are from: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I hope you pick my OC!
Storyteller222 chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
Uhhh I don't get it, could you PM me and explain it a bit better
TheKeyToDestiny chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Here's my OC.

Name: Kurenai Minami

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Physical Traits: She has waist length brunette hair, fair skin. She has a very big wardrobe, as she is fashion designer. But she mainly dresses very simply, a t-shirt with jeans or a skirt. She also has a silver locket from her parents.

Affiliations: She on the good side, but often misleads others to think that she's evil, due to her family history.

Relations: Kurenai Wataru and Megumi Oso are her parents. Making her Taiga's niece and Maya and Otoya's granddaughter. She's an only child.

Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Kiva-la

Personality: She's very kind and heartwarming, but when she's angered she can be pretty scary. She has very good manners and her presence makes you feel that there a princess with you. She is also very elegant, Her voice is also very soothing. She inherited her mother's beauty and stubbornness. When she's determined, she'll never give up.

Backstory: She received Kiva-la indirectly from Taiga, her uncle. Taiga sent her abroad to study in England, and she discovered Kiva-la when she was in England. Taiga had secretly asked Kiva-la to go with her and to act as her bodyguard. Kiva-la explained that she had been chosen to continue the Fangire Legacy of being Kiva. She is also the current Queen of the Checkmate Four. She battles the Battle Royale because they have several important family heirlooms that originally belonged to her family. She wants to get these back as well as to avenge her parents, the battle Royale had a part in their deaths.

Universe: Kamen Rider Kiva

Extra Info: A stated above she's the current Queen of the Checkmate Four. She is also the "princess" of the Fangires, having been named by her uncle, Taiga. Like Wataru, she's a half-human Fangire. Unlike Natsumi, the Kamen Rider Kiva-la from Decade, the purple parts of Natsumi's suit are dark pink for Minami's suit. She also is not able to use the three arms monsters from Kiva.

Hope my OC is selected!