Reviews for Summer with Snape
yngoldfogee chapter 103 . 5/19
I've only just noticed your stories but have thoroughly enjoyed all I've read. [I don't consider myself a big reviewer]
This one I have read in the one day, so thanks for sharing your stories with us readers.
Leila chapter 69 . 5/17
Lol! Draco got what he deserved!
Fgvftgfh chapter 86 . 5/17
I love it! The only thing that would make it better(and I know it's part of the story line) is if Harry acted more like himself, instead of all the regression. I do love all the ideas though.
Leila chapter 61 . 5/14
Love this fanfic. So sorry if u got a review that said something like lmao u put after a pregnant pause. F*ck u. That was my big sis. She got my phone. Know it's a very common excuse. But still. Sorry if it was offensive very sorry but my sis is paying for it (she's grounded ifr two weeks) see you in the NEXT CHAPTER!
XxcuteymarkXx chapter 60 . 5/14
Lmao, you out after a pregnant UUUUUU!
Leila chapter 58 . 5/14
omg omg omg! This is the third review I've posted on this chapter. But omg! I love this ONG! LIKE THE IDEA IF AHRRYS BIGGART IS SOO GOOD KEP IT IP GIRL (OR BIY) XXXXX
Leila chapter 58 . 5/14
I just read the part where Harry's boggart turns into him and wet sheets. Eek! I hate it when the main character gets embarrassed information if everyone. aarrgh. I am cringing so hard right now. Still a good story though lol xx
Leila chapter 58 . 5/14
I am in Chapter fifty eight and to be honest I haven't even read the chapter yet. But as soon as I read your author's note I knew I had to write this straight away! All I wanna say is you go girl (or guy sorry if u are) I love your way of seeing it, if they keep posting reviews saying it's rubbish WHY THE HELL ARE THEY READING IT?! I love the way you see it like I said just. Wow! Thank you for saying that it's really helped me and I feel a bit more positive now about bullies about the people on the internet who are constantly putting my fanfictions down because of the main character, or because I'm writing about him or her constantly wetting himself, or because plotline but still. I love you carry on what your doing because it's working!
Leila chapter 53 . 5/14
Not trying to be rude or anything. I don't mean to discourage you because this fanfic is seriously good! It's just at the last chaoter I read (chapter 53) you kind of repeated yourself. Sorry if you've already got thousands of these reviews anyway I just hope that you've noticed that. Love your fanfiction! Hope to see more!
Jack chapter 38 . 5/11
I hate this Fanfiction. It's just copying. All it is is Harry wets pants. Harry wets pants. Harry wets pants!
Guest chapter 52 . 5/9
Plot device to incorporate spankings and a situation that causes Harry to have another accident. The story can be cute at times, but it makes no since. There is no reason for Ron to be having accidents at his age; while it's possible to Ron be a bed wetting, there is no physical or psychological reason to have him day time accidents. You have nothing about raising children that have been abused since you write about children getting spanking from an adult that isn't that child's parent. Considering these kids have nearly died on a regular basis, I think they wouldn't be crying over a spanking away. They had broken bones, which hurts more than a couple of pointless swats on their behinds.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/9
Spanking a child because he believes Severus (who only showed disdain for Harry) is a danger to Harry seams unreasonable. You can't beat a child to make them trust another adult. It would be better if Molly invited Harry and Severus, so Ron can see things had changed between the two of them. A wooden spoon is no better than hitting someone with a belt, which can be used without causing marks on a child's skin. Parents have been using belts for many years.
Leila chapter 15 . 5/8
Hellooooo! Just wanna say..loved this chapter!
Leila chapter 14 . 5/8
Leila chapter 14 . 5/8
I love how in the books dn films Harry is really brave and courageous. But in this fanfiction he's like a little clingy baby!
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