Reviews for Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions
MirielOfGisborne chapter 1 . 11/11/2013
Your "Five Signs of Weakness" mantra reads a bit like an extended, twisted anti-Litany against Fear. That was conquering one's fear in order to shield oneself from evil. This is shielding oneself in order to survive evil. Hayes doesn't strike me as believing in evil himself. He seems to have been given the right set of values by his mother, in spite of his father's sternness. But even that is not necessarily in support of evil. His father seems only concerned with ensuring that his son is able to cope with the world that they are living in, he is not actually supporting the kind of worldview that the "Five Signs of Weakness" philosophy describes. So it seems to me that Hayes is going through the motions more than being completely converted. To that effect, I find it ironic in a rewarding way that he actually uses the Weakness rules to save the lives of his crew mates, thus working against evil, and beating Hoshi at her own game.
Very cool story!
tahmtahm chapter 1 . 8/20/2012
Really like this Mirror Universe story - thanks for posting it here!