Reviews for Summer with Snape
brookesk1977 chapter 9 . 4/17
Harry seems very young for his age in this story. Poor kid. This is probably a symptom of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. It makes me want to cuddle him.
brookesk1977 chapter 10 . 4/17
That was creepy. The story is very good, but, this chapter creeped me out.
brookesk1977 chapter 3 . 4/16
This is striking me in a very tender spot. I remember all to clearly suffering from this situation when I was a child. I had a VERY overactive bladder then; I was afraid to go anywhere with anyone in a car over any kind of long distance.

Why couldn't Harry unbuckle his trousers?
Guest chapter 31 . 4/11
I love this story this is my favorite story with severus Snape and harry potter
SilveSun chapter 101 . 4/11
I liked it very much but it is a little bit rushed in the end, other than that good job
reader chapter 81 . 4/6
okay I can understand Harry having bathroom problems because his uncle not only abused him horribly but also stepped on him and crushed his kidneys, but please don't start making Ron go through this there's just too much peeing going on. Going into this I thought it would be harry having a few accidents here and there and eventually having some type of surgery or spell to fix the problem and that the story would consist mainly of Harry and Snape drama.
Gleas chapter 47 . 4/8
Is it really common for a 13 year old to have that little control? A 7-8 year old I can imagine... a teenager not so much :/
carly chapter 76 . 4/5
Wow this chapter was even better than the last one. I liked that you didn't spend too much time explaining every last detail of what was going on during the game because when I'm reading I usually get bored with game sequences I just skip ahead and look for the important stuff like the scores and who won. Also I'm very excited to see what Harry's first real Christmas is like!
carly chapter 75 . 4/5
great chapter!
ZexSoul chapter 101 . 4/6
I love your stories alot. Especially this one in particular.
The plot is amazing heck event he characters is amazing.
Too little hermione not that I am complaining since i dont really like her.
Again. Marvelous, Splendid and Awesome!
Princess chapter 101 . 4/2
I liked your story but honestly it was very repetitive and had a poor ending. I would've liked to know if Sirius was freed and what happened with the malfoys
carly chapter 53 . 3/30
lol never in my life did I would hear Snape say accio pull up
carly chapter 49 . 3/30
I'm sorry but the chapters with Ron's family are taking a long time they're good but I miss Snape.
carly chapter 41 . 3/30
poor Harry, I hope Snape finishes a potion that will fix his bladder problems before a new year at Hogwarts begins!
dbhjhr chapter 101 . 3/29
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